My 2 year old has a Stomach Flu


My poor AK is down with a stomach flu. On Wednesday morning (2 am), she woke up and vomited her dinner. And then she continued vomiting throughout the morning day and couldn’t keep anything in. We brought her to her pediatrician and the doctor prescribed some medicine for her stomach and to prevent vomiting. She refused to take the medication. In fact, she refused to eat or drink anything except for IZUMIO.

2017-04-15_12-18-02On Thursday, she developed a low grade fever. I brought her to her pediatrician again to make sure that she is not severely dehydrated or anything. Thankfully she is not. She agreed to eat small pieces of toasted bread. I tell you, I was so happy with the progress.

On Friday, she was slightly better. She managed to keep 1 oz of milk in her tummy. YAY!

This morning, she puked again and I suspect this was because she drank the 2 oz of milk we gave her while she laid down in bed. She did however eat a few spoons of plain porridge today and asked to drink Vitagen. She is still weak and has been sleeping a lot. My heart is shattered to see her like this. When your kids are ill, don’t you just feel like you should be the one ill instead of them? Get well soon AK!    

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