Toddler Milestones : Amelie Kate is 21 months


Photo taken on 26 June 2016

As of 6 July 2016, our dear AK is 21 months young! Where did all that time go???  AK is the only child which I had the privilege of being with full time since birth and it’s so rewarding and fulfilling! As for the 2 older kids, we had to send them to my MIL’s house after my confinement during the day as I had to go into the office to work. Thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to be able to work from home. And even when I am with AK 24 x 7, I feel that time is slipping by so quickly!

Alrighty. Milestones….


She has tonnes. When you’re on your 3rd kid, you don’t bother counting past the 2nd teeth. LOL!


Sadly, she is only exposed to english! I got to start getting the 2 older kids to speak to her in Mandarin! Better start them young right?

She can however say a few words already….like

How u? (How are you)

Hi Mom! – Every morning, when she wakes up, she’d say ‘Hi Mom!’. Or if I’m working upstairs and she’s downstairs with kakak, she’d go to the bottom of the stairs and h0ller, “Hi Mom!”

Ah Pa ala Korean style (Grandpa)

A-Ma (Grandma)

Ah-pen (Open)

Take out (when she wants someone to help her remove her shoes)


Wow (each time she sees something nice, she’d exclaim, “Wow”


Ah-Ti (Brush teeth)


Ah Ki Ka Boo (Peekaboo) 

She also understand simple instructions too and we are so amazed at the little things like

– whenever we change her diaper, she’d throw it in the dustbin

– when I gave her 2 sets of instructions (throw the diaper into the dustbin and pass the bottle to kakak), she managed to deliver it with ease.


When kakak went back for holiday last month, we were a bit slack with her food aka porridge. We took the opportunity to introduce to her different types of food which she took without any problems. Phew!!!!!


She loves milk. She drinks 7oz of milk about 3-4 times in a day in between meals. Every morning, she’d wake up at about 6-7am and ask for nen-nen. She’d drink it while she is in her cot and goes back to sleep after she finishes her milk.

Smelly Bunny

Smelly Bunny is looking very worn out now but she still loves it to bits. She refuse to hold on to the backup bunny I got her sometime back. It’s the same bunny. Just newer.

We love you AK! Happy 21 months !

What a Lovely Birthday Surprise!

My bossom buddies never cease to surprise me. This morning,  I expected a despatch boy to come pick up IZUMIO and Super Lutein for my client but instead, the guy was holding onto a beautiful bouquet of flowers and they were from mamapumpkin and drama queen. They also got me a Laura Mercier lipstick and Laura Mercier shopping vouchers! Woo hoo!  Time to update my makeup collection! The bouquet of flowers look lovely in every angle and apparently it was designed based on my personality. I am flattered indeed :)




Thank you ladies! I love you both to the moon and back!

Also not too surprising are some goodies I got for myself. What the heck. It’s my birthday right?

I got myself a python skin sling bag and a lizard skin wallet. Did I tell you that I have an obsession for python skin handbags and wallets?


I have gotten myself 3 handbags and 3 wallets in a span of 2 months. Eeeeeekk. That’s what happens when Naturally Plus keeps crediting bonuses into my account on a weekly basis! I gotta stop buying and start saving!

Luckily the seller is on a  2-month holiday. My bank account can rest too so that the figures can increase at a faster rate :)

I’ll share my obsession in the next few posts.




Toddler Milestones : Amelie Kate is 20 months old!

AK-customs officer (20 May 2016)

Photo taken on 20 May 2016. Custom Officer AK.

My domestic helper has gone back to Philippines for a 1-month holiday and I must admit, taking care of AK while working is a challenge because all she wants is me me me. I hope that I lose weight by the time my helper comes back.


Whenever we ask AK a question, she always responds with the sweetest “No….”

Me : Did you poo poo?

AK : No….(padahal she already pooed)

Or sometimes, she’d mimick my helper by saying “No No No….” in a sing-song kinda way. Too cute.



She has so many teeth now. I lost count already! I think she has the full toddler set of teeth. (This is what happens when it comes to the 3rd child…)


Glass vs Plastic

Whenever my helper used to cook in the wet kitchen, AK will be playing at the dry kitchen. She’d open the lowest drawer and only play with the plastic bowls and plates and doesn’t touch the breakables. She’s clever like that – credit to my helper of course.


Aidan – Proud Big Brother

Whenever AK is in distress, Aidan will see to her baby sister’s needs most of the time if I am busy. As a result, AK prefers Aidan to Ashley. Whenever AK calls ‘Kor Kor’, his chest protrudes and he will beam in pride. Kor Kor to the rescue!

Happy 20 months old AK! We love you to the moon and back and to infinity!




Time Out

Do you ever feel the need to step 1 or 2 steps back and stop whatever you’re doing and just breathe?

I do.

I go into this phase once in a while when I get too overwhelmed with everything in my life.

Don’t worry. Nothing serious.

It’s just that on some days, I get extra sensitive or extra irritated and the best course of action is to just stop whatever I’m doing and reassess everything. Family, work, life, priorities in life, goals in life, friends, kids, whatever. I’d disconnect and  retreat into a spring cleaning frenzy. When I clear all the junk around me, I also clear my thoughts.


See? I have a lot of clothes to go through. Most of it will be given away to charity.

Note to self – Think twice before buying!

How do you clear your thoughts?

Toddler Milestones : Amelie Kate is 19 months old


Photo taken on 22 Mar 2016 when AK was 17 mo.

So many things to take note off now that AK is 19 months old!


For 18 months, she has been sleeping by 7pm  at night and practically sleeps throughout the night without any problems. Even if she woke up in the middle of the night, she’d basically soothe herself as long as she had her choo-choot (pacifier) and smelly bunny. Ever since I came back from my free holiday to Dubai by Naturally Plus, AK refuse to sleep in her cot. On top of that, she refuse to sleep at 7pm and even if she does, she’d wake up at 10pm and cry for mameeeee mameeee and want to sleep on the bed next to me. Last night, I didn’t get a good night’s sleep.

1. The aircon in our room was leaking. We had to turn it off because the dear hubby didn’t want to fix it in the middle of the night. Ok lah. Fair enough.

2. AK wanted to sleep between hubby and me and the whole night, she was tossing and turning and I didn’t sleep a wink!

Good times are finally slipping by. More challenges ahead! Thankfully though, at 7.30am, my helper will scoot her out of my room so that I can get another 30 minutes of uninterrupted sleep before I wake up!

By the way, did I mention before that she can fake-sleep?? Oh yea….she’d close her eyes, scrunch up her nose and pretend to snore!


She has so many of them now! She has been drooling a lot lately which is a sure sign of teething. When she laughed yesterday, I noticed some molars at the back of her mouth. Time to upgrade her tooth brush!


She’s afraid of the thunder. It has been raining cats and dogs in the evenings for the past few days she always wants to be carried during the rain. She’d pat her chest to indicate that she’s scared. She’s also afraid of lizards no thanks to kakak….she’d look up at our air con and pat her chest because somehow, the lizard is always hiding behind the air conditioner.

Diaper-change struggle

We now struggle to change her diaper. She used to be easily distracted to lie down while we change her diapers. It’s a different story now. Oh well…we enjoyed it while it lasted. Time to change to pull-ups!

Happy 19 months AK!

We love you!

Baptism of Amelie Kate

On the 30th April 2016, our dear AK was baptized in a Catholic church. Her God mother is a Sabahan friend of mine who also happens to be our neighbour :) I’m very pleased that we finally got AK baptized. That’s one thing checked off on my list.


When we arrived at the church, there were 2 other families there. Amelie was a curious little one. She was quiet and very observant – which is a good thing because we didn’t have to run after her.  During the baptism mass, AK practically hung on to me like a baby koala. She didn’t even want her dad. Hence I had to rely on my hubby and my helper to take photos (so help me God)..and as a result, I am so pissed with the photos that were taken!!!!


I mean look at this LOOK AT THIS!

1. My head and the priest’s heads are cut off from the photo!

2. I can’t even see AK’s face – like hello? who is being baptized here??

3. The photo is a bit blur.

I am so upset. I should have hired a professional photographer. I SHOULD HAVE!

SIGH..Breathe in…breathe out….


This photo was taken after AK was baptized. Notice her wet hair there….Anyhow..lesson learnt!


Renewal of Filipino Domestic Helper’s Work Permit in Malaysia

I am very pleased that our domestic helper has decided to extend her stay with us for another year! Hurray! Truth be told, I really do not know how I am going to handle work and household chores and Amelie with her. She is really God sent!

So her FOMEMA checkup is all done and good to go!

I just need to renew her work permit via myeg! Gotta do it pronto! I love myeg!

Flight tickets – bought!

OEC & Contract – ok for this, I need to engage my current agent to do this for me because I can’t be arsed about going to the immigration to wait and waste my day there.

She will be gone in the month of June.

My mom and dad to the rescue!!!! Thank God for mom and dad! Seriously. What would I do without them? I’m truly blessed. Yes I am.

June is going to be one helluva month!


For those of you who need to renew your Filipino maid’s work permit, this is what you need to do :

1. Get her medical checkup done. How?

Go to the FOMEMA website.

Print the form. Choose what clinic you’d like to bring to. Make sure you choose a clinic with x-ray facilities or you will end up bringing her to 2 places for her medical checkup.

Buy a bank draft (RM201.40) at any banks.

Go to the FOMEMA office and submit the form and bank draft.

2. Bring her for the medical checkup

3. After a week, you can check the results of the medical checkup online in the FOMEMA website. If she has passed it, you can renew her work permit.

4. Log onto myeg and renew her work permit!

5. Myeg guy will come within 1-2 days and will do his thing to stick the new work permit her passport and voila!

6. If your maid is going back for holiday, you need to get her OEC and contract done within 2 months of her departure. I heard it’s cheap to get it done yourself but you need to runaround and wait. If you get your maid agency to do it, it’d cost about rm500.




Dubai (20-25 April 2016)


Thank you Naturally Plus. I got to go to Dubai for the very first time in my life. Dubai wasn’t a holiday destination that I would have considered previously  but since Naturally Plus has given me an all-expense paid holiday to Dubai, well why not??? This is the 2nd all-expense paid holiday I got from Naturally Plus. The first one was to Japan.

Here’s a run down of our trip.

Day 1 – 20th April, 2016

Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek

We took the morning flight from KLIA to Dubai. The flight was 7 hours and the time difference was 4 hours (think jetlag!). It was my first time flying with Emirates and I was pretty impressed with them. The leg room for economy was ok. The tv screen was bigger than usual and there was free wifi throughout the flight! Food was so so. Service was nothing to shout about.


We arrived at Dubai 3pm (7pm Malaysian time) and checked into the Hyatt Regency Hotel at Deira. We chilled in our rooms.




Dinner was on a Dhow Cruise on Dubai Creek. It was really nice! Naturally Plus chartered the entire cruise just for us. Dinner was buffet style. Food was honestly not great. Arabic food is not my cup of tea….but the ambience was superb!




After dinner, we stayed up at The Bar at the hotel to chat with a friend of mine from Dubai until 1 am in the morning and was stoned because we were awake for 24 hrs!  Nevertheless, it was lots of fun and so worth it!

Day 2 – 21st April 2016

Spice Market, Gold Market and Lunch at a Thai restaurant.




Our afternoon adventure was the BEST one. We headed to the desert for sand dune bashing and thereafter headed to a campsite for dinner. It was my first time in a desert and it was truly memorable.


We had the entire campsite to ourselves.


Dinner was served buffet style under the moonlight.

1. The weather in the desert was cooler than the weather in Malaysia!

2. Walking in the sand dunes – I’ve concluded that the best is to go bare footed! Forget about putting on slippers or a pair of sneakers. Bare is best!

3. I have also concluded that whatever photos taken in the desert is always almost perfect! Let the pictures speak for themselves….

This is my favorite photo of us taken at the desert.

4. Camel rides – SCARY! but so fun! A word of advice – HOLD ON TIGHT!

5. Sand dune bashing – well…let’s just say that we could have handled it if it was more extreme! It was too mild for our liking but maybe it’s because we were in a convoy….oh well….nevertheless, it was really fun!

Day 3 – 22nd April, 2016

Ferrari Indoor Theme Park,  Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque at Abu Dhabi, Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Dubai

First stop for the day – Ferrari Theme Park at Abu Dhabi. The bus ride there took about 1-1.5hrs from Dubai. We were the first to arrive there and waited for 20 mins before heading to the fastest roller coaster in the world. (0-5secs at 264 km/hr). I kept my eyes closed for the entire ride!


Surprisingly, although it was a weekend, the theme park was not crowded at all. Queues were 15 mins max unlike the other theme parks we’ve been to in the past. And since it’s indoor, it was nice and cooling.


After that, we headed to a hotel nearby for lunch and then we headed to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The mosque is strategically located at the entrance to Abu Dhabi City Island and is visible from the 3 main bridges connecting to the main island, the Maqta, Mussafah and the Sheikh Zayed Bridge.


Inside the mosque houses the world’s largest hand knotted carpet which took approximately 1200 artisans to complete it 12 months.


For dinner, we went to Hard Rock Cafe at Dubai!





We only managed to stay for 1 set and went back to our hotel. Everyone was knackered!

Day 4 – 23rd April, 2016

Jumeira Beach, Miracle Garden and Arabian Night Gala


Enough said. The beach is gorgeous. The Burj Al Arab is magnificent and the world’s most luxurious hotel in the world – the only 7-star hotel in the world. If only we got to stay there!  *wishful thinking*
This is the Miracle Garden. They call it it the Miracle Garden because this place houses millions of flowers right in the middle of the desert. A word of advise – don’t go here during spring. It was hot!!! The garden is closed during the summer.  All we were concerned the whole time was finding a shade to hide under. Flowers were beautiful by the way.
Day 5 – 24th April, 2016

Lunch at Kaleidoscope at Atlantis, The Palm at Dubai and Shopping at Mall of Emirates


We checked out of our hotel and took the monorail to the Atlantis, The Palm to have lunch at a Kaleidoscope.  The buffet had  a wide selection of food. We definitely walked out like and overstuffed turkey.


There was even a candy station. If my kids were there, they would have only eaten these for lunch!

Next stop – Mall of Emirates. We only had 1.5 hours to shop there. We ended up having tea at the Chanel boutique while one of my business partners were shopping for her handbags. She walked out of the shop with 2 Chanel handbags, RM30k less but earned all of that money back in this week’s paycheck from Naturally Plus. I am no where near that. Slow and steady wins the race :) Besides, I am doing this on a part time basis. It feels good helping people and being pampered by Naturally Plus.



That’s it! I  LOVED my time in Dubai!

Next holiday destination – Japan in Autumn!!! (God willing)

Fever, Flu, Sore Throat – IZUMIO and Super Lutein

Many people  have asked me if IZUMIO and Super Lutein are safe to consume in high dosage especially if they are down e.g. fever, flu, cough etc. Let me share with you what happened to me last month.

One night, as I was getting my foot massage, I sneezed and uh-oh…my throat hurt. That was a tell-tale sign of an impending sore throat.

I sneezed again – as though confirming that I had a sore throat looming.

That night, I took an extra packet of IZUMIO  (I had 1 in the morning) and 5 capsules of Super Lutein (I had 3 caps in the morning). Said a prayer and went to bed.

The next morning..guess what?

No lah..I wasn’t ok. IZUMIO and Super Lutein are not magic! I actually felt worse.  My throat was worse. I was running a fever and my nose was runny. On top of that I had to do some heavy lifting by moving 36 boxes of IZUMIO (each box is 7kg)  during lunch time for my members  and to top it off, the person I was supposed to meet stood me up! I worked till 11pm that night in front of the computer because I had to finish up my work before my trip to Kota Kinabalu. Throughout the day, I loaded myself with IZUMIO and Super Lutein. They were literally my ‘snacks’ for the day.


By bedtime, I actually felt crappier. I felt chilly  and my eyes were ready to pop. I was ready to call in sick the next day. By the end of the night, I had a total of 4 pkts of IZUMIO, 20 capsules of Super Lutein and 2 tablets of Panadol. I slept like a log that night.

The next morning, my fever was gone. My nose was no longer runny but I did have a bit of a blocked nose in the morning but it was ok by noon. My throat was no longer sore! By the next day, I was good as new.  The last time I had fever, flu and sore throat was in Dec 2014 – that’s 16 months ago and that was when we started consuming IZUMIO and Super Lutein.

So the key takeways from my sharing here are that :

1. My body is stronger. My immunity has strengthened. I recover faster from illness.

2. It’s safe to consume IZUMIO and Super Lutein higher than the recommended dosage.

Best part of this is that none of us in the family got sick because of me – not even Amelie. Thank God.

All of us in the family consume these products because it’s a well known fact that molecular hydrogen and carotenoids and proper nutrients bring alot of health benefits. If you’re keen to find out more check out our Facebook page or feel free to contact me at +60123905129 or drop me an email by clicking this.

Toddler Milestones : Amelie Kate is 18 months old


My little button has turned 18 months old! 18 precious months flew by so quickly! Too quickly in fact. So let’s see…..

At 18 months…

1. More of her teeth are growing. I can’t even keep count! She cutting several teeth on top and at the bottom at one go. She is  drooling alot and just a tad crankier but nothing major. Sometimes she’d stick her little finger in her mouth to show us that she is feeling uncomfortable. That’s about it.

2. She has developed a huge separation anxiety with me. When I was back in KK earlier this month for the IZUMIO sharing session which we organized, I took a couple of days off to spend time with my family and friends. The first time I went out with my friends, my parents babysat her. When I came back, she never let me out of her sight! I had a shadow 24×7 – even when I went into the bathroom! It’s so not annoying. I actually found it quite cute and quite flattered (ask me again in a couple of months time please).

3. Get this. She can fake-sleep! She’d like down on the bed, closed her eyes tightly , hug her bunny and pretend to snore! Where did she learn this from? Well..monkey see monkey do right? Aidan and I used to pretend to sleep too during bedtime in hopes that she’d actually think that we’re asleep. I guess she isn’t fooled too easily now.

4. She is very fascinated with different types of fan. At home, we only have ceiling fans. But when we were in KK and when she saw the wall fans which can rotate, she basically stood in front of it and watched it turn and rotate.


5. She can fake-laugh too!. Too cute.

6. She loves milk. Each time we give her milk, she gets very excited. She’d pick up her bunny and lie down and wait for us to pass her the milk bottle. Can she be any cuter?

7. There’s so much love in her. That’s cause she is showered with so much love from everyone too. See how she ‘sayang’ her big bunny? So precious.


8. She loves to be read too. She loves books. She’d pick a book and sit on our laps get herself ready to be entertained – for 1 minute. LOL!



Happy 18 months Amelie Kate! We’re blessed to have you in the family!

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