I am a mom. I have 3 kids – Ashley, Aidan and Amelie.

I am also a wife to a football fanatic. Seriously.

I am a full time work-from-home mom. Yay! I know. Alot of people are so amazed that I am able to work home with young kids but you know what is the secret? No..I am not a supermom. Far from it actually. The  key is to have help at home. A good one. I am thankful for the helpers that I have had so far. They’ve all helped me to make working from home with young kids a breeze! For those of you who are curious, I work from a multi national IT company. I work with people within the company within the Asia Pacific and Japan region. Hence there is really not a need for me to go into the office. My days are spent sitting in front of 2 x 24″ screens with a headset on my head when I am in conference calls. Glamour? Not really. Geeky maybe. LOL!

I started blogging since 2004 – when I was pregnant with our firstborn – Ashley. My intention was to blog about my journey through my pregnancy, motherhood and parenthood and hoped that it will be a good place for her to refer to about her childhood when she is old enough to read. Fast forward to today, we are now a family of 5.  Both Ashley and Aidan refer to this blog once in a while when I talk about when they were younger. I hope to continue this for as long as possible so that Amelie can do the same too!

I blog about motherhood, parenthood, my shopping haunts, my hobbies and everything under the sun really.

If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to drop my a comment or email!

Till then! Enjoy this roller coaster journey of mine penned down here.




  1. Hi Mother2Ashley & Aidan,

    Am popping in march and was wondering if you still hv the contact of yr bidan that helped u after ashley’s birth. if not know any good bidan/s?

    tx v much.


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