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[Annoucement] Barbie Iron-On Style Doll Giveaway

December 19, 2014 at 10:24 am


First of all – sorry!

I’ve been busy enjoying my maternity leave and am way pass the deadline for announcing the winner of this giveaway.

And so…

the winner of this giveaway contest is….












Marcia Tay!

Congrats dear!

I will contact you via email.

As usual, I used the random number generator to select the winner of the giveaway.



December 9, 2014 at 9:01 am

I’ve been so busy enjoying my days off that I forgot about the Barbie Iron-on Style Doll giveaway. I promise to announce the lucky winner this week.

Apart from that, Ashley and Aidan have been in KK with my parents for the last 3 weeks and will be back this Saturday. They are having a BLAST!  My dad has organized activities for them everyday  and they’ve just been busy enjoying themselves. Among the stuff they’ve been doing are – going to Tg Aru Beach, 1 – night cruise with Star Cruise, Lokawi  Zoo, checked out the suspension bridge at Inanam,  spent a few days at Shangrila  Rasa Ria  swimming with cousins, played with their KK cousins, played with the neighbours cats the whole day!!!, watched Hunger Games at the cinema. …and the list goes on.

Amelie is doing great. She’s 2 months old now and is just such a joy to see her grow. She has started to smile and she loves to pretend-cough!  How cute is that?!?

I’ve 3 more weeks before I end my 3mth maternity / annual leave before I start work again. Time flies and when I think  back about the day I gave birth to Amelie, that day  will forever be etched in my heart and memory – similar to the days I gave birth to Ashley and Aidan.

Have a good week everyone!

God bless!

Post Natal Abdominal Skin Care

November 30, 2014 at 11:59 pm

It has been 8 weeks since the birth of Amelie and I’d have to say that it has been a helluva enjoyable ride!  After the birth of Amelie, I found that my abdominal area still itched  for the next 3-4 weeks. Not sure why but I noticed that each time I removed my bengkung or corset, that’s when it itched the most. Coincidentally though, the stretch marks itched as well. I don’t remember having this problem after the delivery of Ashley and Aidan. To counter the itch, I applied Putto Mothers After Repair Serum followed by Putto Mothers After Tightening Gel by Putto Mothers after each bath.  I’m not sure if these creams did the trick or the itch naturally went away but the itch did eventually go away.

2014-11-30 23.00.26

The After Repair Serum contains natural herbal extracts for stretch marks repair. I’ve been plagued with stretch marks and let’s get real –  as much as I want them to disappear forever, it’s never going to go away. However this serum reduces the appearance of stretch marks. This serum comes with a pump applicator and I usually dispense 2 pumps of serum and massage it on my abdominal area – predominantly where my stretch marks are located. Of course my stretch marks are still there and I’m monitoring them to see if they become less and less obvious.  The serum has a very pleasant smell and does not leave any greasy residue on the skin. It hydrates my belly pretty well I must say.

After applying the serum, I’d apply the After Tightening Gel on the same areas where I applied the After Repair Serum. This gel contains the one and only  NHEB-05™ herbal extracts  among others, it contains ingredients that help to nourish, moisturize, soothe and restore skin elasticity gradually to is pre-pregnancy form. I usually squeeze out th gel the size of a 20 sen coin and apply it on my abdominal area. This too has a very pleasant smell and does not leave any stick residue on the skin.

 Putto is a premium Korean mother/baby  Skincare brand and the products are formulated from all-natural herbal ingredients and are free from Parabens, Sulphates, Talc or Mineral Oils.

Putto products can be found in Applecrumby & Fish online store.

For your information, the Putto Mothers  After Repair Serum (140ml)  is retailing at RM129 and the Putto Mothers After Tightening Gel (120ml) is retailing at RM129.

Aidan Has Been Promoted

November 20, 2014 at 7:42 am

8Oct2014-Aidan and Amelie

8 Oct 2014 – Amelie – 2 days old

“Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero.” – Marc Brown

Aidan has been promoted to a kor-kor.

He used to be the baby of the family but not anymore. That said, he still sucks his thumb and still wants my hair. When Amelie was born, he did try to take comfort in what little hair Amelie has! Aidan has already shown big brother instincts with Amelie.  Amelie is indeed blessed to have a big brother Aidan and big sis Ashley. She I forsee she will be spoiled rotten.

The Labor Room

November 19, 2014 at 10:05 am

With my first 2 labors, I never had the chance to really soak in the environment – the hospital, the labor room –  because we were too busy engrossed with my labor  and the newborn then. This round, I was determined to be more aware of my surroundings  decided to take some photos to commemorate what would seem like my very  last labor :) *fingers crossed*

I remember walking into the maternity ward that day, hoping that there wasn’t going to be another sudden gush of amniotic flow because the pad that I was wearing then was definitely not going to contain all that fluid. (My water bag had broken that afternoon while I was at home.)

After dropping our stuff at our single room, we walked to the labor room and prepared for labor.






 I had to ditch my hospital gown onto the  sink and relieve myself after they gave me an anema :) Ok ok..too much info.


My baby bump…I remember feeling a bit melancholy then because I was going to miss that baby bump.




Our bundle of joy in my arms –  Truly God’s miracle.


A New Baby

November 18, 2014 at 11:40 am


Amelie -1 day old (7 Oct 2014).

“A new baby is like the beginning of all things wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities.” – Eda J. Le Shan

It has been 43 days since the birth of our dear Amelie. She is truly a gift from God – a blessing who brings us so much joy. When Ashley was born, we were brand new parents and being new parents, we were quite ‘kanchong‘…everyone was. 2 years later, Aidan was born. While caring for our newborn, we had to cope with the demands of a 2 – year – old. With Amelie, I reckon we are more relaxed. We are enjoying the experience of having a newborn again and with the 2 older kids, it’s so much easier. Ashley and Aidan absolutely adore their little sister. I must say though that Ashley and Aidan are really good helpers and I’m so very  proud of them.

Amelie - 1 day old (7 Oct2014) - First night at home

Amelie has been a very good baby. Of course there were times where she fussed a lot but  hey…..as long as she is healthy, we’re all good! Praise God!!

Amelie - 3 daysold - 8 Oct 2014

See how protective Aidan is of little Amelie.

Barbie Iron-On Style Doll and Giveaway Contest

November 17, 2014 at 11:22 pm


Recently, Ashley had the opportunity to play around with the Barbie Iron-On Style set. This was just right up her alley because it just so happen that she has been experimenting with designing new clothing for her existing dolls.



These came with the set :

1.  A Barbie doll

2. 3 x tops, 1 x demin jacket,  2 x  skirts

3. 3 x  decal sheets

4.  1 x No-heat iron

5. 1 x dress form to iron on the transfers onto the clothing

6. 1 x necklace

7. 1  pair of shoes

With this set, Ashley got to be the designer and had a free hand in creating her own printed clothing.


The instructions which came with the set were very simple and easy to follow.

Here’s how easy it is :

1. Choose a clothing item and put it over the dress form.

2. With a pair of scissors, cut out the transfer of choice from the decal sheet.


3. Position the transfer onto the clothing item


4. Use no-heat iron to rub the decal onto the clothing to complete the transfer. Please ensure that this is done on a hard surface (e.g. table). We noticed that when this was done on the bed, the transfer could not be completed.


and voila!



It’scan’t get any easier than this.

Ashley got to challenge her creativity and came up with different looks of her own.

After playing with the Monster High Dolls for sometime now, the only thing which Ashley wasn’t too pleased about was that the Barbie Doll could  not stand on it’s own nor did it have a support for it to stand.

That said, all good things should be shared because sharing is caring no?

Barbie Iron-On Style Doll Giveaway

Here are the details of the giveaway :

1 set of the Barbie Iron-On Style Doll is up for grabs. Here’s how you can join in.

1. This giveaway is open to all residents in Malaysia only.

2. Complete the following slogan in the comment section of this post.

‘I would like the Barbie Iron-On Style Doll because…….’

3. This giveaway starts now and will end on 28th Nov 2014 5 Dec 2014  10:00pm (GMT+8). *Deadline Extended

4. One lucky winner will be chosen using the Random Generator  and the announcement of the winner will be made on the week of  1 8  Dec 2014 12:00pm (GMT+8)  in this blog and  my Facebook page .If the winner do not respond within 48hrs, the next winner will be chosen.

5. Please ensure that you leave you email address when placing your comment.

6. The package will be delivered by Poslaju by me within 1 week from the acknowledgement of the winner.

All right then! Good luck!!!

My Birth Story (Amelie Kate)

October 24, 2014 at 2:35 am

6 oct 2014 Hello world

On the 6th October 2014 (Monday), we thought that was the last day before I checked into the hospital the next day to  induce labor. I woke up that morning, felt a bit nervous yet excited for the arrival of our new addition to our family. I repacked my hospital bag that morning to ensure that i got all that I needed.

At 2.45pm, while I was in the bathroom, my water bag broke. At first, I thought it was strange that I wet myself but little did I realise that it was my water bag that broke. I felt no contractions at that time. I then proceeded to take my shower and informed my hubby to get ready for our trip to the hospital.
This was it!!!!

4:00 pm – We arrived at the hospital and the nurse promptly checked us into a single bedded room #210 (which btw looked like a hotel room) and then we proceeded to the labour room.  I changed into the hospital gown, they gave me an anema, checked my dilation and strapped  my belly up to monitor Amelie ‘ s heartbeat and my contractions. By then I was 5cm with no contractions.

6.00pm – The anaesthetist administered epidural on me. And thereafter they induced my labour. I was shivering as a side effect of the epidural but noticed after awhile that if I put my mind to it, I could actually control the shivering.

7.00pm – I felt the contractions and requested the nurse to increase the epidural dosage. Although I experienced a few minutes of contractions pain, that I couldn’t bear the pain and I salute mom’s out there who did not take epidural for vbac. *hats off*

9.××pm – Amelie Kate was born and we had skin to skin contact immediately after her birth while my obgyn settled my affairs down south. Hubby cut the umbilical cord after my obgyn insisted that he should since he didn’t do it my 1st 2 deliveries.

I felt an immediate relief on my belly as soon as Amelie was born.

As soon as she was placed on my chest skin to skin, I was so overwhelmed!  Bringing a life into the world is a miracle. The feeling is surreal. It’s a start of a new chapter for all of us with a little addition to our family.

God is great and I thank God for the blessings he has bestowed unto us.

And so our journey begins….

39 weeks and counting….

October 1, 2014 at 9:43 pm


While my parents are minding the kids, hubs and I are out for what it seems like our last date night together before the arrival of our little bub. It is also my last chance at indulging in some succulent beef burger at the Burger Junkyard! (My favourite is the Brooklyn Burger – medium rare). The hubby, being an avid football player wanted to go to Mid Valley Mega Mall as he is on a search for a pair of football boots for the rainy season and I agreed to go…thinking how bad it’d be since he already knew where to look for his boots…but lo and behold! The shop he wanted to go to is under renovation and the next shop is at the adjoining The Gardens. No way in hell was I able to waddle from Mid Valley to The Gardens without feeling like my belly was about to explode down south. So I had to admit defeat, find a place to sit my fat arse down while he went on his merry way to The Gardens to look for his boots. Hence here I am, sitting at T & Co. ….without anything to drink even because I only have rm2 in my wallet and the nearest ATM is just too torturous for me to get to.

2014-10-01 21.44.26

What was I thinking?

Website Bandwidth Reached

October 1, 2014 at 10:13 am

For the last 1 week, the bandwidth on my website was maxed out (50GB a month) and noone could access my site. Even me. I was so pissed off because this isn’t the first time it happened. When I queried my web hosting provider, they cut and pasted their answers from the FAQ section as though I’m a total idiot.

Anyway, after seeking help from friends in the social network, I’ve decided to install an additional plugin to prevent spams and hopefully, it’d solve the issue! – hopefully. Till then, stay tuned for more updates as I am approaching my estimated due date!

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