Prioritize Yourself : 5 Self-Care Tips for Mompreneurs


As mothers, we often selflessly give our all to our family and it’s not uncommon to put self-care in the back burner until we really burn out. Therefore it’s equally important that we mothers prioritize self-care to keep our sanity.

Do you agree?

Being a mompreneur, I not only juggle my own business but also the household (I don’t have a domestic helper). Here are 5 self-care tips that mompreneurs without help can incorporate:

  1. My number 1 self-care is using essential oils. I use it in my facial regimen to support my healthy skin which in turns boosts my confidence, I use it to support my emotions, I use it to support my sanity. Make sure they are 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils like Young Living. I only ONLY  use Young Living essential oils.
  2. Every 5 weeks, I have my hair washed and trimmed. I have short hair. Short hair = high maintenance but it’s ok. I love the time out to get myself groomed.
  3. Schedule regular meetups with your BFF/girl friends/friend  or go solo and have a good meal/tea in between school runs.
  4. Keep it simple. Don’t try to do  101 during your self-care time/day and end up stressing yourself. Schedule a 1hr massage instead of a 3hr massage (and miss your school runs) at a spa and just relax during that 1 solid hour.
  5. Be present. Focus your time on the present. Don’t try to multitask on your phone. Leave the guilt behind and remind yourself that you are important. So when I A happy mom = happy husband = happy kids = happy family!I’d love to hear your self-care tips and ideas!
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