Day 4 and 5 – Karuizawa and Shinjuku

Back to blogging about what I did in my last Japan trip before I forget…..

After day 2, we went fruit picking at Karuizawa. This is a new experience for me. I’ve not picked apples from an apple tree before!


We could pick as many apples we wanted to eat at the  farm and could only bring back 1 apple with us. Anyone who wanted to bring back more than 1 apple needed to pay for it. Fair enough. The apples were huge! I couldn’t even finish 1 apple when I was at the farm. It was nice, juicy and sweet and the apples are 100% organic – as assured by the Japanese farmers.


When we got onto the coach, everyone was given a huge Hokkaido pear thanks to Naturally Plus.

After that, we headed to Old Karuizawa Town. 1486032459540 This town is a small, sleepy town lined with many interesting shops from souvenir, to clothing shops and many nice cafes and restaurants too. It’s a pity that we had only less than 2 hours to spend in this town. I would love to go back to this town. There is a also a beautiful church in this town (walking distance from where we were) which I totally missed. Like I said, I wish we had more time. 1486032503435 1486032370432


 1486032538257 We then headed to Price Shopping Plaza. It’s an outlet mall and by far the most beautiful outlet mall I’ve been.    1486032666744  The outlet mall had all the usual branded stores. I didn’t do much shopping for myself because I was going to Italy a month later and that’s where I planned on splurging 🙂  I bought a couple of sports stuff for the family but that’s it.  I spent my time with a beautiful soul exploring the grounds, sat outdoors for lunch and basically tried to soak in the environment as much as I could.  1486032758457 I wish my kids were with me then especially AK because I know they’d love to run around and play without me having to worry if they’d be at risk on stepping on some dog poo. After this, we headed to  Tokyo and checked into Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Dinner was free and easy so we decided to explore the places nearby and ate in a ramen shop.  1486033481608 The next morning, we stuffed ourselves with breakfast and was ready for a full free-and-easy day. 1486033677940   We were dropped off at Shinjuku and we decided to head to Shibuya.  The last time hubby and I were at Shibuya, we totally missed Hachiko. So this time, I made it a point to have a photo taken next to Hachiko 🙂 1486033752981 We crossed the Shibuya Crossing and took a stroll and headed towards Harajuku.    1486033838976


It was Halloween Day that day and they closed off a street at Harajuku for the Halloween parade. Families all decked out in Halloween costumes walked up and down the street in a procession. It was a pretty sight.  After that, we tackled Takeshita Street. It was PACKED!!!


I was hoping to find some interesting cafes nearby so that we could sit down and relax. But that didn’t happen. LOL. After conquering this street, we took the subway back to Shinjuku for dinner.



We met the rest of the group and then headed to our next and last hotel – Narita Excel Hotel Tokyu. The next day, we bade Japan adieu. Till next time. I’ll be back this year for sure!

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