Girly Getaway @ Jakarta and Sukabumi (5 – 9 Oct 2011)

April 9, 2012 at 11:00 am

*backdated post….

After our shop-till-you-drop girly trip to Singapore, we vowed to have a r & r getaway instead – where shopping is not the main highlight of our getaway :)

3 days after our short Penang getaway, I bade the hubs and the kids farewell and went off to Jakarta for a 4-day (5-9 Oct 2011)  with the usual suspects (3 of my girlfriends). We were so looking forward for this trip – cause what’s there NOT to look forward to especially with good company?

Day 1 – Jakarta

When we arrived at Jakarta on Wednesday evening (5 Oct 2011), we headed to the Westlife concert! Woo hoo! We had a blast there except for the 30 minutes interruption  because a die-hard fan standing right in front of the stage fainted and  the organizers had to get everyone standing at the front of the stage to spread out and no one wanted to move their behind. So yea..we lost 30 mins of face time with Westlife :( Boo for that!

(Photo taken by KP)

Anyhow..the next day, all four of us set out to Javana Spa at Sukabumi – 90km from Jakarta but it took us 3 hours to get there! The last 1.5hr ride was a ride uphill through the narrow, windy and bumpy kampung streets.

Day 2 – Javana Spa, Sukabumi

At 9am, we headed to Javana Spa at Kemang Raya where we were picked up to go to Javana Spa at Sukabumi. We had a Toyota Innova to ourselves. We were each given a snack pack for the car ride…

When we opened the pack, we got abit worried. There was an apple and a packet of water in it. Our minds began race …wondering if the food at Javana Spa was going to be super healthy and super bland. We were proven wrong. Fortunately.

On the way to Sukabumi…

When we arrived at Javana Spa, we were taken for a tour around the compound. For the first 2 days, we had the WHOLE place to ourselves. I was very impressed by how well kept the establishment was. The gardens were impeccably trimmed, the rooms were very clean and tidy and there weren’t any musty smell whatsoever – considering that the occupancy of the place is not always at full throttle.

Checking out the Onsen….

Our rooms were surprisingly big with 2 super single beds. We could have fit 4 to a room but we booked 2 rooms instead (2 to a room).

Both rooms were next to each other. This photo was taken at the back of the rooms. We had a nice view of the jungle!

Doesn’t it look like a scene from the Salem High Country ad ? The temperature was about 20C. It was nice and cool.

We had our daily breakfast and lunch here. We had our dinners indoors.

A snap shot of our itinerary for the day.

After our hike to the waterfall, we did some exercises at the gym.

I went for aromatherapy massage and a body scrub on the first day. It.was.sooo.nice!

Day 3 – Javana Spa, Sukabumi

We got up for our 6am waterfall hike!

The guide made us do some stretches before we started out hike. See the knapsack by the wall? It contains a flask with ginger tea, paper cups and a plastic sheet for us to sit on by the waterfall.

The water was cold!!!!!!!

When we got back, we had to exercise at the gym – again. It was quite slow and easy…..

Onsen time! After that we had another massage session :)

Day 4 – Javana Spa, Sukabumi

The food was very nice!

Before we headed back to Jakarta, we had our beauty treatment :)

KP plucking some eucalyptus leaves for our car ride home – in case any of us got motion sickness.

The sambal belacan was heavenly!

While we took out last meal there, we met 4 50-60 something elderly ladies – who happened to be having their own girlie retreat and we couldn’t help but imagine that that would be us in 15-20 years time!

Day 5 – Jakarta

We had brunch at Anthipodean at Kemang, we shopped abit and then headed back home to KL…..

Twas a really good rest & relaxing getaway with the girls.

We got to do this more often girls!!!

Day 3 – Jakarta

February 12, 2010 at 12:00 pm

While the folks in KL were celebrating Federal Territory day, we ventured over to Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor (which is about 1.5-2hrs drive from Jakarta). First of all, I didn’t even know that there was a Safari Park at Jakarta that was worth going to but let’s just say that we didn’t have any regrets whatsoever after our visit to Taman Safari!  We started by driving into the the Safari park itself. You can find out about the entrance fees here.

It was raining when we got there…but it wasn’t too bad. We still enjoyed ourselves.

Yeap! The animals came right up to our car window.

Feeding the Zebra carrots. Before reaching Taman Safari, there were roadside stalls sellings carrots. They were asking for like 10000rp (RM4) for 3 bundles but we managed to bargain to get 5 bundles for 10000rp.

The hippo won’t close its mouth till we threw a couple more carrots into its mouth..

The giraffes took shelter from the rain….

I always get mixed up between a leopard and a cheetah. I think this is a cheetah :) Poor Cheetah was kinda pissed off with its keeper cause the keeper kept moving the cheetah around for people like us to take a photo with it.

Awww…how cute is that?

The Baby Zoo was fun too!

They even had kangaroos! It was our first time seeing Kangaroos!

As the saying goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. Unfortunately, these pictures did not give the place much justice. There’s more to this than the places we went to.  I’d say we only covered 1/3 of Taman Safari. There were Wildlife presentations, amusement park, The Jaksa Waterfall  and many more attractions which we missed.  Maybe next time we’ll make a trip back there to cover them :)

On Day 4, we left Jakarta in the afternoon. Hence overall, I’d say that we had an enjoyable trip! Shopping? Well KP and I did manage to squeeze in an hour of shopping at Grand Indonesia mall.

Day 2 – Jakarta

February 8, 2010 at 3:50 pm

Day 2 started with the kids waking up way before the adults! Aidan was given the nick name ‘The Little Stomper’ because he stomps around the house. After breakfast, we headed to SeaWorld Indonesia. We thought it’d be a 2-hour thing and was hoping to go for dimsum after that but we spent about 4-5 hours there instead. We were very impressed with the attractions at Sea World. There were sharks (More sharks than Aquaria  mind you and there are HUGE nurse sharks and black tipped sharks – bigger than the ones we saw while diving).  To name a few, there was a Dugong aguarium (our 1st time seeing one!!!), an eel aquarium – full of eels!, Pirahna aquarium, Sea Dragon aquarium (this is so cool! First time seeing this), a Touch Pool where you can actually dip your hand into the water to touch the baby black tipped sharks and sting rays. We went in the tunnel which cuts through the aquarium (similar to the one at Aquaria) and lots more! The kids had fun. We adults were impressed at the place and at the same time happy that the kids had fun. I’ll let the pictures do the talking – although the pictures that  I took did not do the place any justice whatsoever.

How cool is this Touch Pool? We got to touch sting rays and baby black-tipped sharks!

Aidan pointing at the giant moray eel in the eel aquariam. There was loooads of them!

After the aquarium, we headed to the 4D theatre. I’ve not been to a 4D theatre before and neither have the kids and we (adults) found it pretty cool! The kids were terrified though…..

Next, we headed to watch the live show. There were sea lions, dolphins and whales….

After the live show, we headed over to the rides section. Notice the bag? It’s actually meant for me but Hubs carried it for me instead. It had all the kids’ essentials in there. Anyway, yes,  I got another handmade  bag made for me by Sasha….You can read about it in my shopping blog.

Wanna guess why Ashley was upset?















Cause KP, Aidan and I went on this ride and she wanted to ride on another ride. After much tantrum throwing, Hubs walked her over to the other ride…

Our host and hostess, EK and KP :) Thanks guys!!!!

There are actually more stuff to be done at SeaWorld but we were tired then and decided to head back. For dinner, we ate at a Korean restaurant called Chung Gi Wa restaurant. Lots of Koreans customers there too – which only mean one thing right? That the food is yumylicious!

At the end of the day, the kids slept and we had some time to lounge in front of the tele while sipping on our hot drinks.

That’s it for Day 2:)

Day 1 – Jakarta

February 5, 2010 at 11:31 am

We’re back from our short breakie at Jakarta.  Yes I know, I did go there last  November with my girlfriends but this time, it’s with my family (yes kids included this time).

We left on a saturday (30 Jan) morning and the kids had to wake up before sunrise! Ashley woke up that morning and asked us why was it still dark outside? @_@

Anyway, the kids entertained themselves during the flight except for one time where Aidan threw a tanrtum for 15 minutes (and 15 mins of tantrum in the plane IS long….trust me).

As long as Aidan had his munchies and car (and not to forget MY hair, he’s fine)

Ashley playing with her Barbie doll….

Aerial view of Jakarta from the plane.

We were greeted by our lovely hosts – KP and EK who scooted us off our feet and brought us straight to Warung Daun to fill our tummies with delicious Indonesian food at Warung Daun.

The sambal was soooo yummy! and it was served on a hot plate!

This is called the Flying Fish – not sure what’s it called in Indonesian though. The fish was fried till all parts of the fish was crispy. The bones could also be eaten as well.

After lunch, we adjourned to KP and EK’s apartment to rest and relax….Hubs nursed a hangover @!$%@! (ya..he was out partying while I was packing for everyone the night before and had to please Ashley cause she wanted to bring all kinds of apparel ). KP and I brought the kids to have some fun at the pool.

Ashley was so happy in the water. She kept getting KP and I to recite some lines from The Little Mermaid cartoon – she being the mermaid of course…

Aidan frowing cause I wasn’t NEXT to him. Ai yo Mommy’s boy….

After swimming, we brought the kids to the playground to burn more energy so that they’d knock out early at night and we adults can relax… After all that…..we headed to Rempah-Rempah for dinner. Might I say that I have never been disappointed with the food that we had so far at Jakarta!

This is a snapshot of some of the food we had…..

That’s that for day 1. Didn’t do much but just chilled and ate. Day 2 and 3 were very exciting especially for the kids…..

The Trip – Jakarta/Bandung 4-8 Nov 2009

November 19, 2009 at 10:39 am

Warning : This is a looong post – more for my info so that I can look back and recollect what we did during our trip. So if you are not to what we did and where we went to eat/shop and whatnot, skip this please.

Let me write in more detail about my girlie trip to Indonesia. This trip was planned many mnay months in advanced! We initially just wanted a girlie trip to relax at the beginning of the year but you know, life happened and then we dragged it to November cause it’s a solid excuse to getaway since one of our girlfriend is getting married in Dec and it was a perfect excuse for a hens getaway. So off we went to Jakarta. Why Jakarta? Cause one of our girlfriedn is staying there so off to Jakarta we went.

Day 1 (8 Dec 2009)

Dirty Duck – This was yummmyyyyy!

We took an afternoon Air Asia flight and reached Jakarta at about 5ish-pm. We then scooted off into 2 cars and started on our 1 hour journey into to Jakarta. We didn’t waste much time. When we got to my friend’s place where we all stayed at, we went to Dharmawangsa Square to have some Dirty Duck at Bebek Bengil (yummm!)  and then we went back to get ourselves ready to party at Dragonfly – which is one of the popular clubs ay Jakarta. We had a blast partying and we made the Hen do, well Hen party stuff :) Shhhh!

Day 2, 9 Nov 2009

We started off the day by having breakfast at Koko Bogana. Can’t remember the name of the dish we had but it’s like nasi lemak and the sambal is absolutely delicious! After fueling ourselves for the morning, we broughtthe Hen to shop for her wedding dinner gown. We went to places like Dharmawangsa Square and Pasaraya. I was somewhat surprised that there are many boutiques at Jakarta selling ONLY imported assroted designer evening wear as opposed to the shops here at KL which sells everything that their line/brand carry. Our hen was looking to find an evening gown to be worn for her wedding  reception and these gowns that we were looking at are actually gowns which an Indonesian lady would wear to ATTEND a wedding. So you can imagine how glam Indon modern ladies look like for their very own wedding.

Below are some of the dresses that the hen tried. errrr…she has a sexy back so I’ll only show pictures of her back :)

We like the 1st dress!


After going to several shops at Dharmawangsa Square and Pasaraya, we had Sundanese lunch at Bumbu Desa at Pasaraya.

We then adjourned to get ourselves pampered at Roger’s Salon & Spa. We had a cream bath (which is basically a hair wash and massage of the head, neck, shoulders and back with Avocado), and we went for mani and pedi session. The pampering session was excellent and very very affordable.

Roger’s Salon & Spa

After that we went for a nice dinner at Loewy. This is supposed to be one of the popular restaurants in Jakarta where reservations need to be made 1 week in advance. 

Day 3, 10 Nov 2009

We went to Bandung for a day trip to shop! First off, we headed to the market to buy some batik. They are reallly nice and cheap! After that, we headed to Rumah Moda and The Heritage to do some mindless shopping. Stuff, especially childrens’ wear were cheap! Unfortunately, I didn’t get anything for myself :P Surprisingly. We left Bandung at 4.30pm and were stuck in the car on the road for 4 hours cause it was raining and it was a friday! By the time we arrived at Jakarta, we were famished! We walloped our dinner at Crystal Jade at Pacific Place mall.

Day 4, 11 Nov 2009

More shopping! We shopped at Plaza Senayan. There was a Polo sale (buy 2 or more and get 50% off) and everyone of us bought something from the Polo shop. Metrojaya has some Indonesian designer brands which are not available at KL  and we did some shopping there too! After shopping, we wound down at Javana Spa. The massage was excellent and the ambience was superb. I’d highly recommend the Deep Tissue Massage which costs like 120,000rp (less than RM50) for 90 mins! Many of my friends fell asleep during the massage! After the massage, we had Seafood at Sedap Malam. Food was great!!!! We then adjourned to have some drinks at the Black Cat Jazz Supper Club at Plaza Senaya Arcadia. The Jazz live performances was really good! We had a good time drinking some wine, chatting and listened to the live jazz band. (can’t remember the name of the band)

Day 5, 12 Nov 2009 (last day)

We did some last minute shopping at Senayan before we left for the airport to go back home to KL. Our adrenalin ran out on the last day and all of us started to feel tired on the last day :)

The Hen managed to buy her evening gown so basically, mission accomplished for this trip

1. Hen to buy evening gown and shoes for wedding – checked!

2. Hen night party at Dragonfly – checked!

3. Shopping for everyone – checked!

4. Good food with friends – checked!

5. Pampering session – checked!

6. Have fun! – checked!

Thanks to KP (previously known in the blogsphere as Sambal Belacan) for great planning! and a stress-free holiday for us girls!

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