Boba Milk Craze

So get this. I wasn’t into Bubble Tea or Boba Milk drinks because they are too sweet and I don’t fancy tea. Ashley was and she kept wanting to drink them like all the time.

BUT. BUT. BUT. One fine day, I decided to hang loose a little and gave in to her cravings for Brown Sugar Milk drink at The Alley and I decided to try one for myself and since then, I was hooked. #ketodownthedrain

And then one thing led to another and I made it my mission to try other Boba Milk drink in hopes to find the best one in the market (just an excuse to drink more of it!)

So I have tried The Alley, Xin Fu Tang, Tiger Sugar, Koi……and then then one day I got fed up. If you ask me, I’d choose the Brown Sugar Boba Milk from Tiger Sugar anytime! It’s not so sweet and not so creamy – which I like.

Any way…in the midst of my Boba Milk obsession, I bought a boba milk inspired handphone case from Shopee just for fun. ahahahahah.

When Ashley saw it, she was like, “What? Are you serious???”

I know. Who’s the child now. You got to live a little right?

Who is into this boba milk craze?

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