Tips on How to Restart Exercising


This week, I started exercising again. After procrastinating for the longest time, I decided to put on my workout gear and did some running around the neighborhood. I’m so glad I did because I felt so good after that. I need to restart exercising again!

What pushed me on?

1. I need to lose all that baby weight! I’ve 7kg to get to my pre pregnancy weight.

2. I don’t like muffin tops. Period.

3. I want my arms back!

So I’ve ran twice this week and am hoping to do it one more time before the end of the week.

Procrastination is a thief of time! Which is so true! I spent like 30 minutes trying to figure out if I should run or not while in that time, I could have bloody changed into my gear and run for 20 minutes already!

So  I realized that going for a run twice isn’t going to make me do this on a regular basis unless I strive to make it into a routine – one which I don’t have to cringe at. Here are my  tips on how to restart exercising again.

1. Keep at it. Don’t break the habit

When I started running on Monday after work, I did the same thing again the next day without thinking much of what I needed to do next. I had to program my head that it’s what I needed to do before I ended the day akin to brushing our teeth everyday. Can’t overthink things too much.

2. Fix a time to exercise

Cross out time of exercise in the calendar.

Make it a priority.

Make it a ritual or a routine – akin to brushing teeth first thing in the morning!

3. Don’t be too over ambitious!

I used to run at least  5km  three times a week. But that was 2 years ago. I was 2 years younger and hadn’t given birth to a 3rd child yet.  So now, I start with baby steps. I started brisk walking for 1.5km. Did some core exercises. My muscled ached the next day which is a good sign.

Then I increased it to 2.5km etc….

I’m going to start with working out three times a week – preferably on days which I have to wash my hair :)

Baby steps.

I have to remember that working out for 45 mins is better than not doing anything at all!

It’s all in the head!

Lesson learnt :

Don’t over think. JUST.DO.IT!!!!! 


Girl Talk : Handbag Wishlist

My girl friends  and I were just chatting the other day and one topic led to the other and we ended up discussing about handbags! So the question asked was as follows :

Question : If you can go on a handbag shopping spree right now, what handbags would you get?

I haven’t though much about it before but I did a bit of googling and decided that i would get these…


THIS YSL clutch! It’s so me! and I’d so wear that bracelet!


(Photo from

If I get a Chanel, I’d get this Chanel clutch. Looks a bit boring  but I like how it’s so understated.


(Photo from roundaboutsale.)

A yellow Balenciaga bag! I love this shade of yellow! It’s so bright and fun!


(Céline Belt Bag, photo by Vincent from

Or perhaps a yellow Celine Belt Bag instead!????

Can you tell that I’m into clutches and the color yellow!??

HELP! Thermomix Lid Won’t Close!


Start on rant….

Last week, my helper walked into my room to inform me that the Thermomix  (TMX) lid could not slide anti clock wise to close and lock. My eyes widened and were on the verge of popping out.

My heart skipped a beat. Or maybe 2.

My helper has been using the TMX for the last 3 months purely to blend stuff and she uses it everyday but why was she not able to close the lid this time??? I hurried down to the kitchen and attempted to close it but failed.

I panicked.

I took out the manual, googled and finally demonstrated it on video  sent it to a friend who sold the TMX to me. After showing her 2 videos, she managed to pinpoint that the speed dial was at 4 instead of the unlock position.

The main switch was turned off.

Hence how in the world did she manage to open the lid in the first place when the speed dial was at 4? The TMX would still be running then???

Here was my helper’s explanation :

1. After placing porridge into the TMX bowl, she  slid to the lock position, turned the dial to 4 and it started blending.

2. All of a sudden, according to her, the machine shut down.

3. She switched off the main switch.

4. With the dial still at speed 4, she *!@#!*! forced the lid open. (The lid can only be open when the dial is at the ‘unlock’ position.

Very good. Like a hero.

I told her that I work from home FULL TIME except when I have to go out for school runs. I am just 10-20 footsteps away. Why couldn’t she ask me what was wrong then instead of forcing the lid open?

Oh you’d think perhaps I didn’t educate her right? I told her from day 1 that in our house – don’t.use.force. If she has to use force, then something is NOT right. CALL ME!

So the moral of the story is…

If you don’t want your stuff to be ruined by others, do it yourself.

End of rant.

Baby Milestone : Cutting Her 3rd and 4th Teeth at 9 months old


(Photo taken on 26 July 2015)

Do you see her upper central incisors peeking out of her gums? Oh yea..Amelie is cutting her 3rd and 4th teeth at 9 months old at once!  Ashley had cut 4 teeth by the time she was 1o months old. Aidan got cut his 3rd teeth at 8 months. I so love looking back at the kids milestones in this blog. That’s one of the reasons why  I started blogging 11 years ago.

Here are some of the typical signs of teething which Amelie exhibitted :

Loss of Appetite

Amelie did lose a bit of her appetite. She refused to finish her porridge and sometimes refused to drink her milk. Before, when Ashley and Aidan were babies, I’d get so stressed up when they didn’t want to eat or drink. Now, I’m a less uptight mom. It makes life so much easier this way. LOL! We made sure she was hydrated. We gave her IZUMIO to drink. Each time she wanted to drink some water, we’d pour about 2 oz of IZUMIO into her bottle so that she can drink from the bottle. Every parent should have IZUMIO at their homes for emergencies. I’ve a friend who keeps a box of IZUMIO at home as part of her first aid kit. Her son is a special child and is proned to getting  seizures. Whenever he gets a seizure, she’d let him drink IZUMIO which  calms him down.

Mild Fever, Runny Nose

Amelie had a low grade fever for 2  days and a bit of a runny nose – which is normal for a baby who’s teething.


Amelie is hardly every cranky and when she does get cranky, it’s either because she’s tired or sleepy or hungry. She was however fussing more than usual this time and giving her extra TLC helped! Poor baby. Having to deal with painful gums, fever and a runny nose. She fussed for about 2 nights (poor baby) but after that she slept well.


Amelie had diarrhea at least 2-3 times a day but thankfully (touch wood), she has not had diaper rash before. Whenever I see her skin near her  privates looking a bit red, I’d apply Desitin. It is a life saver! Unfortunately, they don’t sell this here. I got mine from Australia.


Every parent should have this in the house for emergencies too! It contains a high amount of zinc oxide – higher than Drapolene and it has helped soothed the nastiest diaper rash for Ashley and Aidan. It’s a life saver!

 What Helps?


Amelie isn’t into teething rattles but she loves to bite her bunny’s ears and tail and I reckon that’s giving her a bit of relief of her gums.


She has also been biting on the baby cot rails.

Lastly, we give her lots of cuddles and kisses to make her feel better :)

Battle Cancer with Hydrogen and Carotenoids


The Big C is so common these days. We are exposed to external factors such as smoke, pollution, chemicals etc and it is not uncommon that  the production of free radicals in our bodies have gone into a rampage. Too much free radicals in our bodies sets off a chain reaction which leads to diseases such as cancer. I lost a friend to cancer a few years ago. She went for a routine annual medical checkup one fine day and planned on going for shopping after that but then on that fateful day, she found out that she had stage 3 lung cancer. She was asymptomatic at diagnosis. The doctor gave her less than a year to live. Imagine that when someone tells you that you only have 3 months to live. What would you do? How would you feel? One moment everything was a-ok and the next moment her world came crashing down. She was a tough cookie. She fought really hard for the next 3 years and finally lost to cancer and was survived by her husband and 2 beautiful young boys. She was gone too soon. I wish I could share with her what I know now with her then.

Many cancer patients have consumed IZUMIO and Super Lutein consistently at high dosage and have had their quality of lives improved after radiotherapy or chemotherapy and some have gone into remission even. Afterall, it is merely water (with dissolved hydrogen) and fruits and vegetables extracts…lots of them. Here are some testimonials of some of our cancer customers/patients.

coloncancer-testimonial copy


IZUMIO contains the highest concentration of dissolved molecular hydrogen (2.6m ppt)  in neutral water (PH 7) in the market. Studies have shown that molecular hydrogen is indeed very unique as it has the capability to act at the cellular level.  Think about it. Our body is made up of cells. Hydrogen can cross the blood brain barrier and enter the mitochondria (power house of a cell). Studies have shown that hydrogen has antioxidant, anti-apoptotic, anti-inflammatory, and cytoprotective properties that are beneficial to the cell.  It’s the over production of free radicals which causes a chain reaction which leads to cancer and other diseases and hence that is why these excess cytotoxic free radicals need to be neutralize at a  faster rate than they are produced.

Here are some articles from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) :

The evolution of molecular hydrogen : a noteworthy potential therapy with clinical significance.

Moleculary hydrogen is a novel antioxidant to efficiently reduce oxidative stress with potential for the improvement of mitochondrial diseases.

Dr Shigeo Ohta is one of the pioneers in molecular hydrogen research and he was recently in Malaysia to share the benefits of molecular hydrogen. I had the honor of attending his talk and I’ve summarized his sharing  here.


Carotenoids such as lutein, lycopene, zeaxanthin, beta carotene provide health benefits in decreasing the risk of diseases such as cancer and eye diseases.

According to the WHO/FAO expert consultation report on diet, nutrition and prevention of chronic diseases, sets population nutrient goals and recommends intake of a minimum of 400 g of fruits and vegetables per day for the prevention of chronic diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, diabetes and obesity. The report states that there is convincing evidence that fruits and vegetables decrease the risk for obesity, and evidence that they probably decrease the risk of diabetes. (Source : World Health Organization)

Super Lutein contains 6 types of carotenoids (lutein, crocetin, lycopene, alpha and beta carotene) and 5 essential vitamins (Vit B, Vit E, DHA, Blueberry and Blackcurrant extracts. The carotenoids in Super Lutein helps to suppress cancer and is the no. 1 natural anti-cancer food in Japan.


Super Lutein is a recommended product of the Japanese Association of  Preventive Medicine for Adult Diseases (JAPA) which is made up of more than 6000 doctors in the past 20 years. More than 20k-30k products were submitted annually for examination but only 20 were recommended. Super Lutein is one of the product approved. The strict JAPA criteria for a product to be approved are as follows :

1. The products are free from animal testing and must be human tested for a minimum of 6 continuous months to detect any side effects.

2. The products need a further 6 months of testing on humans to confirm that the product does what it claims to do. In the case Super Lutein, it is cancer prevention and chronic diseases. This test is what separates Super Lutein from the rest because most just drop out at this stage, whereas Super Lutein passed the test with flying colours.

3. The raw ingredients in the product has to be pure and natural with the highest quality of origin. For example, the Lutein in Super Lutein are from the best source in the world from America’s Marigold flowers and are US FDA approved and GRAS approved as a safe product. Similarly, the blueberries and blackcurrants, and all other ingredients in Super Lutein are also sourced from the best in the world. The Lutein in Super Lutein is also patented around many countries around the world.

4. The company must not be in any debt, disputes and must be able to guarantee the quality of the product and the high quality and security of the entire manufacturing process. Super Lutein also has ISO9001 and GMP certifications which have tested for microbial inspection of all raw materials.

Here are some supporting documents from independant sources :

1. Promoting fruits and vegetables consumption around the world.

2. Cancer prevention by natural carotenoids.

3. The role of carotenoids in human health.

Many have asked me if these products help in lung cancer or breast cancer  etc. Cancer is cancer. It’s a result of excess cytotoxic free radicals in our body which sets off a domino chain reaction and leads to cancer.  To  battle cancer, it’s a race between the production of free radicals and the act of neutralizing it with very very strong antioxidants which can penetrate the cellular level.  There is hope. We need to fight for what we love and battle cancer.
fightforwhatyouloveIf you’re interested to find out more from others, contact me. I’ll add you as a Facebook friend and invite you into the IZUMIO and Super Lutein Resource group that we have (which is a private group) and you will be able to consult with other consumers of the products.

For more info contact me via any of the methods below :

email : mom2ashleyaidan(at)gmail(dot)com

sms/whatsapp me at +60 11-3990 8059

PM me at

I’m also on Instagram @izumio_pj

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Selamat Hari Raya 2015


 (Photo credit)

To all my muslim family, friends and blog readers out there, Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family. To everyone else, Happy Holidays! To those of you who are travelling on the road, please buckle up everyone including the young ones and drive defensively. If you’re using Waze, do download the Safe Modes Kids voice pack which I blogged about here and let the voices of 20 children give your navigational prompts! It’s really cute and in fact I always look forward to the next navigation prompt!

I’d be chilling, spending time with the kids and enjoying the quiet streets of KL!

Durian Feast at SS2


It’s durian season and we are durian lovers! We went for a durian feast at SS2 last night and satisfied our cravings. This is THE place to go to for durians in PJ. The shops sell mainly durians but there are some shops which sell other fruits such as rambutan,  mangosteen and langsat. These durian stalls were initially located next to the police station at SS2 but they’ve recently relocated to a row of shops located opposite Kanna Curry House (SS2). You won’t miss it if you’re coming from the Rothman’s traffic light (used to be roundabout) and heading towards  Kanna Curry House.



We tried XO and Musang King durians. I was actually looking forward to havign Red Prawns durians but the seller said that they weren’t very fresh.  Fair enough. At least they were honest about it.


Unfortunately for Ashley, she had a fever and because durians are too ‘heaty’, we advised her against eating any. She did have some coconut water though. This small Thai coconut was selling for RM5! I thought the price was a bit steep…..

Here are some tips if you want to head over to SS2 for a durian feast…

1. The durian shops usually provide plastic gloves so that you don’t have to dirty your fingers when eating durians. They  ran out of gloves when we were there last night. So if you don’t want to get your fingers dirty, bring your own gloves.

2. If you don’t want to pay RM5 for coconut water, the shops usually provide free water.

3. There are no washrooms in this row of shops. So make sure you empty your bladder and bowels before you head on over there for a durian feast.

4. Parking. It’s scarce. So don’t be surprised if you end up parking illegally along the main road. Alot of people do it. You’d be unlucky if your car gets towed.

5. The place is not baby/toddler friendly. Don’t expect to be given a baby chair.

6. Prices of durians differ slightly from one shop to another. It’s best to walk and ask around for the price before you decide which shop you want to eat durians at.

Happy durian feasting!


Amelie is Feeling Under the Weather


This little pumpkin of mine is feeling under the weather. She woke up with a low grade fever on Sunday (37.1C) and refused to drink her milk. She did however finish her solids and sipped IZUMIO throughout the day.  On top of that, she’s teething. Both her upper central incisors are showing through the gums. Poor baby. No wonder she has been cranky. The next day, her fever was gone….BUT she developed a runny nose and a cough! After seeing a video on YouTube on how a newborn was suffering from whooping cough, I must admit that I am paranoid that she’s coughing (Yes, she is vaccinated against whooping cough). Last night, she had trouble sleeping. She was crying on and off  until 3am. At one point, she was coughing and sounded like she was about to choke. I carried her and true enough, she vomited abit of the little milk she had before that. Am loading her up with IZUMIO (1/2 – 1 packet a day)  and Super Lutein (1 capsule a day) and I’m praying for her speedy recovery.

God bless baby girl!

Putting Things into Perspective


Lately, the 2 older kids have been wanting to sleep in our room. They’ve a nice bedroom and all but no….every night, our poor kakak has to carry their mattresses over so that they can sleep in the same room as us. Our room is not very big. With a queen sized bed, a baby cot and 2 single mattresses on the floor, there is hardly any place left to walk without stepping on something.  It’s ok….at least we get to save on the electricity for air conditioning….Speaking of which. A few days ago, the air conditioner in the master bedroom broke down! The air con guy could only come over 2 days later to fix it. We wanted to sleep in the guest room but the baby cot couldn’t fit through the doorway! So I ended up sleeping in the master bedroom with Amelie while the 2 kids slept in their own room. Hubby was away. Our room felt like a furnace all night long but thankfully, Amelie slept throughout the night without any problems whatsoever. Bless her.  Then I thought about the unfortunate people who are happy with just a roof over the head  and quit my whining right away!


Sometimes all we need is a bit of perspective to put us on the right track.

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