Play Area Organization and Recycling

Play Area Organization

I have been super busy for the last 2 weeks.  I clocked in 15 hours daily and had 10pm conference calls every week nights.

You got to do what you got to do right?

In the past 2 weeks, I couldn’t even think straight. I’d lose my train of thought within 2 seconds, taking a shower seemed to be a huge chore and waste of time, even taking my meals seemed like a waste of time.

Like seriously.

The craziness has mellowed down now and I can finally take a step back and breathe. And then I realized over the weekend that a few things things fell through the cracks – for example the state of my house! It  finally got to me last weekend. So I decided to tackle AK’s little corner in the house. From the before photo, it looked like a designated dump site and that is also after my helper put away some stuff! I spent an hour sorting through the toys and finally managed come out with a workable play area for AK! See? She can even sit at the table and play unlike before!


What did I do with the rest of the toys?

I put separated them into 2 bundles.

1 bundle is going to my friend who is expecting a newborn.

The other bundle is going to my church friend who constantly collect stuff to be given to orang asli folks and the needy.

I am happy that at least the stuff will be inherited by other children who’d enjoy them.


Recycling IZUMIO packets in Malaysia

My used IZUMIO packets have been piling up at a corner of my house and it’s such an eye sore. I hate it. I have endured it for months and yesterday, I couldn’t take it anymore! 


This is just a fraction of it! I have 4  boxes of them all sorted out to be sent for recycling already. If you’re an IZUMIO consumer, don’t throw the empty IZUMIO packets away, cut out the plastic but from the packet, separate them and send them to your nearest recycling center. If you have kids, get them to do it too. I’ve a photo of Ashley and Aidan doing this somewhere in my phone but I am too lazy to search for it.


Next, I want to organize my photos! I have a billion photos or more in digital format and I need to find time to make photobooks.  Help! I need time and patience for that.


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