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Precious Mornings With Amelie

May 28, 2015 at 4:41 pm

AK at 33 weeks

AK at 33 weeks (Photo taken on 25 May 15)

Mornings with Amelie are so precious!

I am a full time work from home mom. One of the perks of that is that I don’t have to wake up at an ungodly hour to get ready and brave the traffic to get to the office. I also don’t set an alarm  to wake me up in the mornings because Amelie is my alarm clock.

Best alarm clock EVER! (She sleeps in her baby cot in our bedroom).

I’d give her her milk, change her, do some flash cards with her for 3-5 minutes depending on her attention span, we listen to nursery rhymes together  on Spotify and basically laze around in bed until it’s time for me to get to work – which is 3 steps away from my bed :)

I love our precious mornings together.


Increased Appetitie During Pregnancy

May 26, 2015 at 11:46 pm

When I was pregnant with Amelie (because I can’t remember how it was when I was pregnant with Ashley and Aidan), the first trimester threw me off balance because I had morning sickness during the day and night and I felt so miserable and tired. Everyday during the first trimester was a day of hope and discovery for when I thought I was getting better, I would puke the contents of my previous meal.

After the first trimester, my morning sickness disappeared (alleluia! Praise the Lord) and my appetite came back with a vengeance.  Altered taste buds is  totally normal during pregnancy. Some women get that metallic taste on their taste buds. Some have an aversion to certain food which they didn’t have an inclination to before they were pregnant. I read somewhere that the food that a pregnant moms crave for is a sign that the body requires nutrients from that particular food. Is there any truth in that? Everything tasted so good! I craved for my Kek Batik (and thank God I could make them on my own),  burgers and prawn noodles! My dad used to tease me while I was pregnant that I made the food I was eating look so tasty. I didn’t exactly have a healthy diet when I was pregnant. When my obgyn advised me to cut down on my carbs and suggested that I munch on an apple instead, I thought – IMPOSSIBLE!!!! I ate whatever I fancied and ate as though I was eating for a party of 10 and paid for it because I gained friggin 18 KG and 7+ months later, I still have 7 kgs to go. 

Post pregnancy,  my appetite has decreased (thank God for that!) and  I guess my taste buds have changed back to normal.  I no longer have a sweet tooth (hence I haven’t been baking Kek Batik anymore), the burgers  and  prawn noodles taste nothing out of the ordinary.

My advise to pregnant moms out there is – take everything in moderation and don’t make the same mistake as me and gain more than the recommended weight as advised by your obgyn. I am paying for it now! *sob*

My Earnings as of April 2015 from the IZUMIO & Super Lutein Business

May 25, 2015 at 5:59 pm

So, typically I wouldn’t share my earnings in my blog! But then, I would like to share with you that the IZUMIO & Super Lutein business is very viable.  I am a full-time work-from-home mother. I am employed under a multi-national company which gives me the flexibility of working from home because all the people I work with except for 1 or 2 are based overseas. Hence there is no point really for me to go into the office on a daily basis. Ever since we started consuming IZUMIO and Super Lutein and have personally felt the positive improvements to our health, we  (my husband and I) have also been sharing  with friends and family without any expectations whatsoever. Never in my wildest dream did I imagine that I will embark on an MLM business. People usually cringe at the word MLM. I used to cringe at it too before I heard about the IZUMIO & Super Lutein business. I used to be that bitch who wouldn’t give anyone a second of my time to listen to some MLM bullshit. This is one business which is totally up to you. If you want to invest in keeping stock, by all means, do it. Some of my business partners do it to cater for the fast movement of their stock. Some of us don’t keep stock – like me. There are no monthly commitments or quotas to adhere to. However, every now and then, the company will put up a challenge and if you meet it, you get to go on free holidays! The last one was to Maldives for 1 week – flight, food, accomodation  all paid for! The next is to Japan in Oct.  But if you don’t want to take up the challenge, no one is going to force you. You can sit back and relax. If you put in your blood and sweat into it, you’d see the results. If you don’t, well, you won’t see the results as much as the next person who does.

But that’s fair right?

This is not a get-rich-quick-scheme.

You consume the products, you feel the positive improvements to your health (and believe you me, you WILL feel the difference unless of course you are healthy and have no ailments), you share your experience with others without any expectations and that’s it. Because good things are meant to be shared right? – Like how great the pies are at a particular pie shop, or where you can get really nice natural-looking embroidered eye brows or where you can get really nice homemade yummylicious burgers! Same thing. These health supplements are worth investing your time to find out more about it and worth investing in them because at the end of the day, most people don’t realize it but they chase wealth at the expense of their health and when their health is compromised, they spend their wealth on their health after that.

As Gandhi puts it….

It is health that is true wealth than pieces of gold and silver.”

So ok..back to my earnings. As of April 2015, the company has rewarded me RM 2000 for sharing my experiences with others.  I’ve only started doing the business 5 months and bear in mind though that I’ve only just been sharing on a part time basis because I have  a full-time job. In addition to that, I have been slacking in April and May because I have been swarmed with work from my full-time job. Imagine if I did this IZUMIO and Super Lutein business full-time???? There is really a lot of potential in this business. My business partner has been doing this full time for the past 6 months and she has already earned RM 6000!   Another of our business partner earns RM40k a month after being in the business full time for 3+ years. Our big boss earns rm50k a week (we are paid weekly) and earns RM200k a month and has been doing this full time for 5 years.  He has turned down multi-million development projects so that he can devote his time to sharing these products because these products have given his mom and him a second chance in life. He can comfortably retire based on his earnings outside of the IZUMIO and Super Lutein business and yet he travel around the world to spread the goodness of these products. A truly humble person and he’s one to help his team grow. My business partners and I are truly blessed to be under his wings. The point is that I am not expecting to be an overnight millionaire but the business is something very viable and very real and it’s basically all in your hands.

Some of my skeptical family and friends asked me why I even bother doing this?

First and foremost, well, to me, health is important. I want to be there for my kids.  When I was in confinement, my support system caved. My husband was overseas (of course that made things worse!), my parents who were helping me during my confinement were ill! ( They had dengue one after the other!) and my live-in maid had gastroenteritis for  1.5 months and I had to let her stay at the agency for fear of  Amelie contracting any virus. I was recovering from child birth and I felt so helpless. We have taken our health for granted all these while but if something does happen to any one of us, I don’t want to kill myself with regret for not taking any preventive measures while I can still afford it. The cost of medical bills are skyrocketing in Malaysia. Private hospitals have increased their prices even before the implementation of GST this year and we all know what happened after the implementation of GST in Malaysia.

Secondly, we are planning to move down under. We are just waiting for the right timing.  In a worst case, if neither of us are unable to get a job down under, I know that we can rely on this mode of income. Miracles don’t happen overnight but we are working towards it.

If you’re earning a passive income by sharing the products which has been proven to work, contact me. I will help you to achieve your goals.

This business is suitable for all sorts of people – Stay at home moms, work from home moms, fresh graduates, business investors – anyone who’s looking to earn a passive income. We have many full time professional moms too who are in this business  – some are doctors, some are in the pharma line, financial sector, government sector etc. With  the current inflation rate and situation in Malaysia right now where the cost of everything is increasing, it really doesn’t hurt to earn some extra passive income and keeping our health in check at the same time.

We have a business group in Facebook where we will help the team to grow their business.

We also have an IZUMIO & Super Lutein Resource Centre group which is a secret group in Facebook hence you will not be able to search for it. It consists of users of the products where you get first hand experience from other users. We also have doctors in the group whom you will be able to consult with.


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For more information on IZUMIO and Super Lutein, like the IZUMIO and Super Lutein Facebook Page and contact me directly at mom2ashleyaidan(at)gmail(dot)com call/whatsapp me at +6 011 3990 8059 or PM me at http://www.facebook.com/mom2ashley

I will explain to you about the products and business if you are interested with no obligations whatsoever. if you’d like to try these products, I can offer you a starter package tailored to your budget  and needs. (This business is flexible remember???) I’m sharing all these without expectations. I have been on the other side too so I know. It can be daunting to approach someone in MLM. I bloody can’t believe I am in this business!

The Smelly Security Bunny

May 25, 2015 at 3:31 pm


Ever since I started letting Amelie use the Bunny Anti-Rollover cushion, she has grown very fond of the bunny so much so that  I cringe when I look at it because the bunny’s floppy ears and tail are soggy and smelly. She LOVES to stuff them into the mouth with her thumb. We throw it into the washing machine once a week and dry it under the hot sun. The moment it’s dry and ready for use, she stuff the ears or the tail into her mouth again. My mum suggested that I get the same bunny from the store so that I can wash it more often. I also read somewhere that it is advisable  to get the the same one. The thing is, I am itching to get her a plush soft toy by Jellycat – perhaps a dog or a cat or teddy bear or a bunny (again?)  They are all soooooo nice and sooooo soft and safe for babies from birth.


See my dilemma here???

Ashley and Aidan didn’t have a security bunny or blanket. Their  security were their thumbs. Amelie is not much of a thumb sucker. She has her binkie but most importantly, she has to have her security bunny next to her. She needs to feel it, sniff it, rub the ears on her face to calm down and self soothe.

So what do you say? Get the same one or risk it and buy a new one?

Development Milestone : Learning to Crawl

May 25, 2015 at 11:33 am


This little one is learning how to crawl. I have forgotten how complex the process is for babies and watching Amelie coordinating her arms and legs truly amazes me.  Each day, she is getting more and more mobile. She shuffles around in the cot – mainly on her belly. My father calls her a little turtle – all set to go out to sea. She loves to lie on her tummy and move her arms and legs in the air. And then she’d prop herself up by stretching her arms against the bed and then she’d straighten her legs and basically do a downward dog yoga pose before she falls flat on her belly and start to move her arms and legs again in the air. Cute stuff.

Some of the stuff we do to encourage her to crawl are :

1. Giving her a lot of tummy time and space so that she is free to move and explore her own capabilities in moving around.

2. Place something in front of her to encourage her to move towards it and reach for it.

3. This is one trick I learnt from her pediatrician  and that is to place the palms of our hands behind her feet when she is in all fours to stabilize her which gives her something to push off from.

However, different babies learn how to crawl at a different rate. Some babies skip crawling altogether and go straight to walking. If you ask me, I’d say go with the flow. Just give her a safe space to discover her own abilities. She’ll be ready when she’s ready.

IZUMIO and Super Lutein as Eye Supplements for Cataracts

May 19, 2015 at 5:27 pm


Photo credits.

I have had customers who have  sent in their inquiries about IZUMIO and Super Lutein and asked how the products can help with their  cataract. Now if I know them personally, I’d say that the products are good for ANYTHING including the eyes. Try to believe it. Trust me! Why?

Because these products contain powerful anti oxidants that can heal the cells and penetrate the cell right up to the mitochondria. Mitochondria is basically the energy source of a cell. It is similar to a battery of a cell. If the mitochondria no longer convert energy in food to produce energy for the cell it is in, the cell dies / is damaged. Our bodies are made of cells. If our cells mutate or gets damaged or dies, that’s when we get diseases. It’s important to grasp the fundamentals when we are dealing with these products. I like to get into science behind it (I am a science student! I can’t help it!)

Ok back to cataract. Back to basics.

What is cataract?

A cataract is basically clouding of the lens of your eye. As we age, proteins in our lens begin to break down and the lens becomes cloudy. A lot of people may not even realize that they have ctaract because it usually gets worse slowly and may not impede vision at the early stage. Cataracts usually occur in people over the age of 40. That said, there are babies who are born with congenital cataracts too (one of my customer’s 4mo has this)

What causes cataract?

The lens in our eyes are transparent. They do not contain any blood cells and no nerves and 65% of it is made up of water and high in protein. The lens constantly passing light through and absorbing light including UV and blue wavelengths to protect the eye from the retinal burn from the sunlight.  Although new cells are continuously being generated for the lens, our lens are subjected to oxidative stress and eventually, as a result, our lens become cloudy, hard and dense. The lens can no longer transmit a clear picture to our retina and hence vision is impeded.

How do we prevent cataracts?

A study from Harvard showed that those who take high levels of lutein are protected by a certain degree from cataract formation by having lutein in the lens (lutein is also present in other parts of the eye btw) which absorbs the damaging wavelengths   Lutein is considered eye vitamins. Now I don’t know about you but if there’s something wrong with my eyes, I’d be very careful in choosing what I consume for my eye health because God forbid,  I do not want my vision to be compromised! Don’t we all right?

The 2 very important eye vitamins are Lutein and Zeaxanthin and these cannot be produced by the human body nor animals. It can only be consumed from our diet. They are essentially carotenoids which you can get from kale, spinach, corn, broccoli, eggs (among a few). The best Luein in the market right now is Flora Glo Lutein. The lutein in Super Lutein is the one and only Flora GLo LUtein in the world with the highest purity. Flora Glo Lutein has been awarded GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by FDA and is evidenced that it has gone through the most stringent food safety certification and it is recognized world wide. Google Flora Glo Lutein.

Here’s a short video (2:39) on why Dr Robert Abel Jr talks about Lutein and how it is not only good for our eyes but for our skin as well!

 So I’ve had customers asking me if they should take the products before they are scheduled for their cataract operation….

The answer is ABSOLUTELY!!!

There is lutein and zeaxanthin in our eye. They are on the  lens and retina but primarily  concentrated in the macular of the eye which is a small area in the retina which is responsible for sharp vision. Did  you know that the yellowing of he lens (when one has cataract) helps to reduce the light which goes through to the retina which means that the retina is protected (blessing in disguise) from oxidative stress. After the cataract operation, your lens will be spanking new. It’s not going to be cloudy.  It’s be super transparent. It’s going to be so clear that it can then pass light through it including UV and blue wavelengths more ‘effectively’ and this time, you will be at risk of retinal burn / oxidative stress on your retina and that’s when the lutein (and zeaxanthin) comes to play here which will help to absord harmful UV and blue light. So if you don’t ‘feed’ your eye, you will eventually be trading for one cause of blindness (cataract) with another i.e Macular Degeneration. Can never win isn’t it? Yes you can. FEED YOUR EYES!

Ok so I have been talking about Super Lutein and non about IZUMIO.


Should someone with cataract consume both products?

If you can afford it, I’d say take both. IZUMIO contains the highest concentration of hydrogen in the market. It’s a powerful anti oxidant which helps get rid of excess cytotxic free radicals in our body including our eyes.

If you have to choose between the 2? Definitely take Super Lutein because you need the Lutein and Zeaxanthin for your eyes. In addition to that, you will receive numerous health benefits from the other ingredients that’s in Super Lutein too! Definitely a win-win if you ask me.

Here are some supporting study papers :

1. Associations between age-related nuclear cataract and lutein and zeaxanthin in the diet and serum in the carotenoids in age-related eye disease study (CAREDS), an ancillary study of the Women’s Health Initiative.

2. Lutein and Zeaxanthin and Macular Degeneration

For more reading material on IZUMIO and Super Lutein, please check out any of the following posts.

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If you would like to find out more, email me at mom2ashley(at)gmail(dot)com or whatsapp me at +60 11-3990 8059

Because good stuff should be shared!

Development Milestone : Cutting Her First Tooth

May 19, 2015 at 3:40 pm


During our last trip to  Avillion, Port Dickson, I discovered Amelie’s first tooth! Yup folks! She has cut her first tooth! I actually discovered it by chance. We were in the pool and Aidan wanted me to pass Amelie to him. So I passed her to him. Aidan slipped (while in the pool) and went underwater WITH Amelie. A few seconds later, the both of them surfaced and Amelie started wailing – and THAT’s when I saw her precious pearly white! Awwwww! And since this is our 3rd child, I wasn’t even prepared for this! I didn’t get any baby toothpaste for her. I remember those days where I used to apply baby toothpaste on Ashley’s and Aidan’s gums EVEN before they cut their first tooth!

If  you’re wondering when will your baby cut his/her first tooth and what are the teething symptoms you should look out for, well, each baby is different and may experience different teething symptoms. The symptoms can range from severe to nothing at all! Amelie was drooling alot even 2 months before she cut her first tooth but that was it. Now that her she has cut her first tooth, she doesn’t drool as much anymore. I read from here that children will experience at least one of the teething symptoms below :

- trouble falling asleep

- fussiness

- drooling

- stuffy nose

- rash around the chin and mouth

- red cheeks

- swollen gums

- biting

- an increased need to suck

- rejection of breast or bottle

- congestion

To come to think of it, Amelie did display some of the symptoms above apart from drooling like biting, increased need to suck and rejection of the bottle (but only once or twice)

Oh Amelie. You look so darn cute with that little pearly white!

Ashley and Aidan have been showing off Amelie’s tooth to everyone we have met so far!

Here’s to more development milestones!

IZUMIO and Super Lutein in Kota Kinabalu (KK)

May 18, 2015 at 4:01 pm


Calling all folks in Kota Kinabalu (KK), Sabah! Following up from our previous IZUMIO and Super Lutein session in KK last month, due to overwhelming response, we will be having another sharing session again this weekend. So if you missed the last session, do come for this one!

Date : 23 May 2015, Saturday

Time : 2-4pm

Address : Naturally Plus Salon, Lot No P1/D/19G , Ground Floor Building No. D, KK Times Square, Kota Kinabalu (opposite Imago)

Those of you who are interested to find out what’s so great about IZUMIO and Super Lutein, now is your chance. Our IZUMIO taikor will be there to share his personal experience with the products and how it has helped him and his family. He will also be sharing how the products have helped the people he has recommended the products to. To those of you who are interested in sharing these wonderful products and at the same time earn some passive income while improving the lives and health of others, find out in this session how you can do it. Note : Excellent for those interested in earning a passive income, young graduates, stay at home moms, work from home moms and retirees. In fact, it’s suitable for everyone!

If you’re interested to attend, please drop me an email at mom2ashleyaidan(at)gmail(dot)com or whatsapp me at +601139908059.

As what our IZUMIO taikor would always say….”Give yourself a real once-in-a-lifetime chance and share with sincerity.”

Peace out!

To find out more about IZUMIO and Super Lutein, refer to any of the links below :

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13. Tummy Troubles in Babies Remedy

Throwback : 3 day-old Baby Amelie

May 13, 2015 at 7:45 am

Amelie - 3days old

 Photo taken on 8 Oct 2015 (Amelie at 3 days old)

“A baby will make love stronger,

days shorter,

nights longer,

bank roll smaller,

home happier,

clothes shabbier,

the past forgotten

and the future worth living for!”

- Author Unknown

Thumb Sucking vs Pacifier

May 12, 2015 at 8:36 am



Photos taken on 27 Mar 2015 (Amelie at 24 weeks)

When Ashley and Aidan were babies, both resorted to sucking their thumbs to sooth themselves. If my memory serves me right (and I know I could just read my old posts about them in this blog but I’m too lazy to do that) they started sucking their thumbs in their 2nd month. Amelie however was special. She didn’t discover her thumb until much later. I was dead set on not giving her the pacifier but my parents bought a set of pacifier during her 1st month itself. Knowing that I wasn’t too keen to give her the pacifier but parents being parents, they  said,” Never mind. Keep it for emergencies.” My parents are so wise!

After my confinement, my parents went back to  KK with Ashley and Aidan for a month,  I found it difficult  to care for Amelie without help (My domestic helper was ill at that time).  I went on days without leaving the house because after feeding Amelie and putting her to sleep, I’d have to pump  breast milk out which took 30 mins and whenever I settled down to rest, Amelie would wake up and fuss about. She didn’t want her thumb and I was at my wits end and I finally gave her the emergency pacifier and it worked like a charm and I thought why in the WORLD did we not give it to her earlier??? So since then, we’ve been giving her the pacifier but I must say though that so far, she is not addicted to it.  She doesn’t wake up and cry in the middle of the night just because the pacifier is not in her mouth. As soon as she falls asleep, we remove the pacifier from her mouth. That’s it. Pacifier duty done for the day!!

I used to be worried that pacifiers may effect the growth of the kids’ teeth but you know what? These days they have orthodontic pacifiers  which are designed to prevent tooth misalignment and orthodontic issues later in life. What a wonderful wonderful invention I tell you!

Are Ashley and Aidan’s teeth misaligned after all these year of thumb sucking? No.

I used to be a thumb sucker too when I was a kid and weaned off it when I was 7 years old and my teeth are ok.

My take is, don’t make your life any harder. If your baby wants the thumb, give baby the thumb.

If baby wants the pacifier, give baby the pacifier.

At the end of the day, what’s the worst that could happen? Braces maybe?

A happy baby makes happy parents and a happy family!

Pacifiers these days are so darn fancy! When I was shopping around for new ones to replace Amelie’s old ones, we saw this and Ashley and I were rather amused by how fancy they were! And no, I didn’t get this for Amelie.  I didn’t quite fancy all that bling.



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