Day 2 – Shizuoka – Karuizawa

My Japan post is long overdue considering that the trip was made in Oct 2016! I better get on with it before my next Japan trip ūüôā

Ok, after Day 1, we went to the Super Lutein factory located at Shizuoka. This was my second visit to the Super Lutein factory hence nothing was new to me. They shared how the soft gel capsules were made, how the precious ingredients were encapsulated into the soft gel capsule and what they did to control the quality of the product before they were distributed to be sold. You can read more about it in my post which I published here last year. When we left the Super Lutein factory, the factory workers bade us farewell until we were literally out of sight. Japanese hospitality. Gotta love it.



After the Super Lutein factory. we headed to Lake Kawaguchi for a sumptuous lunch.  It was a wet and gloomy day and the yummy food kept us nice and warm.1486031506873
1486031856024 Can you see the Naturally Plus banner on the building to the right? That’s where we had our lunch. Yup – we had the whole place to

ourselves.    Directly opposite the restaurant is the beautiful Lake Kawaguchi. Breathtaking in real life. The photo did not do it any justice at all.


After lunch, we spent the rest of the day in the coach  and headed to Hotel Karuizawa 1130. If I am not wrong, it took us more than 3 hours to get there. It was a very long journey. These are some of the places we passed during the journey.


1486031622597 1486031396136Hotel Karuizawa 1130 is a 6 star resort and is one of the highlights of this trip. We arrived just in time for dinner. We had a buffet dinner and enjoyed a large spread they had to offer. ¬† ¬†1486032031253 This was round 1. I didn’t manage to snap photos of the subsequent rounds because I was too busy eating and having fun chatting with lovely company. This hotel was apparently the most ¬†expensive hotel that we stayed in during the trip. When I stepped into my room, my jaw dropped. It was a huge suite and I had it all to myself! ¬† 147765071971992b2fece397ff3519c5e1bd7a888d8233b061d8c003eae1f079665b49e5fc89637fb3c4375115f4d0356506b81f550f64cc97c954e4b6db34d81f4acf67cef17

When I opened the door, this was the entrance which I was greeted with. Bear in mind that it was dark at first and I really didn’t know what to expect. Plus I was going to be sleeping in the suite on my own.
14776506426495e0c30fa2998d9cb2294f9ec935c3f64db4964e8c31b523b86007e24ab7671febfc37eef709cf17110178eb5311cb5254a365634982556b4542b1b5868405387   To the left of the hallway was the bedroom. 147765065615443b4021721b9c9355b2cf4b2d56e2a293758640fdf2e8d3fe7ec74f556a599508215cd3004693e2700a1e8dd198d907d284d4cf75bdc00556ee4f9b195e039d8 To the right of the hallway was the bathroom.


1477650663792f6d71e575fbfd3ff801894c2d6fcde60d63a6d893cdf4a279f94db47c454fddacaf5de33144eb08339f82016f0d5b0f597b8257428d994dcaa3d1f5b0f224319   And next to the bathroom was another room for the WC. 1477650679311a1745d2e8eeb7c41ac9f5fae5cebfae0edfb48ba70c05d67475a625006e8d9b0d8575016ef4a39e878321fbfda0ab5fc94f0379db0aef6941869c69d889ba6f2 To the end of the hallway, there was a mini kitchen, a living room and a second living room which was more traditional (with tatami mats and all)1477650689283d2adb9b2330989e1a009f111baf6533e356bbe3563c802ca823c351f7731e32cacb006b7da47a8a69378a1cae02767ec92aa2c458f264675f6d5af3c77bce78d147765070493013e7c02218d359d7af853058eff016bb9c5ab1d743a910c8575f0d3fcf67481db0a335f44b7ed936a334b9085d6814818f0f7aef0d63fc4b14732b650e581036This is the view of the suite from the end of the living room looking towards the entrance of the suite. No doubt the furniture were very dated but for Japanese standard, the space is a luxury.



The next day, we managed to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the resort. I am not sure when I’d be coming back to this resort again but I want to go back there with my family soon!


It’s so difficult not to stuff your face during a holiday. So whenever I can, I try to have a clean and healthy meal. It’s not very hard to do that in Japan compared to Italy (I have yet to blog about my Italy trip).

On Day 3, we explored Karuizawa. Look out for my next post.

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