Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner

So what did you all do for Chinese New Year? We remained in KL and it was so nice being in the city with hardly any traffic. My parents flew to KL to be with us during this festive season. We had an early reunion dinner and mom cooked everything. Bless her.



We had pork with yam slices, sweet and sour fish, stewed duck, vegetables, accompanied by steamed white rice. Yup! She cooked everything. Mom’s cooking is the best. I should really learn from her. I have been lazy but I really should start learning from her. Mom also makes the best Hainanese Chicken Rice. She showed me how to make it and I even took photos at each step of the way and wrote notes but I’ve never put it to practice before! #fail!  I should really  start compiling all the recipes from my mom. The only thing is that my mom can never give me is accurate measurements for her recipes because she uses her gut feel when she’s cooking.  I on the other hand need a fool proof recipe. Help mom!

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