Ditch and Switch Chemicals


Ashley has recently developed an interest in making her own natural, chemical-free products for her own consumption. It’s good that she realizes how our everyday products like hair care, face care and cleaning products at home may potentially contain harmful chemicals that eventually go into our blood stream and causes havoc to our bodies.



I brought her to a friend’s little party a few weeks ago and she made all of these.

  • Peppermint foot soak with epsom salt. I love epsom salt. This whole jar has been used up when Aidan had influenza B a few a weeks ago. It really helped to relieve his sore muscles and joints.
  • Makeup remover – tried and tested! Pass!
  • Anti bacterial spray – this is really handy. We use this to spray on public toilet seats, dining tables, supermarket troller handles, handphones etc.
  • Muscle relief roll-on – great to sooth the aching muscles after a workout.



Since then, she has made lip balms, mozzie repellent and hand wash too. It’s fun and really easy to make.   You should try it too.


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