Busted Tail Light

2 days ago, I reversed out of our driveway and KABOOM!


I ran into our automatic gate! When I told my husband about it, the first thing he asked me was,”Were you on the phone?” (Men….)

NOoooo. I wasn’t.” I replied.

What the hell happened? We’ve been staying in the house for the last 15 years. I drove out of the driveway like 17000 times!

Naturally, after I heard the loud bang, I stopped the car, came out and saw the damage to my car. My rear light was busted. One side of the gate (which was the side I ran into) opened slower than the other side of the gate.


So it turns out that 1 brand new original light costs RM1K! What the heck right? The mechanic only took 10 minutes to replace the tail light.Untitled

Moral of the story is….

Don’t take things for granted.

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