Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Malaysia


I was so excited when news surfaced about the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 this year. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and let’s just say that I am itching for an upgrade. I almost got  the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but when I found out that they took away the micro sim slot in the Note 5, I wasn’t too pleased with it.

I mean what in the world were they thinking?

So when I read about the new features of Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and that they were going to put back the micro sim slot, I was dead set on getting my hands on the beauty. But recently there has been a lot of complaints (phone hanging and rebooting on its own) about the new units and this morning, I read that there have been reports of the unit exploding while being charged!  Perhaps getting the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is not a good idea for now….*sigh*

Little AK Likes to Scribble


Photo taken on 20 Aug 2016 (AK at 22 months)

AK’s sharpening her fine motor skills by scribbling. It’s amazing how territorial she can be because yesterday afternoon, she totally disallowed Ashley and Aidan from scribbling on her piece of paper.

Cheeky little girl.

Whenever I have my lunch, she would sit next to me at the dining table and start scribbling with her crayons. I’m looking forward to the day she starts to moving on to drawing more recognizable shapes.


Sometimes, she get cozy under her baby cot – thanks to Aidan. Since AK was a baby, Aidan has been playing peekaboo with AK from under her baby cot. Bless him.


On certain days, she likes to take over my workstation, scribble scribble and switch between fake typing and moving the mouse (trying to immitate me at work…Monkey see monkey do right?)


Haze in Malaysia 2016


When I woke up last night, I was greeted by the acrid smell of haze. Not again Indonesia!!!!. My eyes would usually tend to get watery and I’d be wiggling my nose and sneezing  all day but thankfully, I managed to survive so far (Thanks to IZUMIO  and Super Lutein of course!).

When the haze looms over Malaysia :

1. Reduce outdoor activities.

2. Wear a mask if you’re outdoors

3. Avoid smoking

4. Drink at least 2 litres of water – of course the more the better  to flush out the inhaled toxins.

5. Wash your hands and face after going outdoors

6. Increase your intake of anti oxidants to increase your anti oxidants level in your body.

I hope this haze is not here for long.

Today it is not that bad actually. We woke up to heavy rain showers and the sky is clearer. I hope it’d rain again tomorrow!

Till then, stay safe and take care.


Bangkok 2016

3 months ago, we  went to Bangkok for a long a weekend. Aidan participated in a football tournament and we took the opportunity to make it a mini family holiday. It was his first overseas tournament and his biggest cheerleader was nonetheless his dad. Whilst the boys spent 1 1/2 days under the hot sun, Ashley, AK and I went shopping and did a bit of the touristy stuff instead.

Day 1

The kids and I flew into Bangkok and met the hubby there. Hubby flew in from Adelaide that day. Travelling with 3 kids was not as bad as I thought. In fact, having the 2 older kids around helped me a great deal. They helped to take care of AK, helped make milk, helped pushed the stroller etc. Without Ashley and Aidan, I’m sure I would have had a hard time. Phew!

20160603_121934-1Upon arrival at the airport at BKK, immigration and baggage claim was a breeze. We headed to the taxi stand, waited for about 15 minutes and then got into a cab. Halfway during our journey, the cab driver informed me that he’d be using the highway and that the ride will cost 450baht. Without thinking much, I agreed. Later on, I realized that the taxi meter was covered with a cloth. Damn. Was I taken for a ride? I didn’t want to question him then because we were already on the way to the Dusit Princess Srinakarin Hotel which was not more than 20 mins away from the airport. When I met other parents at the hotel and learnt that they only paid 250 baht from the airport to the hotel, I knew I was conned. Bugger! I felt like a naive tourist then. Ok, nevermind. I swore to not fall into this again. The important thing is that we were all safe, in one piece. Amen. Bangkok2016-1

We checked in, settled down and then walked to Seacon Square mall which is just next to the hotel to grab something to eat. It’s apparently one of South East Asia’s biggest malls. Nothing great if you ask me but convenient enough to look for local Thai food and shop at the supermarket. The rest of the retail shops are nothing special. They are basically brands that you can find in Malaysia.

Day 2

Football tournament day. Both dad and son followed the rest of the football team to the venue for the football tournament. The girls and I on the other hand took a cab to Siam Paragon, filled out tummies with nice local food, shopped abit and then headed for Madame Tussauds at Siam Discovery and then Underwater World at Siam Paragon. I will let the photos speak for themselves.



We also watched a 4-D show at Madamme Tussauds which was somewhat entertaining. Ok lah…it was included in the entrance ticket.

After Madamme Tussauds, we had lunch at one of the food court at Siam Discovery. Food there is so yummy. One can never go wrong with the food at BKK food courts. After lunch , we headed to Underwater World at Siam Paragon.

This was our second time seeing penguins live. The first time was at the Osaka aquarium in our last visit to Japan.

By evening, we hopped onto a taxi and this time, I got smarter. When he took off, the cab driver said that he was going to take the motorway and he quoted me 1000 baht. This time I was really pissed. I told him that it was ridiculous.  I told him that I only paid 250 baht from the hotel to Siam Paragon and he wanted to charge me 4 x more! He refused and then asked me how much I was willing to pay. Pasar malam ke??? He asked for 800 baht. I told him I refused to pay him 800baht and the MOST I would pay is 300 baht. He didn’t want to budge. In the end, I told him to drop us at the side of the road because I.REFUSE.TO.BE.BULLIED! On the contrary, instead of dumping us by the side of a busy road, he dropped us off at the taxi stand at Central World instead. We waited for almost an hour before we got a Grabcar. Bear in mind that Ashley and AK were with me. Thankfully, AK was ok. No fuss from her at all.

For dinner, we walked from our hotel to Seacon Square Mall next door and had Thai (but of course!) for dinner.


Lesson learnt! 1. Always ask if the cab driver is going to use the meter or not. 2. I would recommend downloading the Grabcar app instead. 3. Toll charges are usually borne by the passenger. So if the driver asks you for toll money whilst approaching the toll gate, don’t be surprised and think they’d going to jump on you and rob you. Day 3 20160605_093327-1 The boys went for football again. After breakfast, the girls and I went for a dip in the hotel pool.    20160605_103232-1 I love this photo. Having a baby again when you have older kids is so much fun!! By noon, we checked out of the Princess Dusit Srinakarin hotel and checked into Holiday Inn Sukhumvit. We spent the afternoon shopping at Terminal 21 and then met up with some dear friends for Thai dinner at Supaninniga Eating Room. The food was so yummy and I didn’t get a chance to snap any photos of them. A must-try when you go to Bangkok. When we reached the hotel later that night, we realized that AK’s bunny was left behind at the restaurant. Hubby had no choice but to go back to restaurant to get the bunny back otherwise we’d never get to sleep that night.

Day 4  IMG_20160606_100036-1

We started the day by the pool after breakfast. The kids had lots of fun but too bad they couldn’t stay in there as long as they wanted because I wanted to make a stop at Platinum mall. Heh….You can’t go to Bangkok without shopping at Platinum Mall kan??? We couldn’t stay long at Platinum Mall though so Ashley and I did speed shopping while the boys hung around with AK. We only spent 1 hr at Platinum Mall (definitely not enough time) and then headed to the hotel, checked out and headed to the airport to go back to KL.





My Ongoing Journey with Naturally Plus

My Ongoing Journey with Naturally Plus

Many of you who’ve been following me in my blog have asked me how I’m doing so far with my Naturally Plus journey so I might as well write a post about it. So here goes….

It’s been 1 year and 8 months since I started on my Naturally Plus journey and never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I can achieve what I’ve achieved so far. I started out my journey as a consumer where I  got my whole family on IZUMIO and Super Lutein after doing months of extensive research on the products (and chucked all the other supplements into the garbage bin). Knowing that I wanted my whole family to consume these products for long term, I kept sharing (mostly on social media only) how the products have benefited us  from getting rm155 every 3 months, I now get bonuses credited into my bank account on a WEEKLY basis – which is dangerous cause now I shop more often! My  family consumes for free now and on top of that I have additional income coming in – which is great!!!! and I feel good that I am also able to provide for my family on top of what my hubby is already doing.

When I first joined, my business partner said that I’d be able to get a Chanel bag within a year with my earnings from Naturally Plus. She’s a right.

But I didn’t get one because I don’t think I can bring myself to pay so much for a Chanel bag.  Nevertheless, with the additional income stream, more options are available to us and whether we take advantage of those options besides  the point. The key thing is that we have more options!

having-only-one-option-is-not-an-option-quote-1In the past 1 year and 8 months, I’ve been to Japan and Dubai thanks to Naturally Plus. For those of you know Naturally Plus, they don’t stinge when it comes to holidays! If you’re on the fence, being on the fence ain’t going to get you anywhere. I’ve had people asking me how I share cause they don’t have many friends etc. In life, if you want to succeed in anything you do,  in any kinds of business, network is key.  And the next thing is how bad you want it. Because the human mind is a powerful thing. If you set your mind to it, we will show you the steps on how to get there.


Dubai in April 2016 


Japan in Oct 2015

You don’t have many friends? Make more friends.

You don’t know how to share? I will teach you.

You’re not ill and you’re in good shape? So am I!

But who knows, with the knowledge that you have, you might be able to help someone else improve his/her quality of life.

You won’t get anywhere if you’re stuck in your comfort zone.

So get rid of all the excuses and start your journey with Naturally Plus with me and come join me on my next holiday!!

If you want to know more, contact me +60123905129.



Have you heard of Bemalas? Pronounced as Be Malas as in Be lazy….

I like their concept. They basically provide  concierge services. If you want things done e.g. order cupcakes and deliver to you or pickup document and delivery to somewhere else..anything….just reach out to them, they’d give you a quote and if the price is right, make your payment and a runner will fulfill the task within the same day.

In the IZUMIO business that I do, I  basically do it from home. I try to minimize my trips to the Naturally Plus office in KL so that I can make better use of my time. That’s why when I heard about Bemalas a couple of months ago, I used them to do all the running around for me. I was pretty happy with them then. They’ve submitted my new member registration forms for me and  they’ve picked up IZUMIO and Super Lutein for me and delivered them to my customers/members. To me, if repetitive tasks can be outsourced at the right price, I’d outsource it so that I can make better use of my time. I used to be their advocate. I used to promote them to my business partners but now, tables have turned. I am going to stop relying on them.


They have not been very consistent with their quotations.

For the same task, I have been quoted rm20, rm25 and rm30 and not in that particular order either! Plus, my business partners and I obviously compare prices and we question the way they come out with their quotations. Of course you can always argue that if I am not happy with the price they quoted then I don’t have to engage their services. So yea..I have decided not to engage their services unless they are the last option that I have. The amount may not be too big of a deal but I don’t like to be  taken for a ride.

I also reached out to them on 2 separate occasions in the mornings and they responded that they didn’t have any runners for the day. How to do business like that lah…..

So I have decided to look for other alternatives. I recently engaged a mom who does pickups and deliveries on a part time basis and I am so pleased with her service last weekend! So from now on, I will support individuals especially moms who offer concierge services! if you offer concierge services, please drop me your contact and details. I will share it with the rest of my business partners!


Toddler Milestones : Amelie Kate is 22 months old

Amelie-13aug2016Oh my! 2 more months and our baby is going to be 2 years old! Too fast…and I am working from home most of the time so you can imagine how working moms/parents would feel.

AK’s appetite has increased recently. She’s been asking for nen-nen and for food more frequently now.

She loves to imitate what we do – which is why it’s important that we show good examples to her because one day, it’d come back and bite us in the arse.

AK still sleeps by 6pm for 12 hours straight. Sometimes she’d wake up at 10pm+ to ask for milk and she’d go back to sleep right after her bottle of milk.

She’s more independent now. She wants to feed herself, hold and drink water from a cup on her own, she wants to walk up and down the staircase on her own, she wants to walk more as opposed to sitting on the stroller.  

She likes to babble and sing although nothing makes sense. But to me, it means that she wants to communicate but still do not know how to. As a result, she’s been throwing quite a bit of tantrums lately because she is not able to express herself and hence the frustration.  So talk her through everything so that in time, she’d learn to speak. 

P.S I enjoy listening to her sign especially when she wakes up before everyone else in the morning  and chill in her cot.


She likes to grab a book and sit on our laps – gesturing us to read to her. I like that. It’s something she has been doing for quite sometime now – although her attention span is very short. Nevertheless, we still entertain her. 

Happy 22 months AK! We love you!


Health & Skin Challenge


I joined a group of 15 women on a 2-week health and skin challenge 3 weeks ago and during this period, we had to

1. Eat clean

2. Drink lots of water

3. Apply IZUMIO mask everyday

4. Exercise at least 3 x a week

We set up a whatsapp group chat and motivated each other on a daily basis. One of the things I really enjoyed the most was experimenting with  different kinds types of meals and my absolute favourite is Cauliflower Kimchi Fried “Rice”. It smells divine and tastes better than it looks. I blitzed the cauliflower in my Thermomix and basically fried it like rice with some garlic, kimchi, egg plant, zuchinni and mushrooms. I added a bit of bread crumbs in there for variety. I love it. I can have this everyday!



Whenever I feel peckish, I snack on nuts – cashew nuts, Almonds, pistachios, macadamia and added some raisin in the mix to give it a bit of a punch.

I’m pretty proud of myself. My waist and belly has decreased in size. Baby steps…I’m not there yet but I can see and feel the improvements already!

After our 2-week challenge, we decided to continue our health habits. It’s just a matter of getting used to.

Here are a couple of things I’ve learnt :

1. Healthy food don’t come cheap. Junk food is so much more readily available and cheap compared to healthy snacks. Those nuts don’t come cheap. 

2. Organic food costs way more than non organic ones. And I just found out that the code on the labels indicate how the crops were grown!

e.g. food with label codes starting with 9 means that they are organically grown.  8 means it’s GMO, 3 or 4 means it’s neither GMO nor organic and are conventionally grown which means pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers are used.

3. We needed to change our mindset and approach towards what we put into our mouth. While shopping at the supermarket, I had to make a conscious effort to put less processed food and junk into the cart and add more fresh stuff. e.g. instead of buying sliced cheese which is obviously processed, buy a chunk of cheese. Instead of buying instant noodles, get organic noodles which looks like instant noodles. Instead of buying apples, buy more local fruits instead. I learnt that the apples we eat could be more than 1 year old because they are not grown in our country, have to be chemically treated so that they last longer too. Reduce food miles! Eat local fruits instead!

To a healthy life!



Hello August!

2 more months and our AK is 2yo!

2 more months and I hope I will be going to Japan! (Naturally Plus trip)

3 more months and I’m definitely going to Italy (Thanks to Naturally Plus)

4 more months and it’d be Christmas!

How time flies!

July has been a pretty hectic month for me personally and professionally. Nevertheless, I’m thankful that we’re all good and healthy – in one piece. My kids are growing up so fast I wish I could press on a PAUSE button.

Ashley has been chosen as 1 out of the 6 winners for a nationwide english speech competition and she will be making her way to Korea soon with all the winners to meet other winners from all over the world for a camp. We’re very proud of her achievement. She gets to go to Korea before this ahjumma. Boo hoo!

Aidan recently accompanied his dad for a football tourney at Cambodia. It was his first daddy-son trip and he was excited to be able to be other veteran footballers. He also managed to take a photo with the Malaysian football legend – known fondly as Tauke.
 2016-08-01 09.41.09

Aidan is not going to pleased if he sees this picture and see what I have done to his face. LOL.

Anyhow, what do we have in store for August! This will be an exciting & challenging month for me and I look forward to it!


A Brief Encounter with a Sweet Malay Cikgu

healthOne of the things I enjoy most about being involved in the Naturally Plus business is the ability to help people and meeting new people.  I want to share my brief encounter with a very sweet Malay lady whom I had the chance to meet with last night. She called me during the day, left me a voice message when I was in the midst of delivering IZUMIO and Super Lutein package to another sweet 75yo chinese lady (I will blog about her later). I called her back soon after that and was very humbled that she shared her what her issues were with me. Not many people would like to share because somehow they pantang and all. Anyway, this Malay lady is in her 50s and is a stroke patient. She suffered from a stroke 5 months ago and is on the road to recovery. She shared that she was a teacher and also an author (Wow!) and that she used to be very active and LOVES to read and was basically very active in general until she had a stroke which rendered her immobile. But with much faith and determination, she went for her physiotherapy and now, she is able to walk. Gambateh Cikgu! Anyway, her main concern were her eyes. She said that she has floaters which annoyed the hell out of her and to a certain extent effected her ability to read properly as well. After sharing with her the package options, she decided to try 1 bottle of Super Lutein because she said she was skeptical and didn’t want to spend so much of money now because it’s an MLM product (I understand…I was a skeptic before) and that she has already spent rm50K at Assunta Hospital because of some complications. Poor lady. Anyhow, after 3 conversations with her over the phone yesterday, she decided to come to my house last night and I got a chance to meet her, her hubby and her daughter.  I could tell that her hubby loves her dearly. She was very cheerful and you know if a wife is sincerely happy, you know that her family is tight and that her husband has got her back. You know what I mean? Her daughter is also very blessed. Her  parents actually drove from Sg Buloh all the way to KL to pick her up from her work place because they didn’t want her to brave the traffic nor take the public transport. Bless them.

I noticed after meeting this sweet cikgu that her right hand was slightly  immobile (still recovering from stroke) and had water retention and I threw in a couple of IZUMIO cheerpacks into her goodie bag. She was surprised to receive a goodie bag because both her eyes were wide open with surprise when I handed it to her. LOL!

I sincerely pray for her recovery and I know that we will be meeting again real soon.


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