MY KIZUNA 2017 – Another Milestone with Naturally Plus


In Dec 2014, I started my journey with Naturally Plus (Thanks to mamapumpkin) and have not looked back since. I have learnt a lot of lessons in this journey – good or bad, I still enjoy what I do  because what I do is beyond just making a buck or 2 which some people perceive it that way unfortunately but hey? it’s really their loss and not mine and I’ve learnt to let go of things because life is short.

What I do is about doing whatever that is humanly possible for me to maintain the health of my family.

It’s about making healthy choices everyday as much as possible.

It’s about sharing so that other people benefit from it too.

It’s about knowing your dreams and goals and working towards it.

I used to to just depend on my monthly salary from my employer and worry about what we’d do after the company I work for decide that I am too old and expensive for their organization. But now,  I am taking charge of my direction in life and I am in control.  It’s about achieiving financial independence and having more options in life.

2 weeks ago, my beautiful friends and I attended the MY KIZUNA event held at Nexus Convention Center, Bangsar South. KIZUNA in Japanese means bond or connections between people in Japanese. My friends and I  were being recognized by the various milestones that we’ve achieved in Naturally Plus. Although they are just titles, I am truly blessed to the people who have put their trust in me and who have supported me. To them, I am eternally grateful.


This year is gonna whoosh by really quickly for us because bigger and better things are happening right now itself and I’m grateful for that!


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