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My Birth Story (Amelie Kate)

October 24, 2014 at 2:35 am

On the 6th October 2014 (Monday), we thought that was the last day before I checked into the hospital the next day to  induce labor. I woke up that morning, felt a bit nervous yet excited for the arrival of our new addition to our family. I repacked my hospital bag that morning to ensure that i got all that I needed.

At 2.45pm, while I was in the bathroom, my water bag broke. At first, I thought it was strange that I wet myself but little did I realise that it was my water bag that broke. I felt no contractions at that time. I then proceeded to take my shower and informed my hubby to get ready for our trip to the hospital.
This was it!!!!

4:00 pm – We arrived at the hospital and the nurse promptly checked us into a single bedded room #210 (which btw looked like a hotel room) and then we proceeded to the labour room.  I changed into the hospital gown, they gave me an anema, checked my dilation and strapped  my belly up to monitor Amelie ‘ s heartbeat and my contractions. By then I was 5cm with no contractions.

6.00pm – The anaesthetist administered epidural on me. And thereafter they induced my labour. I was shivering as a side effect of the epidural but noticed after awhile that if I put my mind to it, I could actually control the shivering.

7.00pm – I felt the contractions and requested the nurse to increase the epidural dosage. Although I experienced a few minutes of contractions pain, that I couldn’t bear the pain and I salute mom’s out there who did not take epidural for vbac. *hats off*

9.××pm – Amelie Kate was born and we had skin to skin contact immediately after her birth while my obgyn settled my affairs down south. Hubby cut the umbilical cord after my obgyn insisted that he should since he didn’t do it my 1st 2 deliveries.

I felt an immediate relief on my belly as soon as Amelie was born.

As soon as she was placed on my chest skin to skin, I was so overwhelmed!  Bringing a life into the world is a miracle. The feeling is surreal. It’s a start of a new chapter for all of us with a little addition to our family.

God is great and I thank God for the blessings he has bestowed unto us.

And so our journey begins….

39 weeks and counting….

October 1, 2014 at 9:43 pm


While my parents are minding the kids, hubs and I are out for what it seems like our last date night together before the arrival of our little bub. It is also my last chance at indulging in some succulent beef burger at the Burger Junkyard! (My favourite is the Brooklyn Burger – medium rare). The hubby, being an avid football player wanted to go to Mid Valley Mega Mall as he is on a search for a pair of football boots for the rainy season and I agreed to go…thinking how bad it’d be since he already knew where to look for his boots…but lo and behold! The shop he wanted to go to is under renovation and the next shop is at the adjoining The Gardens. No way in hell was I able to waddle from Mid Valley to The Gardens without feeling like my belly was about to explode down south. So I had to admit defeat, find a place to sit my fat arse down while he went on his merry way to The Gardens to look for his boots. Hence here I am, sitting at T & Co. ….without anything to drink even because I only have rm2 in my wallet and the nearest ATM is just too torturous for me to get to.

2014-10-01 21.44.26

What was I thinking?

Website Bandwidth Reached

October 1, 2014 at 10:13 am

For the last 1 week, the bandwidth on my website was maxed out (50GB a month) and noone could access my site. Even me. I was so pissed off because this isn’t the first time it happened. When I queried my web hosting provider, they cut and pasted their answers from the FAQ section as though I’m a total idiot.

Anyway, after seeking help from friends in the social network, I’ve decided to install an additional plugin to prevent spams and hopefully, it’d solve the issue! – hopefully. Till then, stay tuned for more updates as I am approaching my estimated due date!

37 weeks 6 days

September 23, 2014 at 10:01 am

Boy oh boy!

I’m so ready to pop!

I’m waddling more than usual.

The baby seems to be positioned lower.

It’s such a huge task for me to turn from one side to the other while sleeping.

I got to relieve myself at the washroom 2-3  times in the night. Previously, I only had to go to the washroom once at night.

Sitting on a couch is uncomfortable cause my thighs will be pushed up against the bottom of my belly.

I’m getting more anxious as I am getting nearer and nearer to my due date.

Thank God that we have a domestic helper now because I can’t imagine having to do the chores I used to do when we were without a domestic helper at this stage.

Hospital bag is packed.

My next checkup is this Friday.

Feeling anxious :)

The Grumpy Old Neighbor

September 17, 2014 at 2:36 pm

And once again, my grumpy old neighbor struck again. The last time I mentioned about her was 4 years ago. Since then she did come to my house perhaps 2 or 3 times to complain about Sydney.

Anyway, here’s what happened last Sunday.

My maid was alone at home and the doorbell rang.

So this grumpy old neighbor told my maid to do something to stop Sydney from barking or else she would report it to the police.

Like WTF?

Sydney is a dog. You don’t expect her  to meow right?

So when hubby reached home, my maid told him what happened and he went over to  confront her.

She denied mentioning about the police but she did say that there is a number to call which is not the police – ala threatening – like we give a f*** about it? (I’m really pissed now).

She said that Sydney had been barking for the last 3 hours – but my hubby said that he had only been out for 2 hours so what the heck was  she saying?

She  said that in her culture (yes, she is a foreigner), when they are not happy with things, they voice it out. Hence she was trying to imply that the other neighbors aren’t too happy with Sydney but are keeping mum about it.

My stand is Sydney is a dog.

My next door neighbor has a dog too.

There are other houses with dogs too.

Dogs are dogs. If they see other dogs / cats  / strangers or whatever it is , they’d bark. Cause they are dogs.

So if she is not happy with MY dog, go report to whoever is going to listen to her.

To me, if you’re the only foreigner in this taman, you just need to be more tolerant in my opinion. It’s not as if my dog is pooping on your lawn.

One more stupid, unreasonable  complaint from you and I might just throw poop into your house!

The only thing I regret was not being home when she came over cause I would have given her a piece of my mind then and there.

37 weeks

September 17, 2014 at 2:08 pm

‘Life is like a ferris wheel. One minute you’re on top, the next you’re at the bottom. Just stay in your seat, enjoy the ride and hang on until you reach the top again.’

- Susan Gale

3 more weeks to go. In my last checkup with my obgyn, baby is already 3kg – who is much bigger than Ashley and Aidan when they were born.

I feel like a ticking time bomb.

My parents are here to help us out.

Am easily irritated. Can’t stand it when my kids are too noisy.

Can’t stand it when there is too much junk lying around in the house.

I need everything to be in order  and in its place or I would  feel like killing someone.

I need to sort out my hospital bag again. The last time I packed, I didn’t give too much thought into it as I was in a rush to pack it – but it turned out that it was a false alarm.

Jabra Handsfree Headset

September 11, 2014 at 3:31 pm

Since I work from home full time, I welcome all kinds of gadgets which will enable me to work from home as seamless as possible. Lucky for me, the company I work for supports telecommuters like me. Since I am in conference calls most of the time via Microsoft Lync with my colleagues, the  company I work for provided us with a Jabra Handsfree Headset for our notebook.

I used to use the handsfree ear phones for my mobile phone to connect to my notebook when I have conference calls via Microsoft Lync but there was always alot of interference. This new headset from Jabra is so much better. People can hear me better. I can hear myself and others better. It just makes a hell lot of a difference when we can all hear each other more clearly!

36 weeks and Nesting

September 11, 2014 at 3:16 pm

I am in my 36th week now and I have been doing major organizing and de-cluttering around the house.

I tackled the kids’ room a few days ago. Their room is so small but it’s amazing how much junk they’ve accumulated and managed to store in their bedroom!

So the first step to organizing is to remove everything from the cabinet.

Before :


I threw out bags full of stuff.

I also set aside loads of stuff to giveaway.

And after a whole afternoon of working through their junk, we completed the de-cluttering and organizing exercise. Each of the kids have only the space below their respective beds to store their stuff. That’s the only space we can afford. Which is good cause it keeps things in check. The more storage space there is, the more junk we would tend to accumulate in my opinion.

The next day, I tackled our guest cum beading work space.

Stay tuned for more.

Ashley’s 9th Birthday

September 10, 2014 at 7:36 am

3 months too late but better late than never.

This year, we had a simple-do for Ashley’s birthday. No parties or whatsoever. For the longest time, she requested to go for ice skating but then changed her mind at the last minute and decided to watch Maleficent with her cousins instead (with adult supervision of course).

Photo credit – here.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed the show and each other’s company.

On her actual birthday, I baked a simple butter cake and got the kids to frost and decorate the cake. I bought the lemon frosting by Betty Crocker and some sprinkles and reused the ‘Happy Birthday’ decor from our previous birthdays. Very amateurish but the kids enjoyed it so much  during the process and finished the cake!

There you go..our very homemade amateur birthday cake for the birthday girl.

Simplicity at its best!

Learning Bahasa Malaysia

September 9, 2014 at 7:13 am

Photo taken on 3 Sept 2014.

I pity our kids. On top of learning English and Mandarin, they got to learn Bahasa Malaysia as well. Being in an english-speaking family, it is already a challenge for my kids to pick up Mandarin and Bahasa Malaysia.

Whilst Aidan (Std 1) knows how to read in BM, he may not necessarily understand the meaning of the words. There is almost always a word that she would not understand in each sentence that he reads. Hence I have no choice but to go through line by line with him and get him to write the words that he doesn’t know down and write down the meaning in English next to it.  This is on top of the tuition he gets. I guess we got to get him to read more books in BM and watch more children-appropriate shows in BM. How else can his BM be improved? If you know of a way, please do let me know. It has come to the point where he tries to  get away with revising his BM with me because he dreads it and I am not the most patient person to  teach BM!

God help us all.

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