Where Do I Start?



I have neglected this blog for way too long and it wouldn’t be  fair to AK if I didn’t continue to blog about her. Ashley and Aidan have their fair share of milestones in this blog already.  I’ve also not blogged about my recent trips  and I intend to blog about them here (soon) so that I don’t forget about it in another 10 years!

So many things have been on my mind lately – Like ALOT! – personally and professionally but no matter what, we continue to pray for guidance and trudge on.

First things first.

Allow me to  share how delighted I am that the daycare AK goes to have taken the initiative to toilet train her 3 weeks ago – which was about time because she started to dislike a wet and heavy diaper. 3 weeks on and she is doing pretty well. She still wears a diaper to sleep at nights but she is generally ok during the day (provided we are at home).  It is indeed a milestone for AK. We never pushed her to be toilet trained and allowed things to take its course because eventually, we knew that she’d be toilet trained anyway. So there was no pressure whatsoever.

AK has gotten used to going to the daycare every morning as well so we are all very relieved. No more dramas. No more cries for mommy either. No more heartaches and feelings of guilt for me. She now waves at me every morning when I walk away from her at the daycare.

Well done AK!

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