Stay the Stray Cat

So this stray cat has decided that we adopt him. I wasn’t too fond of having a cat because I’m allergic to cats and plus, it’s one less crap to clean right???

I scared it away when it waltzed into my house one fine day but one weekend, after I got back from a short getaway with my friends, I discovered this little tabby sitting quietly at the corner of our garden!

And to top it off, my HUSBAND who knows that I’m allergic to cats (technically I was allergic to cats before but why rock the boat) went to a pet shop to get the tabby some cat food?!?!? Like what? So much for being supportive of your wife (but whatever).

The kids though are very happy with the cat. AK has named it Stay – so he stays with us 😅

So looks like whether I like it or not, Stay is here to stay!

P/S Aidan has taken the task to clear its poop everyday! Good because I’m not going to do it if they want Stay to stay.

Boba Milk Craze

So get this. I wasn’t into Bubble Tea or Boba Milk drinks because they are too sweet and I don’t fancy tea. Ashley was and she kept wanting to drink them like all the time.

BUT. BUT. BUT. One fine day, I decided to hang loose a little and gave in to her cravings for Brown Sugar Milk drink at The Alley and I decided to try one for myself and since then, I was hooked. #ketodownthedrain

And then one thing led to another and I made it my mission to try other Boba Milk drink in hopes to find the best one in the market (just an excuse to drink more of it!)

So I have tried The Alley, Xin Fu Tang, Tiger Sugar, Koi……and then then one day I got fed up. If you ask me, I’d choose the Brown Sugar Boba Milk from Tiger Sugar anytime! It’s not so sweet and not so creamy – which I like.

Any way…in the midst of my Boba Milk obsession, I bought a boba milk inspired handphone case from Shopee just for fun. ahahahahah.

When Ashley saw it, she was like, “What? Are you serious???”

I know. Who’s the child now. You got to live a little right?

Who is into this boba milk craze?

What’s up with Flickr?

I haven’t blogged in a while. In fact I wasn’t sure if I wanted to keep this blog alive. But since I started blogging 15 years ago, I thought it’d be waste to stop now. What do you think?

Anyhow, first things first. What’s up with Flickr? I used to store my photos on Flickr for free and now it’s prompting me to a paid version if I want my photos to remain in Flickr.

I guess nothing is for free these days.

Busted Tail Light

2 days ago, I reversed out of our driveway and KABOOM!


I ran into our automatic gate! When I told my husband about it, the first thing he asked me was,”Were you on the phone?” (Men….)

NOoooo. I wasn’t.” I replied.

What the hell happened? We’ve been staying in the house for the last 15 years. I drove out of the driveway like 17000 times!

Naturally, after I heard the loud bang, I stopped the car, came out and saw the damage to my car. My rear light was busted. One side of the gate (which was the side I ran into) opened slower than the other side of the gate.


So it turns out that 1 brand new original light costs RM1K! What the heck right? The mechanic only took 10 minutes to replace the tail light.Untitled

Moral of the story is….

Don’t take things for granted.

Prioritize Yourself : 5 Self-Care Tips for Mompreneurs


As mothers, we often selflessly give our all to our family and it’s not uncommon to put self-care in the back burner until we really burn out. Therefore it’s equally important that we mothers prioritize self-care to keep our sanity.

Do you agree?

Being a mompreneur, I not only juggle my own business but also the household (I don’t have a domestic helper). Here are 5 self-care tips that mompreneurs without help can incorporate:

  1. My number 1 self-care is using essential oils. I use it in my facial regimen to support my healthy skin which in turns boosts my confidence, I use it to support my emotions, I use it to support my sanity. Make sure they are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils like Young Living. I only ONLY  use Young Living essential oils.
  2. Every 5 weeks, I have my hair washed and trimmed. I have short hair. Short hair = high maintenance but it’s ok. I love the time out to get myself groomed.
  3. Schedule regular meetups with your BFF/girl friends/friend  or go solo and have a good meal/tea in between school runs.
  4. Keep it simple. Don’t try to do  101 during your self-care time/day and end up stressing yourself. Schedule a 1hr massage instead of a 3hr massage (and miss your school runs) at a spa and just relax during that 1 solid hour.
  5. Be present. Focus your time on the present. Don’t try to multitask on your phone. Leave the guilt behind and remind yourself that you are important. So when I A happy mom = happy husband = happy kids = happy family!I’d love to hear your self-care tips and ideas!

Empowering Women


4 more days to go and it would be my first anniversary of leaving a company I was attached to for 20 years.

20 years!

It was the first job I landed on when I was fresh out of university. Fast forward 21 years, here I am. Enjoying my freedom to work on my passion with Young Living.

Last Sunday, my partners and I met up despite it being a Sunday and despite it being the eve of the mid autumn festival so we could learn and bring our respective businesses to the next level. I truly appreciate the time they spent away from their families to come for the meeting.  They are all moms and together, we are working towards our respective goals in life. We communicate with each other via whatsapp everyday but there’s nothing like meeting face-to-face! Don’t you agree?


Notice that there are some kids there too? There are usually kids in our meetings simple because we can bring them along! Our kids usually end up playing together anyway so it’s like a play date for them too.




How to Decoupage your Diffuser Cover


I have always wanted to learn to decoupage because I find it amazing that a wide variety of items can be re-purposed and given a face lift via decoupage. You can decoupage just about anything – glass bottles, wooden boxes, bags, purses, shoes, anything!

So last weekend, I spent Saturday morning with with friends learning how to decoupage. Each of us gave our diffusers a face lift. I must admit though that I didn’t expect so much of patience and precision were needed from this  because here’s what we basically had to do.
1. Choose paper napkins designs to decoupage on diffuser.
2. Cut the outline of the patterns and then remove the 1st layer of the paper napkin. (There are 3 layers altogether and peeling the first layer off is not an easy feat either.)

3. Give the diffuser cover a layer of base coat and then blow dry it with a hair dryer (cool air)
4. Give the diffuser a base color by sponging the base color on it and then blow dry it (again!)

5. Give the diffuser color by lightly sponging the color on it and then blow dry it.

6. Glue the design onto the diffuser and then blow dry it.

7. Ensure that there are no creases. If there are, use a damp sponge to flatten the creases patiently.

8. Give the entire diffuser cover a coat of polish and then blow dry it. Repeat this for at least 3 times. I was supposed to sand it with sand paper too but I was running out of time so I skipped that part.

Look how it turned out though!!!! I am stoked! I finally learnt how to decoupage! The kiasu person in me quickly bought the decoupage starter kit on the spot from the person who taught us during the class.


And see how the rest of the diffuser covers. Aren’t they lovely?

Sept 2018

I have 6 diffusers.
1 is done.
5 more to go.

Have you always wanted to learn something just for fun? I’m happy that I ticked this off my wish list.



Rundown of our Bangkok Trip

June holiday at BKK

What did you guys do during the recent 2-week school holiday? We decided that now that I am no longer a slave to the company I worked for for the last 20 years that we do something different each day – and that we did! On the last leg of the holiday, we spent 4 days at Bangkok and the kids enjoyed it! I must say though that they were such excellent troopers!

The holiday wasn’t a beach / sightseeing kinda holiday. It was more of a shopping and eat-your-heart-out holiday and I was pleased that my kids did enjoy it – although they’d pick a beach holiday anytime!

So here’s a rundown of our trip to Bangkok.

1. Thank GOD for skywalks!

2. The food is sooooooo yummy! Try it all!

3. We drank a lot of coconut water during the trip. The cheapest we paid was 60baht. The most we paid for a coconut was 90 baht.

4. If you have a toddler, bring.a.stroller. A lightweight one. It is a lifesaver. You won’t regret it. The only downside to a stroller is that most of the entrances/exists at the skywalks and BTS do not have elevators nor lifts.

5. If you get into a cab, make sure the meter is ON. Otherwise Grab it. Or take the BTS.

6. When shopping, if you like it and the price is right, get it! – especially if you shop at Platinum Mall.

7. Food at food courts are generally yummy so you won’t go hungry at Bangkok!

8. Forget about Chatuchak market. Go to Asiatique instead! We took the BTS and ferry to Asiatique and we took a Grab cab back. There are lots of things to do there. Shop. Eat. Play. Drink. The ambience is lovely.

9. Bring one of those portable fans because you will need it. The skywalks are not air conditioned.

10. If you’ve kids, go to Madame Tussauds Wax museum at Siam Discovery and Sea Life at Siam Paragon. They’d love it.


I have been neglecting this blog for too long. Too long. So many things happened since the last time I updated this blog.

Since then, we went to Singapore, I went back to Kota Kinabalu twice, we went to Genting Highlands a handful of times, what else?

Ashley and Aidan changed schools.

AK started going to kindy and she LOVES it! It warms my heart whenever she happily walks into her kindy and greets me “HI MUMMY” when I pick her up from school.

Life has been good. Unemployed and loving it. Enjoying it every second of the way.

In between school runs and chores, I’ve been spending my time in educating people on how they can ditch chemicals from their lives and opt for plant-based alternatives.

Over these past few months, I have grown personally and have learnt so much about being a leader and a team player and still open to being coachable. I am humbled by the people I am working with everyday. My journey with Young Living is my calling. It is what I finally feel that I should be doing. I will share more in depth about this on a separate post – hopefully it will not take too long for my next post!

I am also intentional in spending more time to grow my relationship with God because really, without Him, we are nothing.

Till the next post, have a blessed week and Happy Father’s Day to all dads!



Phuket and Phi Phi Island – Nov 2017

My kids were looking forward to this trip because the highlight of this trip was island hopping and lots of snorkeling (and football for my husband) and they’ve not done it before. Oh!!! If they only knew that I went to the nearby islands at Kota Kinabalu and snorkeled every weekend. But that was at Kota Kinabalu then. Life at KK and in KL is different. The nearest beach is at least an hour away from where we are in KL.

So we went to Phuket and stayed there for 3 nights because the hubby participated in a football tournament for 2 days at Thanyapura. After that we took the ferry and headed to Phi Phi Don for another 3 nights.

Let me share our holiday with you via photos.

Phuket (Nov 2017)


When we arrived at Phuket, we were picked up in this funky van. It had comfortable seats and best of all, the ceiling was all done up. I mean check it out!


Funky or what?

We stayed at R Mar Hotel at Patong. It’s a decent hotel located 10-min walk away from Patong Beach. It is situated at a very convenient location. As you walk out of the hotel, there are lots of cheap eateries, stalls selling useless souvenirs and convenient stores (7-eleven, Family Mart etc). Jungceylon Mall is also within walking distance.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Fish spa! It was Aidan’s first time going for to a fish spa. Even I have not tried it yet. Ashley chickened out of this one. Frankly, I don’t dare to try this out as well. But according to Aidan, he felt tickled when all the fish started nibbling his legs.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Snacks anyone? A guy was selling all these on his scooter. They are basically deep fried bugs. The locals crowded round the guy and nonchalantly picked out what they wanted as dessert. Ewwww!

On day one of the football tournament, the girls and I decided to play tourist around Phuket while Aidan joined his dad at the Thanyapura for the football tournament.

Our first destination was Wat Chalong. Frankly I wasn’t too keen to visit it but because we were with another family, we obliged. After all, we didn’t really have an itinerary planned. I was ready to just roam the streets of Patong and do a spot of shopping at Jungceylon.



Phuket (Nov 2017)

The weather was very forgiving. It was gloomy, cool and drizzled abit – but nothing too inconvenient for us.


Fire crackers are burned in this furnace to ward off evil spirits. It did catch us off guard and startled us several times.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Next, we headed to Methee Phuket – a cashew nut factory. I didn’t know the nuts are painstakingly extracted one by one. It is so labor intensive! We walked round the place, sampled different flavors of cashew nuts, bought some and then headed to

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Our 3rd destination of the day was this elephant place. The moment I paid 1300 bath for the 3 of us and stepped foot into this place, I regretted it. The elephants were chained by the foot. They were only 3 and 7 yo if I am not wrong but they looked sad. Even Ashley wasn’t comfortable being a spectator. These elephants should be roaming in the wild instead of being made to perform tricks and what not.


For lunch, we headed to a hill top restaurant. I can’t remember the name of the restaurant! I posted it  on my Insta stories but the story is only available for 24hrs before it is deleted! So there you go! I forgot the name of the restaurant! The food was great though and so reasonably priced. There were 2 adults, 2 tweens and 2 toddlers. We ordered about 8 dishes and it came up to 1500 baht only. Score! And, their restrooms took me aback because of the zen-like environment. You get to relieve yourself with a nice peaceful view of nature.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Phuket (Nov 2017)

See? Nice right???

On day two, we spent the whole day at the football field at Thanyapura.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

It was a lonnnnng day. AK was a trooper. She didn’t complain at all on that day. To celebrate the team’s victory in one of the categories, we had a sumptous meal at a thai restaurant. ( I don’t know the name of the restaurant but if you check my instagram, there is a location tag there…in thai)

Tom yam, tom yam and MORE tom yam.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Food was fantastic.

In the middle of the night, I woke up and had a bad tummy ache and had diarrhea.

Aidan woke up shortly and relieved himself in the loo.

Then little did we know, the whole team had a bad tummy that night!

Oh what a night!

On day three, we woke up early in the morning and headed to Rassada  Pier to catch a ferry to Phi Phi Don.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Phuket (Nov 2017)

Our journey to Phi Phi Don (Laem Tong Bay) took us 3 hours.  Laem Tong Bay is located at the north eastern side part of Phi Phi Don. It’s a much quieter bay compared to Tonsai Bay.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

When we arrived at Laem Tong Bay, we had to jump into a Long Tail Boat to get to the shore. Holiday Inn then picked us up and brought us to the hotel which was less than 5 minutes away.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

>Phuket (Nov 2017)

Unfortunately, it was not as sunny as we wanted it to be. It was raining the day before we arrived so we were blessed to not have rain on the day we arrived. We wasted no time upon arrival. We had a quick lunch and took a Long Tail boat to  Nui Bay and Lana Bay for snorkeling.  As divers, hubby and I were not impressed with the corals cause we’ve seen nicer ones (ahem..action). But for the kids, they loved it. They loved the experience.

The thrill of jumping off the boat into the sea. Into the unknown.

The thrill of exploring the underwater life.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

On the first night at Phi Phi island, we decided to have dinner outside the hotel at a nearby restaurant. We had dinner by the beach. Food was great. Ambience was great. Our toes dipped into the sand while we devoured our dinner. But by the second night at Phi Phi island, we figured out that meals at the hotel were much cheaper because kids below 12 yo eat for free!

Day four.





We took hired a Long Tail boat and went to Maya Bay, Loh Sama Bay and Pileh Bay. It took us about 45 minutes to reach Maya Bay from Laem Tong Bay. Maya Bay is where the movie, The Beach, starring Leonardo Di Caprio was filmed. Because of that, the beach was filled with tourists!

Phuket (Nov 2017)

The beach was packed!

And if you’re ever self conscious about doing a selfie of all sorts, well,  fret not because everyone on the beach were doing Victoria Secret poses for their selfies and wefies.

Phuket (Nov 2017)

After spending about an hour at Maya Bay, we headed to Loh Sama Bay and Pileh Bay for snorkeling.


Phuket (Nov 2017)


We spent about 4 hours out in the sea. Thank God none of the kids were sea sick. They were indeed super troopers!

Day five.

It was a rainy day. We wanted to head out to Bamboo island first thing in the morning but we were advised to wait it out. It was a bit depressing being on an island with gloomy weather. But the weather didn’t get to the kids. They swam in the hotel pool (yes, in the rain) and had fun nonetheless. Later  that morning, we hired a Long Tail boat (1000 baht) and the boat man brought us to Bamboo Island. Shortly after we arrived at the island, it rained. So our trip to Bamboo Island was cut short but the kids had fun anyways.

Day six.

It was time for us to bid adieu to Phi Phi island. It rained heavily in the morning. The waves were rough. We couldn’t get ourselves onto the Long Tail boat which would bring us to the ferry. So we ended up taking a speedboat to Tonsai Bay and boarded the ferry there. Our ride to Tonsai Bay was an eventful one because we got drenched! AK wasn’t spared. Luckily I got everyone to pack spare change of clothes in the hand carry and we changed into dry, fresh clothes when we boarded the ferry.

Thank you hubby for the holiday.

Thank you Holiday Inn Phi Phi Don for the hospitality.