Checking in for 2017

OMG. I have been so busy and realized that I only blogged about Day 1 of my Japan trip last year! Since then, I’ve been to Italy and Singapore and before our next trip to Phuket, Melbourne and Japan, I better get my travel post sorted out in no more than 2 posts! Meanwhile, I just wanted to pop in to say wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Chinese New Year is round the corner and I am on a spring cleaning mode again. All the junk around me is clogging my head. I can’t think. I can’t function.


Look at the mess on my workstation? How in the world have I been functioning all this while??? PLUS! I have 2 products pending for review as well! 20170118_140914 Innoscents organic products from Ethissa and some books from Josh and Cherie. I haven’t forgotten you guys! I’ve just been sooooooooo tied up. By the way, I have started using the Innoscents hair and body wash and the moisture rich body lotion (on AK). I will give my detailed review in the next post or so. Wait for it…… 20170119_124844

     Ok…right now, I better diffuse some essential oil and clear my head. The oil of the moment is …….Stress Away!! Yes! Stress begone!


Day 1 – Mt Fuji and Oshino Hakkai

So I just got back from Japan 2 weeks ago and we had a superb time – albeit it was quite tiring. But the perfect weather (below 10C) and great company more than made up for it. This time, we explored Nagano. It was my first time at Nagano and boy.was.I.blown.away.

I love it!

I wish I had more time there. I definitely want to go back there with my family and spend a week exploring Nagano.

Mt fuji 5th Station

1478662826030On the first day, we went to Mt Fuji – 5th Station. I’ve not been to Mt Fuji before and everyone should at least go there once. The 5th Station of Mt Fuji is located on the side of Mt Fuji. It’s a great spot for sightseeing. I could just sit there for hours and soak in the environment. Next on my bucket list is to stroll through Okuniwa – located 2.5km away. Apparently there is a nice walking path which takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. It would be  a treat for sure.    1478663057714

1478663133383Next, we headed to Oshino Hakkai (Springs of Mount Fuji). Hakkai means 8 seas but there are actually 8 ponds at Oshino – Deguchi, Okama, Sokonashi, Choushi, Waku, Nigori, Kagami and Shoubu. We went to the Waku Spring pond  and managed to bottle up some water to drink. The water is from Mt Fuji and it’s fresh and clean. Unfortunately though, we didn’t have much time in this village and with the day so short (sunset by 5.30pm), we reluctantly headed back to our 1st hotel.



If we had more time, I would have taken my time to explore the many shops and eateries at Oshino Hakkai and try the local delicacies.
On the first night, we stayed at Fujinobo Kaen Hotel. It was my first time sleeping on a tatami mat. My roomie couldn’t go for the trip at the very last minute so I had the room all to myself! Truth be told, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sleeping alone in a hotel room but sleep I must right? It wasn’t that bad sleeping alone in a hotel after all. The room was quite small and somehow I felt at ease in the small space.



That night, we all had to change into our yukatas for dinner. The yukata wasn’t that nice though. It looked kinda worn out and the design looked abit dated. But it was fun to see everyone in their yukatas. During dinner, we could really feel the LOVE that the Naturally Plus management have for us. We had buffet dinner with free flow of Hokkaido crabs and wagyu beef.


 This was my first serving. I had several servings after this but as you can see, I was really trying to control my diet on the first night. After that, the rest was history. Diet fail during holiday. LOL!. 1478663640904

Since we arrived at the hotel after sunset the night before, we were pleasantly surprised when we went back to the restaurant the next morning for breakfast because we were greeted with the majestic view of Mt Fuji. I really can’t get enough of the view. Seriously. I could sit there all day!


See the huge bonsai tree which is basically horizontal and supported? This bonsai tree outside the hotel is 150 years old!  It’s definitely picture worthy don’t you think so?

It was a really fun albeit tiring first day in Japan. Watch out for Day 2!

Cupping Therapy in Malaysia

First of all, I am back from Japan! I was the most awesome trip with a crazy bunch of people and all thanks to Naturally Plus. I will blog about it later cause I don’t know where to start!


Image from Google.

Anyhow, I got back a week ago. The heat and the fact that holiday is over got to me and I got myself a massage and went for some cupping therapy. For those of you who are unfamiliar with cupping, the suction and negative pressure provided by cupping can loosen muscles, encourage blood flow, and sedate the nervous system. I am a newbie when it comes to cupping. This was my second attempt done at a traditional chinese medicinal center thingy at Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya.  The masseur is a Thai lady. She gave me a really good oil massage on my upper body and then proceeded with the cupping therapy. The massage was intense though. She kept burping throughout the massage session (which is gross by the way) – which meant I had alot of wind in my body. When I was being cupped, it didn’t hurt. I felt a pulling sensation when the cups were all over my back.

2016-11-07_09-21-40 I expected a good night’s sleep that night but I didn’t. I felt even more tired. I didn’t take any IZUMIO because I wanted to feel the effects of the cupping therapy. The next day, I took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon and felt much better. I felt as though hot air was being expelled from my body. I was on fire baby!!! LOL! But I do believe that cupping therapy works. The only downside is that  the round marks stay on the body for up to a week. So no sleeveless tops  for now! I took 2 packets of IZUMIO and 6 capsules of Super Lutein  before bedtime and I slept comfortably this time.

If you’ve not tried cupping, give it a go and let me know how you feel!

Introducing Ethissa – A Baby Online Shop

In case you have not noticed, I have a new banner on my sidebar. I would like to introduce  Ethissa  – a baby online store which sells premium and high quality products. Ethissa is a product of the founders Eric and Grace, a husband and wife team who named the online store after their children, Ethan and Clarissa – hence the name Ethissa. As new parents who are also working parents, they found it difficult to go to different places to buy baby essentials.  Therefore they decided to take matters into their own hands and set up an online store so many busy parents out there like you and me! can go to a one-stop online shop to get good quality baby products.

Here are some of the items that they have in their online store.


Skip Hop Diaper Bag. I got this one when AK was born. I love this diaper bag because it is so functional and looks trendy too! Who says moms can’t be trendy with diaper bags eh?  


See? They have straps on the side so that you can hang the bag on a stroller nicely  too. Genius!

 Kippins-Banner-05 - Copy This is too cute! This is the Kitty Kippin organic comforter . It’s made of 100% GOTS organic cotton, can be dumped into the washing machine for a good wash and it’s basically fuss free to maintain. It’s hypoallergenic and gentle on baby’s skin. This is the first time I came across this product line (Thanks to Ethissa). It’s definitely something which a baby can get so attached to – like AK’s smelly bunny.  MNL-Plush-Oscar-03-400x400This little bunny plush toy from Maud N Lil reminds me of AK and her smelly bunny. It’s made of 100% certified organic cotton which is perfect for sensitive skin and kids with allergies and asthma.  FCF-Baby-Kits-01-400x400 - CopyDon’t know what to buy for a newborn baby? Check out the Baby Kit by Four Cow Farm. This Baby Kit comes  with 1 x Baby Wash 125ml, 1 x baby Lotion 125ml 1 x Nappy Cream 125ml and 1 x Baby Oil 125ml. It contains 100% natural and organic ingredients.   BIB-CC-Flutterby-04This bib! I’ve not seen anything like this before – a bib with a teether! This particular one is  called the Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew – Flutterby. This is made in the UK, it’s 100% cotton and super absorbent too. It’s perfect for your teething lil bub who’d be drooling and wanting to chew on stuff when their pearly whites decide to make their debut. This product contains no phthalates or BPA. Eric and Grace will be bringing in more goodies so if you’d like to be kept up to date, check them out on their Facebook page and click on that Like button.

Update of My Brief Encounter with a Sweet Malay Cikgu

Remember the sweet Malay cikgu I blogged about in 2 months ago? After 1 month, I decided to checkup on her to see how she was doing. True enough, she was indeed very thankful that her energy and vision has improved and she had already felt the improvement within the 1st month. How awesome is that?

14063729_10154601523092494_2260074007794995729_n (1)


And then today, she called me up to say that she shared about Super Lutein to all her ex-classmates and said that she is a walking testimonial because she is so happy and thankful that her vision has improved, her energy level has been boosted and the numbness on her hand due to water retention (she got it after her stroke. You can read about it in my previous post here.) has significantly reduced – all the improvements experienced after consuming Super Lutein.

2016-10-18_07-07-05Here’s what she said to me the day before yesterday……

When my members share their little victories, I know that I am on the right path.

If you’d like to know more about Super Lutein and/or IZUMIO, contact me +60123905129 or email me by clicking here

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Black Screen of Friggin’ Death!


I am so effing pissed off right now cause my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has suffered the black screen of death and the photo above is nowhere how it is right this instant as I type this. It is not friggin’ black! How did this happen? I am so pissed right now I can literally feel hot air coming out of my nose and ears!

It has started with a little screen discoloration. There was a tinge of green on my phone. My son pointed it out to me in the afternoon and I thought ‘Oh? Perhaps it was an indication that the battery was low since it was at 8%…’ Then la di dah…I didn’t take much notice of it till after dinner. I was going through my phone and saw purple smudges on the screen…then black lines! (WTF) and then soon after it suffered the Black.Screen.of.Friggin’.Death!!!! And mind you, this phone is only 1 month old. What the hell is happening Samsung!??

I tried doing a soft reset – you know the ones where you got to press the power and volume up/down button etc but all that didn’t work. And then I called the 24 hrs Samsung Smart Service (because it’s a bloody emergency!) and the bloke on the phone said that I gotta bring it into the service center to get it looked at and all and if the LCD screen has to be replaced, it may take days or weeks cause they ran out of LCD parts in the whole of Malaysia? Like are you friggin’ kidding me right now??? Like so much for the Samsung Galaxy Butler Service right? There’s supposed to be onsite pickup of the device but the bloke asked me to go to the nearest service center. DUH!…. Everything looks damn good on paper but when it comes to delivery?….okok  I shall not jump the gun. I need to go to the service center and see what they have to say. I hope that in the spirit of lousy, inconsistent customer service Malaysia is known to score in, Samsung will prove me wrong!

They better sort this shit out before I go to Japan next week.



*I feel like throwing the friggin’ phone onto the wall*

Update as of 19 Oct

So I went to the service center and they told me that 

1. They need to check if the LCD on the inside is broken. If it is, then that would not be covered under warranty (although my phone is 1 month old) and that was gonna cost me RM1100! 

2. Blessing in disguise – they ran out of stock for the replacement part. 

Why blessing in disguise? Well I got in touch with a friend who’s hubby managed to get Samsung to get a 1-to-1 replacement for my phone! Whoopee! The only thing is that it is going to take 3 days for me to get a new phone.  So let’s see….I hope I get the replacement phone (brand new unit) before I go to Japan!


Update as of 20 Oct

All good now. Samsung customer service called me up to inform me that my new phone has arrived at the Samsung Service Center! Yay! Thanks to my dear friend who helped me out. You know who you are. xoxo.

Japan! Here I Come Again!


Yes you heard me right. I’m off to Japan again.  I love Japan! I can so go there every year and not get sick of it. I love the country. I love the people. I love the food. Seriously. What’s there not to love about Japan? Well, thanks to Naturally Plus, I will be going away for a free holiday thanks to Naturally Plus. Not bad right? I share about the benefits of IZUMIO and Super Lutein and Naturally Plus rewards me with bonuses and free trips.  (Oh, did I mentioned that I will be going to Italy in Dec too?) Unfortunately though, my family will not be with me (soon….I’ll aim for it) but fortunately, I will be travelling with dear friends who are my business partners. This time, we will be going to Mount Fuji, the Super Lutein factory at Shizuoka, shop at Karuizawa Outlet and then shop at Shinjuku. The schedule will be packed but I’m sure we’re going to have a fabulous time!

I can’t wait!

P/S If you want to know more about IZUMIO and Super Lutein, contact me at +60123905129 or drop me an email by clicking here.

Double Stud Earrings in Malaysia


Over the weekend, Ashley and I stepped into Lovisa and bought some accessories since there was a sale going on. 3 for RM30. Not  bad right? While my girl asked for a choker (I don’t remember wearing a choker at 11 years old!), I opted for this red double stud earrings. I know that this is not new and I  didn’t jump into the bandwagon when it was rather popular 2 years ago because I saw a woman who wore black double stud earrings and I thought ‘Gee whiz!!!That looks like a big fat mole behind her ear!”  This time round, upon stumbling on these double stud earrings in the a beautiful shade of red, I decided to give it go.

So what do you think? Pass or not?

Somebunny is 2!


On the 1st October, we celebrated Amelie’s 2nd birthday. Since we didn’t have a party for her on her 1st birthday, we decided to put in more effort this time round to celebrate her birthday this year.  We all decided on a bunny themed party since she is so attached to her smelly bunny which she had since she was born. I bought her the same bunny plush toy as a backup last year  but lo and behold! She is fiercely loyal to her smell old bunny. It’s ok. As long as AK is happy. We’re happy. Ok let’s get to the photos! I am so excited to share them because it’s been awhile since I actually planned for a theme party. Some bunny is 2! These are my little elves who helped me prepare for the party! Not bad right??? They were more excited about the party than Amelie.Some bunny is 2!LOL! We had a mini (and messy) factory line set up to paste the thank you notes onto the party packs and then packed them with goodies aka junk. Don’t judge. The party packs were quite a hit if I may say so myself because some kids took 2-3 packs home. Thankfully, we had more than enough for the kids. Some bunny is 2!

Now is this cool or is this cool? Bunny themed paper cups! I stole the idea from Pinterest. So simply and easy to do! So cute too!
 Some bunny is 2!

The color theme was yellow and pink. I am pretty pleased with what we came out with considering the short amount of time we had to prepare all this. As usual, I’m always procrastinating and  before I knew it, I had only 1 week to prepare everything!!

The bunny bunting was DIYed. I printed a template from the internet and got Kakak to help us to cut it out on colored paper. Ashley strung them together and  glued cotton balls onto each bunny.


Party packs! Back when I was a kid, I don’t even  remember giving or receiving party packs at all. The  brown paper bags are from Daiso. I designed the thank you note in Photoshop and got the photo of the bunny from the internet. The design was printed on sticker paper and my elves cut them out and pasted them onto the party packs.


The maison jars were like rm1-2 each (a steal!!!) which I got from a mall  at KK called Megalong at Donggongon. I stuffed  marshmallows into them  and VOILA! Bunny tails for dessert anyone????



Don’t you think these cupcakes look pretty? They taste so darn  good too. They are vanilla cupcakes with pretty swirls. They are from my favorite baker – Abrina. She stays somewhere behind Eastin Hotel. PM me if you want her contact.

AK is 2!


And of course! We got to get her a bunny birthday cake!!! It wasn’t what I expected but oh well. It’s over. Cake was devoured. It was made by Abrina as well.   DSC07193-1

As for food, we hired a food truck! Woo hoo! The truck was parked in front of our house and our guests had to walk up to the truck to order their food and collected them as well. Food was delicious! If any of you are interested, look out for Azian from Bad Beat Burger truck # 4!! We had beef burgers, chicken burgers, lasagne, coney dogs, nachos, cream puffs for dessert. The food was great! Thank you Azian! She and her crew took care of us very well too! Oh and the balloons were thrown into the package too!


Lasagne and Chicken burger


The food looks good on the paper plate too. And yes, they taste good too!

Happy birthday to our beloved Amelie Kate!

2 years ago, we evolved from a family of 4 to a family of 5.

We look you to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond!!!!

*Kisses xoxoxoxox*


My Firstborn

Mending her ballet shoes. SheShe's all grown up now.

Photo taken on 3 Oct 2016

Oh how my firstborn is all grown up now. I’d be lying if I say I don’t miss the days when she was totally dependent on me like how AK is dependent on me. She likes to choose her own clothes, hairstyle  and even mends her own ballet shoes. Little by little, she is slowing gaining her independence. Let’s hope she doesn’t get ahead of herself so quickly. I met up with a dear friend of mine last weekend. Both our firstborns are about the same age and she made me realize that I needed to loosen my reigns on her and give her a bit of a space. Ok, I will try.


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