Build Your Passive Income Stream with Naturally Plus

In Dec 2014, after doing months of research, I finally bit the bullet and started building my passive income stream with Naturally Plus as my backup plan.  If you’ve not done it so, I would strongly advise you to do it now for the sake of your children, your parents, your in-laws, and your retirement.  Many people I know in the white collar industry  are doing very well but most do not have the foresight on how they would be able to sustain 10-15 years down the road when they retire and do not get any regular income.

Are you willing to cut back on your lifestyle 10-15 years from now?

Are you willing to forego celebrating your wedding anniversary at your favorite restaurant?

Are you willing to cut back on your annual family vacation to the destination of your choice?

I have started to build a passive income stream with Naturally Plus and I’ve never looked back since then.  Naturally Plus is not like other conventional network marketing companies out there.  The products have helped saved many lives, improved the quality of many lives and helped decreased suffering of many. Therefore, the products basically sell by itself.

How many products are we referring to? We are not talking about an array of products from A-Z. We are referring to just 2 products i.e. IZUMIO hydrogenated water and Super Lutein.

No sales is required. I am not a sales-y person. I don’t do cold calls. God no.  However the demand is so high. How do you think this mom of 2 who encouraged me to start building my passive income earns RM50K per month (as of today) after being in the business full time for a year? I have been sharing since Dec 2014 and I’ve been doing it  on a part time basis and just by sharing, I am already getting a 4-figure income on a monthly basis and working my way to earning 5-figure monthly income and bear in mind this is a my side income. Bear in mind that I have a full-time job. You can work at your own pace. Time is flexibile. You can work in the comfort of your own bed or while you’re on the go as long as you have your phone with you.

Whether you are interested to join me or not is merely up to you. Whether you really need the money as well is also up to you. If you don’t have the need for the extra money, why not donate it to charitable causes? Or help that single mom  who really needs the money to pay for her child’s chemotherapy? To me, it is always a good thing to have a backup plan for rainy days. For us, the additional income gives us added security and cushion to fall back on for when we make the BIG move downunder :)

Please  don’t take this the wrong way. I am sharing because I know that this could make a difference in so many households’ disposable income and still have extra saved for later – not to mention the extra energy and good health that you’d benefit from this and do whatever it is you want to do. Our team comprise of people from all walks of life. Not only do we have professionals who are in this business of sharing the availability of these life saving products but we also have moms – single moms, stay-at-home moms, full time working moms who have 3 kids and no maid and still able earn a 4-figure income by following our system and leads and on their way to earning RM10K per month. Not too shabby right?

Here are some of the frequently asked questions I usually get.

1. What is this job about?

In a nutshell, it’s about sharing with sincerity.


2. Does this job involve selling and recruiting downline?

No. This job involves sharing with sincerity. No selling needed.


3. What is the investment needed?

This is entirely up to you.

Some start by sharing first and make retail profit.

Some start as low as RM1671. This includes membership and 3 products (IZUMIO and/or Super Lutein).


4. I don’t have many friends. I can’t share.

Well, if you don’t have friends, then share with strangers then. If you read somewhere that someone is battling diabetes and on the brink of losing his eye sight and you know very well that clinical trials have been done on hydrogen and carotenoids which helps diabetics and that IZUMIO and Super Lutein has helped so many diabetics (just refer to our secret group in Facebook where you have first hand testimonials from our diabetic customers) wouldn’t you open your mouth and share? What they do with the information is entirely up to them. You at least have done your part in helping others. When you share, don’t expect that the person will want to try the products. Share with sincerity and without any expectations. The blessings will roll in.


I will teach you. My team will teach you. You got to have a positive mindset.  The first step to making a change is to do it positively.



If you’re seriously keen to join me to build your passive income stream with Naturally Plus, let me know what is your goal and I will help you to customize an achievable plan. I will also grant you temporary membership into our secret group in Facebook so you’d be able to read first hand testimonials from real people and do your own research about the products thoroughly. If you’re looking to make quick money, please don’t waste my time. I only want to help those who are sincere and serious about helping others and want to build their passive income stream.

Email me by clicking here or sms/whatsapp me at +60123905129.

Toddler Milestone : Amelie Kate is 16 months old!


Photo taken on 29 Jan 2016 (AK at 1y 3m)

Watching Amelie grow up is so much fun! I guess it helps that we are more relaxed this time round. Here are some of the things she likes to do/say :

– I am very happy that she can now call me ‘mommy’ in the sweeeeetest voice of hers  – one where I’d be able to forgive her even if she accidentally breaks an expensive China ware.

– She’d point to a picture of a dog and say ‘doggie’. She’d point to a photo of a CAT and she’d say ‘doggie’. LOL!

– When she wakes up in the morning, she’d call out ‘daaaa di’ in the sweeeetest voice. Hubby has no choice but to wake up to make her milk.

– When she does not want something, she’d say ‘No no no no no’

– When she’s scared of soemthing, she’d pat her own chest.

– She loves shower time!

– She loves food

– She loves to run!

– She loves to carry a handbag and pretend she’s going shopping. Like mommy!

– She knows where her nose is.

– When she saw Ashley’s painted nails the other day, she exclaimed “WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!”

– She likes to pretend to be a scary monster and then hide behind the curtains.

Happy 16 months Amelie!

It’s so much fun watching you grow up!

Peekaboo with Amelie Kate


Photo taken on 2 Feb 2016 (AK at 1 year  & almost 4 mo)

One thing Aidan has been consistently doing since AK was a newborn was to play Peekaboo with AK. He’d slide beneath her cot and call out her name and when she was old enough to crawl, she’d crawl from one end of the bed to the other to look for any hint of Aidan peeking out from underneath her cot. Till today, they enjoy a game of Peekaboo or two. See the excitement on her face and how the big brother is so pleased  with her reaction? Priceless!

My Pre-Teen

I remember vividly when Ashley was a little girl. She  used to be with me in the same room as I was when I worked. She’d  keep herself entertained, try to make handmade jewelry like I used to and play with her toys.

Fast forward to today, she has changed so much.

1. She voluntarily moved out from the room she used to share with Aidan and converted my beading room cum guest bedroom into her own bedroom.


See how she marked her own territory? She even stuck instructions on the door instructing her little brother to knock before entering the room.


What’s with the exclamation mark girrrrrll?


Her bedside table.


She cleared out my shelves to make way for her things.

2. She’s been making her own breakfast every morning. She told my helper that making her own breakfast each morning is one of her new year’s resolution.

3. She’s been experimenting with new hair dos and fashion. She doesn’t need to wear a school uniform anymore to school – more reason why she’d spend so long trying to figure out what to wear!

4. She has shot up so quickly. I looked at her the other day and asked her if her t-shirt had shrunk. Apparently I have been too busy to notice that she has shot up so quickly.

What happened to my little girl? She’s growing up way too quickly!

Ah…Thank God I still have AK to baby around. Sheesh. Oh yeah ..roll those eyes of yours.


Chinese New Year Hampers in Malaysia

Chinese New Year hampers in Malaysia usually have the same stuff piled on top of the other. In a typical Chinese New Year hamper in Malaysia, there are usually several boxes of biscuits, perhaps a box of chocolates too, dried goods like mushrooms, some bird’s nest and a bottle of wine. If  you want to be different this year, why not give your family and friends the  Gift of Health instead? This is an ideal gift to parents, parents-in-law, relatives or can also be used as corporate gifts! Or if you’re interested to try out these products, this is an excellent trial pack too!

cny2016 copy

The Gift of Health consists of :

1. 1 x bottle of Super Lutein (100 soft gel capsules)

2. 10pkts x 200ml IZUMIO hydrogenated water

3. Ang Pow packets

4. Free Delivery within KL/PJ

Note : We accept bulk orders too.

If you’re interested, place your orders with me now (+60123905129) . Offer is valid whilst stocks last.

If you’d like to read more about IZUMIO and Super Lutein, click here or do a search in my blog in the upper right hand corner.

Since Chinese New Year is round the corner, Ashley has been making DIY decorations for the house. She followed instructions from YouTube and voila! This kept her busy for awhile. I was pretty impressed with what she came out with.



Natural Orange Kids Body Wash


Ever since Amelie was born, I am very much more health conscious. All the products that I have used on her (Shampoo, body wash, mozzie repellant etc) are natural organic products (except her diaper cream). Hence when a local brand (Adoken) approached me to try out their body wash, I was more than willing to give my support (albeit a little late) because :

1. They are a local brand and I support local brands!

2. Their products are natural (plant based).

Here is my review of the product.



Adoken sent me a Natural Orange Kids Body Wash in a 60ml bottle as shown in the photo above.  The actual body wash comes with a pump applicator making it easier to dispense the body wash onto your palm as opposed to keeping one hand on your baby/toddler while trying to pour the body wash onto your palm.


The product has a very mild orange scent to it which was pleasant. I find the product very gentle towards AK’s skin and hair. Her eyes didn’t sting, her skin and hair (yes I used it to wash her hair too) were soft after her bath and most importantly, while I take comfort in the fact that the ingredients of this body wash are all natural, she thoroughly enjoyed her bath too. I also noticed that the body wash didn’t form a lather – which is a good thing. This is because it is sulfate free. Many people have the misconception that forming a lather when you shampoo your hair or when you wash your body with a body wash makes your hair/body cleaner. In fact, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is widely used and it is an inexpensive chemical found in many mainstream personal hygiene products such as shampoo, body wash, toothpaste etc which essentially breaks surface tension and separate molecules in order to allow better interaction with the product and hair/skin. SLS has been linked to eye irritation and poor eye development in children – even at very low SLS levels. Some studies also indicated that SLS will remain in a person’s system e.g. brain, liver and heart for up to 4-5  days. Hence if a person were to use a non SLS free product at the same volume and same rate of application, then SLS will constantly be in your body. Scary thought isn’t it? Hurry and check the ingredients in fine prints on your personal hygiene products today!


The Natural Orange Kids Body Wash is enriched with orange essential oil and moisturizing Aloe Vera. They are :

  • 100% plant active ingredient
  • Tear Free
  • Sulfate, Paraben and Synthetic Fragrance Free
  • Dermatologically Tested
  • Gentle formula suitable for normal as well as sensitive skin

Price & Where to buy

1 bottle of Natural Orange Kids Body Wash costs RM45 (750ml). You can buy it online from here.

For more information about Adoken products, check out their Facebook page –>

Women’s Parking in Malaysia


(Photo credits : KLCC Parking Management)

Women’s parking spaces have been designated in the parking lots of major malls for one reason alone  and that is to ensure that safety of lone women drivers.  Last weekend, a Malaysian guy  and his wife wanted to do some Chinese New Year shopping at KLCC and  thought that he had the right to park at the Women’s parking space. When stopped by a lady guard, he was upset and instead got his wife to drop him off at the entrance and his wife proceeded to the women’s parking space only to be stopped by the same guard on duty. (Way to go! The guard was only doing her job and was doing a darn good job at it.) He shouted at the guard and even tried to take a photo of the guard and then ranted in Facebook and pleaded the public to raise the management’s awareness of this little incident of his and because he spent over RM700 at the mall, he felt he was entitled to park wherever he wanted – even if it meant bending the rules.  Little did he know that his rant back lashed at him. What he and his wife did  was in very poor taste. The guy and his wife later apologized after the public lashed out at their actions.

So ladies and gentlemen sekalian, rules are rules. The women’s parking spaces are there to ensure that they are able to park as close as possible to the mall entrances so as to  minimize the risk  of your   daughter, wife, mom, grandma, girlfriend, auntie, grand auntie  who drives alone to malls from  being carjacked, robbed and kidnapped!  Children learn from their parents too  so let us all ensure that we give a good example to our children.

Water Disruption in Selangor


We woke up this morning only to find out that our main pipe is dry. There seems to be a water pipe burst somewhere and the expected time for recovery is supposed to be in 5 hours time. What an inconvenience indeed.  With the frequency of pipe burst throughout the country, you’d think that proactive preventive measures are taken to minimize the occurrence of such unscheduled downtimes.

Anyhow, I try not to be too hung up about it. AK’s smelly butt can wait a bit longer if she does her big business. The dishes can wait. The floors and bathrooms can wait too.

Sending positive vibes to everyone including myself (I usually get stressed in situations like this!)

Mom’s Timeout


Photo taken on 4 Nov 2015 (AK at 13 months)

Today is a public holiday for folks in KL. It’s a holiday for me but the hubby had to go to work and the 2 older kids had to go to school because it’s not a public holiday for them. Yay for me! I called up my good old friend. We had lunch, ice cream and shopped a bit with AK in tow.  AK slept most of the time in the stroller and my friend and I got to chat…like REALLY chat without any interruptions. Today was a much needed extra holiday that I needed as a mom to just chill – cause every mom needs some timeout every now and then. I have been so busy the past few months I hadn’t had the chance to really wind down and chill. There’s so  many things I’ve been putting off which I really need to do ASAP! Like :

  1. Get AK baptized!
  2. Get my eyebrows embroidered. I still haven’t decided which one to go to yet.
  3. Look for a podiatrist because Ashley’s feet have a bit of a pronation.
  4. Do a major spring cleaning. I haven’t had time at all to do this. I need to clear out my wardrobe, storeroom, the kids’ room and donate them to the needy.


AK met  a little Toy Poodle at the pet shop today.

So many things to do  and so little time. It’s all about priorities and I need to re-prioritize! I’ve also started going to the gym too. I bought a skirt from Zara yesterday and I’d look so much better in it if my waist was trimmer. So I went ahead and bought the skirt to give me some motivation to move my arse!

So there you have it.

Here’s wishing you all a  very fruitful month of February!

Day 2 : Osaka Castle – Dotunburi – Shinsaibashi (23-30 Nov 2015)

Day 1 : Osaka (23-30Nov 2015)

…and the adventure continues…..

On our second day at Osaka, we decided to go to Osaka Castle. I didn’t expect that’d we’d leave the hotel so late. Being on a holiday, ideally I would prefer to start the day early and leave by 9am. However, that proved to be very challenging because :

1. The hubby was in the middle of a critical project and had to work on his laptop in the morning. I hate that. I was super pissed.

2. Because there was only one bathroom, everyone had to take turns to get ready.

Mobilizing everyone was a challenge. And don’t forget, after being so pampered with a domestic helper around, getting everything ready was indeed a feat. So by the time we left the hotel, it was friggin 11am.

Breathe in…breathe out…

First stop was a restaurant we went to just outside of JR Osaka Station. It had a decent crowd comprised of mostly white collared patrons. After pacing up and down the row of shops, we decided to eat here. Ordering our food wasn’t an issue because there were pictorial menus. Easy. The only thing about Japan is that space is precious. We couldn’t roll AK’s stroller in so we had to leave it outside the shop while we ate inside the restaurant. I guess this is nothing unusual in Japan. It took abit of getting used to.


After we comfortably filled out tummies, we finally making our way to Osaka Castle at only about 1pm. So late..! I was already cringing but it was stressing me further so I decided to let it go! Let it go!!!!


This was our second time at Osaka Castle. The first time we went was in the summer of  2013. You can read about it here. Going back there again during autumn was a very good experience.  I loved that we were surrounded by autumn foliage.


The kids at the Osaka Castle walls which are by the way sheer walls of cut quarry rocks. Amazing…imagine how

Our 2nd visit to the Osaka Castle was very nice because this time, we came with kids – including Amelie who was in a stroller. Families with babies have special entrances into the castle museum and a special lift  within the castle museum as well so that families with babies and strollers do not have to squeeze into the general lift with the rest of the visitors. How’s that for Japanese hospitality?



Inside the castle, we paid about 300 yen and Ashley got to pick a costume for a photo op. She loved it! It was a good experience for her as it was her first time wearing a Japanese Kimono in a Japanese castle (museum).


This is a scene from the Summer War in Osaka.


There are 8 floors within the castle museum – each floor showcasing different things. However the top floor is by far the kids’ favorite. It’s an observation deck where one can enjoy a panoramic view of Osaka city from 50m above the ground.


On our way out, the kids bought some pretty useful souvenirs (if you ask me…) and we slowly took a stroll around the castle grounds. The weather was superb (below 10C) which, in my opinion very nice to do the touristy thing as opposed to walking in the summer heat.


Despite the cold, the kids had to have ice cream. There were many of these vans within the castle grounds selling food and beverages. By the time we were done with Osaka Castle, it was about 5pm and it was slowy getting dark.

Our next stop was Dotunburi.

The first thing we tried were octopus balls. There was a queue at this stall and not wanting to miss out, we went ahead to try it. I don’t understand what the fuss is about but we didn’t like it. It smelled kinda fishy too. Not out cup of tea…NEXT!

This Gyoza is the bombz! For 200 yen, we got about 6 pieces I think. It was so good we went for seconds! Definitely MUST TRY!

There was a looong queue at this stall as well. I believe they are scallops which cost 500 yen per piece.  It was quite good.


I love the 3-D signages in these streets. They are really eye-catching!
DSC00103-1VERY VERY long queue outside this shop. We didn’t even think of trying it cause we were all very hungry.

We ended up at a sushi bar to satisfy our cravings for sushi and sashimi. It was sooooo good!

We passed this shop many times but didn’t eat there. Perhaps next time……That crab is a 3-D crab by the way! So insanely cool!

We walked and walked along the streets of Dotunburi and finally got to see the iconic Glico man! When in Osaka, one has GOT to go to this spot to take a photo – like 10000 other tourists! LOL! After that we strolled along Shinsaibashi. It was super crowded with tourist. I didn’t enjoy the crowd but I guess it was as expected since it was a peak period (year end holidays).

Amelie was such a gem throughout the day. She basically sat in her stroller 90% of the time! As for the remaining time, we carried her on our ever trusty Boba carrier.

Stay tuned for more…

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