Let’s Go Kai Kai!


Photo taken in Jan 2017 (AK at 2y 3 m)

When I went downstairs one day all dressed up and all, AK saw me and quickly took her sandals and squealed, “Yay!!! Kai Kai!” And then she hurriedly attempted to work the straps on her sandals.

A few days ago, I read a post by a mom in one of the mommy groups on Facebook. She posted on how she was contemplating on a second child and she said that  doesn’t know if she has enough love for a second child.

You know what? I don’t blame her.

I had the same thoughts as her as well when I was expecting Aidan. I think it’s only natural that these kinds of questions pop into our heads.

No judgments needed.

From my experience, after having 3 kids, all I can say is……

1. Don’t over think it.

2. Children are blessings from God.

3. And we may not know it but there is a lot of more room in our hearts to love more than 1 child.

Whilst we were enjoying being with the kids a few days ago, my dad asked me, “Na? Can you imagine if you guys didn’t have Amelie?”

I cannot imagine life without her so much so that that night, I had a nightmare that I lost her forever.

Like seriously.

 It’s one of the worst nightmares I’ve had. In my dream, I prayed that it was only a dream and when I woke up in the dream, she wasn’t there. It was horrible. Like a dream within a dream. When I finally woke up, I hugged her tightly! I almost had a heart attack!

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