Post Chinese New Year Diet

For the last 3 months, my diet plan has gone topsy turvy! First it was Japan, then Italy, then it was Christmas, the new year, Singapore and then Chinese New Year.  Holidays and the festive seasons are the worst times to maintain a healthy diet – at least for me. This has caused my diet to go off on a tangent!

But it’s ok.

I’m getting back on track starting from today!

For breakfast this morning, I had  2 soft boiled eggs  with a dash of Maggie sauce, a banana and I finished off with a packet of IZUMIO and 3 capsules of Super Lutein. IMG_20160729_134929

For lunch (I am so proud of myself), I had my usual Kimchi Cauliflower Fried rice. I haven’t had this in a long time and it feels good getting back on track again!


What’s in my Kimchi Cauliflower Fried Rice?

Kimchi, canned tuna, cauliflower, button mushrooms, carrots, pumpkin, yellow pepper, egg plant and sometimes top it up with croutons.

For tea, I felt peckish and snacked on mixed nuts and nope…. I didn’t reach out for Chinese New Year cookies and junk on the kitchen counter.


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