How to Decoupage your Diffuser Cover


I have always wanted to learn to decoupage because I find it amazing that a wide variety of items can be re-purposed and given a face lift via decoupage. You can decoupage just about anything – glass bottles, wooden boxes, bags, purses, shoes, anything!

So last weekend, I spent Saturday morning with with friends learning how to decoupage. Each of us gave our diffusers a face lift. I must admit though that I didn’t expect so much of patience and precision were needed from this  because here’s what we basically had to do.
1. Choose paper napkins designs to decoupage on diffuser.
2. Cut the outline of the patterns and then remove the 1st layer of the paper napkin. (There are 3 layers altogether and peeling the first layer off is not an easy feat either.)

3. Give the diffuser cover a layer of base coat and then blow dry it with a hair dryer (cool air)
4. Give the diffuser a base color by sponging the base color on it and then blow dry it (again!)

5. Give the diffuser color by lightly sponging the color on it and then blow dry it.

6. Glue the design onto the diffuser and then blow dry it.

7. Ensure that there are no creases. If there are, use a damp sponge to flatten the creases patiently.

8. Give the entire diffuser cover a coat of polish and then blow dry it. Repeat this for at least 3 times. I was supposed to sand it with sand paper too but I was running out of time so I skipped that part.

Look how it turned out though!!!! I am stoked! I finally learnt how to decoupage! The kiasu person in me quickly bought the decoupage starter kit on the spot from the person who taught us during the class.


And see how the rest of the diffuser covers. Aren’t they lovely?

Sept 2018

I have 6 diffusers.
1 is done.
5 more to go.

Have you always wanted to learn something just for fun? I’m happy that I ticked this off my wish list.



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