Distractions of a Messy Desk

So everyday, I have a list of at least 10 things to do preferably at my desk because working from my notebook connected to a 24″ screen is much better than straining my eyes on my phone.

Anyhow, you know how your mindset is all set to cull the to-do list and then BAM! The table is in a HUGE mess!?!?!? This happens to me all the time.

I clean it up and it’s tidy for a few days and then it’s back to being a tornado site.

I need a better system here. Seriously. I am even embarassed to show you how my desk looks like right now!

How do you keep your desk tidy?

I really admire those who can keep their desk clean, tidy and minimalistic. I’ll go down the Pinterest rabbit hole to get ideas on minimalist desk setup and there you go…1 hour wasted and I haven’t gotten anything done yet….you know where I am going with this right?

Credit : Conor Lyons

A minimalist desk like THIS is what my heart wants but my head is telling me how in the world can one work without any else on the table?

Perhaps I need a better storage solution.

Anyhow….I digress from what I am supposed to do right now.

If any of you have any minimalist desk that works for you, I would love to see it!

Happy 2020

Rest in peace, Stay.
July 2019 – 11 Dec 2019

My last post was in September 2020 about Stay. We grew to love this cheeky cat but sadly, on 11 Dec 2019, he was a victim of a hit and run right outside our home. We discovered him 20 mins after the accident. Everyone was devastated.

His body was still warm.

His blood was still oozing out from his mouth.

His fur so soft.

Was he dead, I wondered.

Did he suffer for long?

My husband was the bearer of the bad news. He could not forget the sight of Stay lying still in the middle of the road. He frantically rang our doorbell and called us out.

When the kids saw Stay, they all cried. We all cried. I cried for 3 days.

From someone who despised having cats around, I made a complete turn. I fell for Stay.

We buried him opposite our house and planted plants as his tomb.

2 days later, I got the cctv recording from my neighbour and we saw exactly what happened. Stay suffered for less than a min before he passed on.

Rest in peace, Stay. You’ll forever be in our hearts and thoughts. #staythestraycat

Few days before he left us for good.

Stay the Stray Cat


So let me tell you a story about Stay the stray cat.

One fine day in July, this stray cat waltzed into our house. To my dismay (I have a history of cats pooing in my house and in my car bonnet too!!!), I shooed it away hoping that it won’t come back. Somehow, it wasn’t fazed by my actions unlike other cats which would scurry away.

A few days later, it came back and this time, it was injured. It’s right eye was swollen and oozing with puss. Its mouth was injured as well. He smelled rotten because of the puss that was oozing out of its face.

My kids asked me to bring it to the vet and I was like <insert emoticon with big eyes with a stunned face>.

Instead I decided to mix a couple of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils (Lavender, Helicrysum, Melrose and Frankincense), diluted it as though the blend was meant for babies and sprayed its mouth (not eyes) twice a day. 3 weeks later, it was a good as new except its eye was abit funny. We initially thought it was blind in one eye due to the cat fight.

Photo taken on 5 Sept 2019

Look at it now. He looks all fine and dandy and sporting a collar with a bell too (thanks to AK).

Eventually we brought it to the vet to get it vaccinated, dewormed, applied flea medicine and he was prescribed some eye drops and cream for the right eye because apparently, his eye sight wasn’t all gone. It was an ulcer which could be treated with eye drops and cream.

From my initial expectation of spending rm 40 for its vaccination, I ended up paying rm 200 for its visit to the vet!!!

The kids named it Stay because they wanted it to stay put. Looks like Stay is here to stay alright! I believe the cat came into our lives for a reason. It is a blessing in disguise as it teaches the kids valuable life lessons to be :

1. Responsibility – they feed it, buy its food using their pocket money and they clean its poo!

2. Compassion – looking after a pet requires compassion, understanding and empathy. The kids will learn to be kind and take care of others’ basic needs.

3. Trust – Pets make wonderful trusted companions for children and can be a first step to helping your child build trust in other relationships, too.

4. Patience – Kids learn to be patient especially when new pets try to settle into their new home and also during its training.

5. Bereavement – pets usually will outlive us and when they do, they will experience the pain of the loss but in turn will experience how to cope with bereavement. My kids experienced the loss of Sydney when she left us in 4 years ago. Since then life, without Sydney was never the same. #ripsydney

6. Respect – owning a pet teaches kids how to respect others. They learn to touch the pets gently and not to disturb it while it’s sleeping or eating.

7. Loyalty – pets give unconditional love and kids will in turn learn the importance of loyalty to their furry friends.

8. Self esteem – kids’ self esteem is boosted when pets show unconditional love to them. The satisfaction that is derived from having responsibility and caring for a pet’s needs can also boost their self esteem.

Can I Pull Off a Denim Top and Pleated Skirt Look?

Credit – Pinterest

I love this look.

Denim with pleated skirt.

BUT I don’t know if I can pull this off. I have a denim top like that. I have a pleated skirt like that but shorter. You know how sometimes you imagine how you want to look like but in actual fact, you look nothing like what you imagined?

Uh huh. We’ll see.

I never thought of mixing denim with a pleated skirt but these days, I am more on the adventurous side. Why not? We only live once right?

I’ll try out this look this weekend and update here next week!

Kuala Lumpur on a Weekday

3 Sept 2019 – AK at 4y 11m

AK skipped school today because she had a followup doctor’s appointment in the morning. Unexpectedly, we finished early and we had 5 hours to spare before my next school run so we decided to hop on to an MRT and went into the city to meet up with my sister.

We test drove a Volvo XC90, brought it for a little spin and then had lunch at Bo All Day Dining at Linc, KL. I must say so though that we didn’t have a very good start the moment we stepped into the restaurant. The receptionist kept us waiting for 3-4 minutes while she was on the phone with presumably a customer. I was looking forward to eat the Char Kuey Teow which my sister was raving about but we were both disappointed. It wasn’t hot and it tasted so-so. (The best Char Kuey Teow is still the one at Malaysia Boleh Food Court at Four Seasons KL)

We had Salted Caramel Chocolate cake for dessert and that was over priced and tasted so-so as well. And those of you who know me, I love a good cup of hot chocolate and was looking forward to it but was disappointed when I took my first sip! I had a really good cup of hot chocolate at Bukku Cafe at Klang yesterday and this one pales in comparison.

Linc does have some nice little shops selling local crafts and stuff. There is also a little reading area where you can comfortably sit, read and relax. Overall, I am not too sure if I will ever go back to this place again but we’ll see. Never say never right?

How was your Tuesday?

Simple Pleasures – Pretend Play

1 Sept 2019 – AK @ 4y 11m

“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

I love how AK loves to play with dolls and all because I know in a few years time, she will not want to play with her dolls anymore and I would start missing her childish ways.

Ashley is 14yo now and has long stopped playing with her Barbies and Monster High dolls. I miss those days. Now she is a teen, in her world of her own – she is growing up and mom needs to let go a little but you know how it is. It’s challenging but I know that it’s rewarding at the same time.

So while AK still wants to play with her Barbies, LOL dolls, Shopkins and what not, she’s free to do so. In fact, she has a table full of toys and I actually love watching her play at her little corner of the house. I’ll share the photo of it soon. It’s pretty amazing!

What Are Big Bros For?

1 Sept 2019 – Eco Ardence

So much happened over the last 2 weeks! I’ve got lots to blog about but I shall start with this first.

Big Bro Aidan. What would we do without him?

When I see a giant inflatable air playground – I would usually cringe because –

  1. AK would want to play in one. Well of course! She’s 4 years old! I don’t blame her.
  2. If Ashley and Aidan are not around, it would usually mean that I would have to accompany her.

Last Sunday, hubby was playing football. Ashley was at a church convention. Thank God Aidan was around. Big bro made her day when he agreed to accompany her to the inflatable air playground. She was happy.

What a lucky girl to have such a patient and loving brother.

As for me? Well I managed to get away with it. hehehehe. It was huge and there.were.so.many.people in it – both kids AND adults.

Good Morning AK!

AK. 22 Aug 2019. 4y 10m

When Ashley was a baby/toddler, I used to have a Good Morning series of her. Every morning, she will wake up and she would have the brightest smile on her chubby face.

For the last 2 years +, I have been taking a photo of AK every morning before she goes off to school.

This was taken this morning. When I look back at all the #ootdtepipagar photos I took of her so far, it’s apparent how fast she is growing up! I miss the times when she was just a baby or toddler. I miss the times when my kids were babies and toddlers.

18 years is actually a very short time with our kids before they leave the nest and go off to university. I am not looking forward to the day when our house is empty when all 3 of our kids leave the nest.

Parents. Cherish all those precious moments with your kids. Be present. Be intentional. Live with no regrets.

DIY Succulent Diffuser in Klang Valley

Today, I went to the nursery to buy some succulents because guess what?? I am hosting a DIY Succulent Diffuser class this Sunday! Woo hoo!!! I never thought that I would be doing this but hey!? There’s always a first time for everything right?

When I keyed in the address of this nursery, I really didn’t know where I was going. I assumed this was at Sg Buloh but it turned out to be nearer than expected. Look at all those gorgeous succulents! They look so pretty! I am so drawn to them.

So you must be thinking succulents and diffuser? How does that work? Come and find out for yourself! My class is sold out BUT my friend, Eunice is hosting the next one on 1 Sept 2019 at EcoSky, Kuala Lumpur.

Stay tuned for updates or follow me on Instagram.

US and Japan – Here I Come!

Credit : Young Living Essential Oils

Finally! Very very soon, I will be making my way to Salt Lake City, Utah! This is the Young Living Silver Retreat which I qualified for and YASSSS! It’s an all expense paid trip.

So since I will be travelling all the way to the other side of the world, my friend and I will be taking the opportunity to stay a couple of nights at San Francisco and Tokyo! (I can never get enough of Japan! Which reminds me..I have not updated this blog with my last Japan trip which we did earlier this year in March.)

What I am NOT looking forward to though is the long haul flight. You’d be damn sure that I will be bringing my oils and the cabin will be filled with the scent of essential oils!

I need to sort out our accommodations at San Francisco and Tokyo ASAP! and need to decide what to pack! I hate packing and I always end up packing at the last minute. So I am going to start organizing my thoughts around what to bring for this trip!

Watch this space!