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These days, saying the word ‘fake’ doesn’t carry much  weight as compared to ‘inspired’ goods.  They’re both the same. Fake goods sound cheap – something you’d most likely find at Petaling Street. In case you have not already noticed, there are alot of sellers online, particularly on  Facebook who sells fake dresses from China – particularly Karen Millen, Herve Leger, Coast and Anne Klein. They call it   ‘inspired’ dresses, post the ORIGINAL pictures from the brands’ website, slap on an unbelievably cheap price on it and you’d have pray to God that the actual piece that lands on your doorstep is identical to what you think you bought. The ‘best’ part is that you are not allowed to try the dresses.

This is how it works.

1. Seller posts pictures of the original dresses online from the official website onto their Facebook page like so…. (Note  the difference between the original and actual dress ya.)

Photos source : Karen Millen

These are original  Karen Millen dresses. The original ones which are posted on the facebook sellers’ page.

2. Potential buyer oooohsss and ahhhhs  like a sucker. (Guilty as charged)

3. No trying allowed because these are all pre-ordered (Buyer places an order, seller will then place back to back order with supplier from China)  but since the original picture looks so yummy, you foolishly hope that the actual dress will turn out just like that.

4.  Once the goods arrive at your doorstep, you may find that the dress is 50% different from the original – in cutting, material and color.

5. You cannot return the dress because each transaction is final (crap T&C)

And then finally, you’d feel like a sucker who got cheated.

Cheated why?

Because these sellers make you think that the ‘inspired’ dresses will turn out like the dresses they post online. When you query them, they’d say, “Dear (in a condescending way), they are inspired pieces


Now if they really would like their businesses to grow (because obviously, there is a market for knock-offs), they should also post the ACTUAL knock-off dress online too so that people get what they pay for and not be surprised at their goods when they arrive at their doorsteps.

Some of these sellers do post some pictures of the actual dresses online. Ok, fair enough. But majority of the dresses do not have actual pictures posted online. How can this be?  How can we accept something so ambiguous from suppliers/sellers –  especially from China???..and yet….people are still blindly buying these dresses.

Ta hell with these knock-offs.

I have in my closet 2 of such dresses – which by the way I’m pretty happy with – Thank God but I have seen terrible looking actual dresses which differ from the original picture and it’

So to these sellers out there – get your act together. Post actual pictures of the dresses beside the original dresses! Let your customers know what they are paying for.

To suckers out there (I’m one of them) – demand to see the actual dress or don’t bother paying for a fake! Yes. I said it. FAKE.

 A couple of other things you shouldn’t fake.

1. Handbags! A good handbag will go a long way! My mum’s 25-30yo  LV handbags are still in excellent condition and my mum has passed these bags to my sis and I. A good investment I’d say.

2. Shoes! Invest in a good pair of leather shoes and with proper care, it’d bring you a long long way. My parents’ Bally shoes lasted them for more than 10 years! I kid you not. I have seen fake LV and Ferragamos – again from these online sellers on Facebook. Again, you don’t know what you are paying for.

That said, I don’t want to sound like a snob because I am not or at least I THINK I am not (heheheheh) – IT IS OK TO NOT DON BRANDED ITEMS.

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  1. well said. i dare not buy clothes online, especially from buyers i don’t know because most of the time they are not the same as shown and the price is not cheap either. Perhaps it is better to go to Kenanga Mall to check them out ourselves 🙂

  2. It will be good if you can put the actual pic n online pic side by side. The two photos u posted are online pics right

  3. I agree. If you want to spend on a branded item, go into the real shop and get the real stuff. Not all branded items are even of good quality these days. Previously, yes…..they could last 15-20 years. Now, case by case. So pricey doesn’t necessarily mean Quality. Shop with discretion.

    Where is Kenanga Mall??????? I heard there’s a shop called Eye Candy that does old season branded dresses, all real, brought in from abroad. We should go check it out cuz prices are really knocked off for originals. However, you have the body, I don’t! But let’s still go!

    • Eye Candy is located along the Sprint Highway. If you come from KL, just before you reach the damansara toll, Eye Candy is on the row of shops on the left and yes they do bring in off-season stuff . They used to be at Atria.

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