My Dad is the Best!


My parents stayed with us for 2  weeks and whenever they are in town, they spoil us. They spoil me. While I was working in my room, he brought a bowl of pork bone with lotus root soup  which they have been cooking since morning for me to drink. It tasted SO SOOOO good! It has  been awhile since I’ve tasted really good home-cooked soup. My parents, particularly my dad thinks we are deprived of good food since my helper basically cooks the same thing every week. I am not complaining. We’re simple. But my dad thinks we’re deprived. LOL!


On one of the mornings, he brought me my breakfast while I busy working. Garlic friend rice, tomato, fried egg and bangus (Philippines grilled fish) which my helper gifted us when she came back from her Christmas holiday. (Bless her).

My dad is the best!

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