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Rest In Peace Dear Sydney (24 Aug 2003 – 28 Feb 2015)

March 2, 2015 at 5:15 pm


It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this. Sydney, our beloved family member had been ill since Oct 2014 and last Saturday, we made the hardest decision as a family to put her down.

Dearest Sydney,

Thank you for being such a loyal and cheery companion to our family for the past 12 years.  You taught us the true meaning of loyalty, selflessness and unconditional love. You are sorely missed by all of us. Goodbye for now till we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.

We miss you Sydney

We miss you Sydney

For those of you who’d like to see past photos of Sydney, check out #sydneythelab in Instagram.

My First Born

February 27, 2015 at 3:31 pm

My firstborn is 4 months shy of turning 10 years old.  Now where did all that time go? It also marks my 10th year in the blogosphere and it’s something I am proud of because my objective  was to write about my kids since their birth so that when they are old enough to read, they could go through this blog.
Now that Ashley is no longer a little child, we realized that we need to handle her differently as well. She is a sensitive girl and at the age where  she loves to experiment with things.
Yesterday afternoon, she casually asked me about eye brow trimming and how fast they’d grow back. I asked her if she wanted to trim her eye brows and she brushed me off. Fast forward to 4 hours later, I noticed half of her right eye brow were shaven off!!! When I asked her how she did it, she denied having anything to do with it. Ya right……who was she trying to kid right? I didn’t mind that she shaved her eye brows but what I didn’t like was her lying to me for 30 mins. Finally she requested that Aidan  leave the room and admitted that she used her dad’s shaver to shave her eye brows. All that drama was so tiring. But I get it. She didn’t want to look foolish in front of her younger brother. This girl has alot of pride.
I then began to wonder what other things she has tried behind my back.  It’s scary because she’s growing up so quickly. I’ve changed all the passwords on our digital gadgets  and if they want to use them,  they have to use it with adult supervision because God forbids what they’d stumble upon on the Internet. Just the other day, I saw Miley Cyrus MTVs in the history list in YouTube on the iPad! Argh!
So yea….We got to remember that she is a big girl now and we can’t continue treating her as though she is a 5 yo.  Everyday is a learning process for us. I’m actually thinking of signing us up for a parenting course.  We’ll see how it goes.

My Morning Sunshine

February 27, 2015 at 11:24 am

27 Feb 2015 - my morning sunshine

 Photo taken on 27 Feb 2015 (AK @ 20 weeks)

I left Amelie on her own in her cot. 10 minutes later, I heard her giggling. Emily was on Amelie. She was so thrilled by the new experience  she was giggling for a good 1 minute.

Self Soothing to Sleep

February 27, 2015 at 1:34 am


Out of the 3 kids, I must say AK wins hands down when it comes to bedtime. Get this – The little one can self soothe herself to sleep!

I must have saved a country in my past life!  Like seriously! LOL!

2 months ago, I discovered this by chance. I was carrying her to sleep but she was fussing about in my arms during bedtime. Finally, I decided to place her in her cot and lo and behold!!!!! She immediately calmed down. I left her alone in the cot while I pottered around the bedroom and without realizing it, she fell asleep on her own within 15 minutes. From then on,   I’d execute the same routine during bedtime i.e. dim the lights, zip her up in her sleep sack, give her the pacifier and cover her with the mosquito net. Within 15 minutes, she’d wind down and fall asleep! What a good baby she is isn’t she?

Some old folks frown upon carrying babies all the time because they claim that the baby will be spoiled and will want to be carried all the time – even to sleep. We carry AK ALL THE TIME during the day because she is so cute and so irresistible! How not to cuddle, hug and carry her? It’d be a mortal sin! Ok ok…..that’s a bit too dramatic. But seriously, we carry her all the time during the day but that didn’t deter her from soothing herself to sleep on her own.

Oh what a blessing she is indeed!

*Feeling blessed and thankful.*

IZUMIO Hydrogenated Water and Super Lutein Business

February 27, 2015 at 1:14 am

I did it!

I finally invested in a direct selling business with Naturally Plus – the company which manufactures IZUMIO and Super Lutein. I know, I know….direct selling / multi level marketing (MLM)….eeeek!!!!! I usually try to stay away from folks who are in the MLM business because they always seem to be rather pushy. That’s  usually because they have sales quotas to meet. For those of you who know me well, I am not one to join any direct selling/MLM business. In fact, my friends are rather surprised that I invested in this business.  Let me tell you why I did.

I’ve read many testimonials on how these products have helped people with all sorts of ailments and diseases such as eye diseases, skin allergies, leukemia, diabetes, kidney problems and etc and decided to do some in depth research about the products itself. I’ve read tonnes of materials on the benefits of hydrogen to our bodies, researched on each and every ingredient in the Super Lutein  capsules. Once I was done, I was convinced that getting my family on these products was the right decision for us. When we started consuming the products, we have experienced positive outcomes. We relied less on drugs/medication. We hardly fall ill and when we did, the recovery process was much faster.  Just last weekend, I had a mild fever and a sore throat. To prevent the symptoms from getting worse, I increased my dosage of IZUMIO water and Super Lutein. My fever was gone the next day and didn’t come back. My throat felt better the next day and didn’t get worse. By day 3, my sore throat was gone. Best of all, I did not take any fever medication nor antibiotics. Both my parents have enjoyed positive outcomes from consuming the products. The Japanese are damn smart in coming out with these products. IZUMIO and Super Lutein have been in the market for 8 years and 16 years respectively and Naturally Plus constantly strives to improve the products. The Super Lutein that are available today is the 5th generation Super Lutein in which the 6th carotenoid was added into the formula in April 2008.

When I shared  the price of the products with friends, they were taken aback – which, to me, is expected  and to be honest, I myself was taken aback too.  But then, I was told that there is a way to consume the products at a cheaper cost or consume it for free even and if you’re hardworking, you can even earn some money from it. Naturally Plus is the only direct selling business which pays you weekly with 9 different bonus schemes with a potential to earn you a 4 to 5 figure income within a year. The points that are accumulated do not expire which means all your hard work will not go down the drain after a certain period of time.  With low initial  investment, you get to run a very viable business be it full time or part time. What I like about this business is that there are no sales quotas  – so on months that you are a lazy bum, you don’t earn as much as on months that you do work hard.

Besides the money, I’m also very confident in sharing the products with friends and family because I know  these products will embark you on your journey of healing and  towards a healthier you.    It is very very rewarding to see positive outcomes after consuming these products. My dad spends rm1500 per month of different types of supplements and medication.  Each time I look at his supply, I can’t imagine the amount of toxins that goes into his body. Super Lutein contains 6 carotenoids (1 of which contains the highest grade Lutein) and 5 essential vitamins. Where else in the market can you find such supplements packed with so much goodness? IZUMIO Hydrogen water contains the highest concentration of hydrogen at 2.6m ppt. For those of you who’ve heard the miracle water at Lourdes, IZUMIO contains 3000x more hydrogen compared to it and it helps to neutralize the cytotoxic free radicals in our bodies which prevents chain reactions from oxidative stress and hence prevents diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s etc. These products are halal and they are safe to be consumed by babies and adults.

Those who join my team will enjoy benefits on how to grow the business and leverage on my team’s experience, knowledge and research. You and your customers will also benefit from being part of the online resource group where my team and their customers exchange and share their experiences with these products.

If you are interested in the products and/or the business, contact me directly at mom2ashleyaidan(at)gmail(dot)com. I’d be more than happy to share about the products and/or business with you.

 For more information, check our our team’s Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/IzumioLuteinMalaysia (If you drop us a PM in Facebook, don’t forget to mention that you hopped over there from mom2ashley)

Follow me on instagram @izumio_pj

Johor Premium Outlet

February 25, 2015 at 4:43 pm

During the 1 Feb long weekend, we decided to drive down to Singapore to stay for 2 nights and 3 days. We wanted to give the kids a treat by bringing them to Universal Studios Singapore. It was actually between Legoland or USS and we decided to go to USS instead. We did bring Ashley and Aidan to USS a few years ago but they forgot all about it already! On the way down south, we decided to make a pit stop at Johor Premium Outlet because we have not been there prior to that.  We signed up as a member at the Johor Premium Outlet website and collected our VIP Coupon Book at the Information Counter. The book contains discount coupons offered by most of the merchants at JPO.

We arrived at JPO at about 3-4pm and the place was packed with people! There were queues outside some of the merchants. It was crazy – as though money grew on trees.  Amidst all the shopping and all, Amelie was a real trooper! I can’t believe how blessed we are to have such a trooper like her. She wasn’t fussy at all as long as she isn’t hungry and sleepy!

I bought some workout clothing from Nike which were going for at least a third of its retail price  when they were sold 2 years ago – and yea..they are old stock like …from way back in 2013!  We bought some  stuff from Sacoor Brothers  which were going for 70% off that weekend and  the store was packed! (Can’t really tell from the photos I took though…)




After making 2 rounds at JPO, we decided to have dinner at Dome.  Because of the crowd, the tables at Dome weren’t cleared on time. Rubbish were on the floor. The place was in a mess. But…we had no choice cause the kids were hungry and we were too tired to look around for food (we forgot then that there was a huge food court there). Amelie was as usual, cool……she was awake most of the time while we were shopping but by the time we reached Dome, she had her milk and dozed off.


After filling our tummies, we finally left JPO at about 7-8pm and little did we expect to be held up in huge traffic for 3 frigging hours from the last toll in Malaysia heading towards the Malaysia immigration!!! Ashley and Aidan were restless! Amelie on the other hand was perfectly fine! She slept throughout the traffic jam and car ride to Singapore!

How to Get Rid of Milk Rash

February 17, 2015 at 4:50 pm


Last week, after we came back from our Singapore road trip, I noticed that Amelie’s cheeks got rosier by the day – which was more prominent on her left cheek. Little did I realize that she had milk rash or some sort. I wasn’t sure. Both her cheeks were sensitive, the texture was a bit on the rough side and I was worried that it would develop into something worse. Since I had some IZUMIO Hydrogenated Water at home,  I used my fingers and  dabbed a few drops of the water on both her cheeks twice a day. Today, her rash have disappeared and she has clear chubby cheeks again! It helps to have some IZUMIO  handy at home. I always carry a packet of it  in my handbag  wherever I go!

Staring Contest

February 16, 2015 at 5:50 pm

Staring contest

After her morning milk each day, I’d spend 1-on-1 time with AK before I start work and when I do, she’d be in her cot which is directly next to my workstation.  I get to see how and what she’s doing before she is taken downstairs to be with my parents and domestic helper.  Today, I manage to catch her in various positions and what a difference a minute makes!  She’s very active. One minute she’s in a position and the next minute, she was displaced by 180 degrees.  There’s never a dull moment with this one.

Caught on photo is a staring contest between AK and her little bunny.

Guess who won?

How to Take Care of your Newborn’s Umbilical Cord

February 16, 2015 at 5:04 pm

When Ashley was born, we had problems with her umbilical cord because it got infected and there was puss coming out of it after a few days. It took twice as long for the umbilical cord stump to drop and heal. I think the reason why it became infected in the first place was because we didn’t clean the base area of the  umbilical cord properly. The nurse advised us to use alcohol swabs to clean the area but being first-time parents with extra bundle of nerves, we were kinda afraid that it’d hurt her by thoroughly wiping the areas around the umbilical cord. Yea I know….stupid right??? In addition to that, the diaper covered her umbical cord stump which didn’t give it much chance to be aired. (Newborn diapers these days comes with an allowance to give way to the umbical cord stump!)

Fast forward to 9 years,  my parents were abit nervous caring for Amelie’s umbilical cord stump but thankfully, it healed, dried and dropped off after 7 days without any dramas.


This photo was taken when AK was born. I miss that.

This was how we cared for AK’s umbilical cord stump :

1. Before we checked out of the hospital, the midwife gave us a stack of alcohol swabs meant for cleaning the areas around the umbilical cord stump and the plastic clip which was used to clamp the umbilical cord. We cleaned her twice a day – this time, reminding ourselves that it did not hurt her (but we also felt abit geli)

2. Thankfully, the newborn diapers that she wore had a cut-out space for the stump which enabled the area to be exposed to air and did not come into contact with urine.

3. Some advised not to let newborns wear onesies but we did anyways and it wasn’t a problem.

4. Some also advised to give sponge baths instead of tub baths but we gave her tub baths all the way. We just made sure that we cleaned the base of the stump with alcohol swabs after her bath.

5. On the 5th day, her umbilical cord stump was hanging by a thread. It was tempting to just pull it out but please please please do not attempt to do so. Let is drop off naturally. The last thing you’d want to add to on to your list of challenges which includes breastfeeding challenges is an infected umbilical cord stump! No, we don’t want that.

AK’s stump dropped off 7 days later. I felt a bit melancholy for some reason because the umbilical cord was my only connection to AK when she was in my belly. She received nourishment and oxygen (and all that kek batik that I loved but am paying for it right now!) through the placenta which was connected to her by the umbilical cord and now, that has dropped off. (Ok, I’m being a bit dramatic here)


 When the stump drops off, don’t be alarmed if there’s a little drop of blood on the diaper. My mom diligently cleaned her navel for the next 3 weeks just because we still had a lot of the alcohol swabs left.

Enjoy your newborn!

PETPET Night Tape

February 16, 2015 at 4:20 pm



5 years ago, we thought we could kiss diapers goodbye when Aidan weaned off them. But little did we know that we had to start buying diapers again 5 years down the road! Before I gave birth to AK, I did  a poll in a group I am associated with on which diapers their own kids were using and why they chose them and I came to a conclusion that PETPET diapers are really good value for money.  The only thing I was concerned about was how the diapers would last AK throughout the night because I remembered that both Ashley and Aidan peed alot at nights causing their diaper to overflow. And that’s when I was introduced to PETPET Night Tape. It is Malaysia’s 1st revolutionary over-night diaper designed with extra night absorbency technology which is made up of 3D super dry sheet which speedily drives urine into the pad core and prevents backflow. I’ve only heard of night time sanitary pads but now, there are night time diapers! This saves us the trouble of having to change AK’s diapers at nights.  So thankful that so much research and technology are invested into diapers alone!

These are some of the pros of the product after letting AK use it when she was a newborn.

1. The PETPET Night time diaper was wider than the normal PETPET diaper which was super because to me, that meant less leakage and the diaper can hold more pee :)

2. The diaper is soft to the touch so I am assured that it’s comfy on the little missy

3. The waist band is extra stretchable which hugs onto AK’s waist better assuring an extra fit and comfort while she sleeps at night.

4. The PETPET Night Tape diaper is definitely value for money. It retails at RM38.90 per mega pack (S66, M60, L50, XL44) and is available at all leading hypermarkets and supermarkets in Malaysia since August 2014.


1. I would like to point out that although the PETPET Night Tape diaper has extra leak guard with additional soft leak protection against side leakage, there were once or twice where I noticed there was a leak and it was usually on one side of her waist. The diaper was not full and heavy but I could not figure out how it leaked on the side of her waist.

The cons far outweighs the pro and AK is still happily wearing them till today.

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