How to Deter Cats from Garden?

This morning, I opened the front door and was greeted by a whiff of cat poo. Thanks to my neighbor, whoever you are, your cat has its golden nuggets nicely snuggled on the grass.

I don’t hate cats.

I am allergic to it but I don’t hate cats.

I do however do not like it if cat owners do not train their cats properly (Sorry if you are a cat owner/lover and you’re reading this). All I ask is for your cat to not poo in my garden.

It is not cool.

Toilet train it.

Do whatever it takes but allowing it to poo anywhere except its litter box is not cool. Not cool at all. Sigh….

I have been sprinkling cat deterrent sand on my garden regularly but I guess that doesn’t work. So I have resorted to using my essential oils instead. I googled and this is the combo I made this morning. I sprayed it all over my garden. Let’s see if the cats will come out to play in my garden. Wish me luck!




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