Empowering Women


4 more days to go and it would be my first anniversary of leaving a company I was attached to for 20 years.

20 years!

It was the first job I landed on when I was fresh out of university. Fast forward 21 years, here I am. Enjoying my freedom to work on my passion with Young Living.

Last Sunday, my partners and I met up despite it being a Sunday and despite it being the eve of the mid autumn festival so we could learn and bring our respective businesses to the next level. I truly appreciate the time they spent away from their families to come for the meeting.  They are all moms and together, we are working towards our respective goals in life. We communicate with each other via whatsapp everyday but there’s nothing like meeting face-to-face! Don’t you agree?


Notice that there are some kids there too? There are usually kids in our meetings simple because we can bring them along! Our kids usually end up playing together anyway so it’s like a play date for them too.




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