Stay the Stray Cat


So let me tell you a story about Stay the stray cat.

One fine day in July, this stray cat waltzed into our house. To my dismay (I have a history of cats pooing in my house and in my car bonnet too!!!), I shooed it away hoping that it won’t come back. Somehow, it wasn’t fazed by my actions unlike other cats which would scurry away.

A few days later, it came back and this time, it was injured. It’s right eye was swollen and oozing with puss. Its mouth was injured as well. He smelled rotten because of the puss that was oozing out of its face.

My kids asked me to bring it to the vet and I was like <insert emoticon with big eyes with a stunned face>.

Instead I decided to mix a couple of 100% therapeutic grade essential oils (Lavender, Helicrysum, Melrose and Frankincense), diluted it as though the blend was meant for babies and sprayed its mouth (not eyes) twice a day. 3 weeks later, it was a good as new except its eye was abit funny. We initially thought it was blind in one eye due to the cat fight.

Photo taken on 5 Sept 2019

Look at it now. He looks all fine and dandy and sporting a collar with a bell too (thanks to AK).

Eventually we brought it to the vet to get it vaccinated, dewormed, applied flea medicine and he was prescribed some eye drops and cream for the right eye because apparently, his eye sight wasn’t all gone. It was an ulcer which could be treated with eye drops and cream.

From my initial expectation of spending rm 40 for its vaccination, I ended up paying rm 200 for its visit to the vet!!!

The kids named it Stay because they wanted it to stay put. Looks like Stay is here to stay alright! I believe the cat came into our lives for a reason. It is a blessing in disguise as it teaches the kids valuable life lessons to be :

1. Responsibility – they feed it, buy its food using their pocket money and they clean its poo!

2. Compassion – looking after a pet requires compassion, understanding and empathy. The kids will learn to be kind and take care of others’ basic needs.

3. Trust – Pets make wonderful trusted companions for children and can be a first step to helping your child build trust in other relationships, too.

4. Patience – Kids learn to be patient especially when new pets try to settle into their new home and also during its training.

5. Bereavement – pets usually will outlive us and when they do, they will experience the pain of the loss but in turn will experience how to cope with bereavement. My kids experienced the loss of Sydney when she left us in 4 years ago. Since then life, without Sydney was never the same. #ripsydney

6. Respect – owning a pet teaches kids how to respect others. They learn to touch the pets gently and not to disturb it while it’s sleeping or eating.

7. Loyalty – pets give unconditional love and kids will in turn learn the importance of loyalty to their furry friends.

8. Self esteem – kids’ self esteem is boosted when pets show unconditional love to them. The satisfaction that is derived from having responsibility and caring for a pet’s needs can also boost their self esteem.

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