Stay the Stray Cat

So this stray cat has decided that we adopt him. I wasn’t too fond of having a cat because I’m allergic to cats and plus, it’s one less crap to clean right???

I scared it away when it waltzed into my house one fine day but one weekend, after I got back from a short getaway with my friends, I discovered this little tabby sitting quietly at the corner of our garden!

And to top it off, my HUSBAND who knows that I’m allergic to cats (technically I was allergic to cats before but why rock the boat) went to a pet shop to get the tabby some cat food?!?!? Like what? So much for being supportive of your wife (but whatever).

The kids though are very happy with the cat. AK has named it Stay – so he stays with us 😅

So looks like whether I like it or not, Stay is here to stay!

P/S Aidan has taken the task to clear its poop everyday! Good because I’m not going to do it if they want Stay to stay.

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