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I had the pleasure of trying out these Little Innoscents products from Ethissa. I have been on the lookout for organic products since AK was born and this came at a pretty good time because I was about to finish the bath gel that AK was using.

Before I give my review on these products, let me introduce the brand to you. Truth be told, I have not heard of this brand until I discovered Ethissa. Little Innoscents is an Australian brand. It provides 100% natural, Australian made and grown baby skincare products.  Little Innoscents products have genuinely certified organic ingredients.

Little Innoscents products are :

  • 100% naturally derived ingredients
  • Hypoallergenic and pH balanced
  • Naturally scented using the finest essential oils
  • Australian Certified Organic – assuring authenticity
  • Not tested on animals

Eric from Ethissa sent me a newborn starter pack which consists of

1. Hair & Bodywash

2. Moisture Rish Body Lotion

3. Intensive Soothing Cream

4. Mineral Powder

5. Goat’s Milk Bar

Hair & Body Wash

What I like about this product is that it’s both a hair and body wash so I don’t need to reach out to 2 products when I give AK a bath. For those of you who have little ones who have sensitive skin, you’d be glad to know that this product is sulphate free and hence it produces low suds. This means that the product will not foam like conventional shampoos and body gels. I don’t particularly like the fragrance of this product though.The fragrance reminds me of Coppertone sunscreen but much much  stronger. AK  however loves the smell and enjoy using this product and kept asking for more to be dispensed on her palm during bath time.  The product doesn’t leave the skin feeling dry after a bath – which I like.

Moisture Rich Body Lotion

After AK’s bath, I’ d apply the Moisture Rich Body Lotion on her damp  skin. Again, I am not particularly fond of the scent of floral Ylang Ylang. The lotion is also not as creamy as the lotion I used to apply on AK. It left the skin a bit sticky for a minute or two after application – like how you’d feel after  applying sunscreen. AK has no complaints about this products hence I continue to use it on her.

Intensive Soothing Cream

This cream smells like dried flowers – which is not too bad.  I don’t mind the smell.  We apply this on AK’s bottom after each nappy change and so far so good. I cannot tell the  effectiveness of this product because she does not usually get a nappy rash but I guess not getting a nappy rash is also a good indication that the cream is doing it’s job. Best of all, I have peace of mind that only organic stuff are  used for this product.

Mineral Powder

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the scent of this mineral powder! It smells of Spearmint (which I love).  This mineral powder is completely talc free and it’s 100% naturally pure. We don’t apply powder on AK though but I use this instead. It leaves me smelling fresh and dry under the armpits 🙂

Goat’s Milk Bar

I haven’t got a chance to use this milk bar because we don’t usually use soaps at home but the smell of  manuka honey with Ylang Ylang is actually not too bad.

I love the packaging of the products. They come in different colors and that was the first thing that drew me to it. While I feel assured that I am using safe and organic products , I am not particularly fond of the smell of the Hair and Body Wash and the Moisture Rich Body Lotion. Again, this is my personal preference. On the other hand, you may LOVE the smell (like my kids). I like the remaining products and how it feels after application (except for the Goat’s Milk Bar because I have not used it yet).

So if you have little ones with sensitive skin (e.g. eczema or what not),  do check out Little Innoscents at Ethissa and let me know what you think about their products.

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