Checking in for 2017

OMG. I have been so busy and realized that I only blogged about Day 1 of my Japan trip last year! Since then, I’ve been to Italy and Singapore and before our next trip to Phuket, Melbourne and Japan, I better get my travel post sorted out in no more than 2 posts! Meanwhile, I just wanted to pop in to say wish everyone a very Happy New Year. Chinese New Year is round the corner and I am on a spring cleaning mode again. All the junk around me is clogging my head. I can’t think. I can’t function.


Look at the mess on my workstation? How in the world have I been functioning all this while??? PLUS! I have 2 products pending for review as well! 20170118_140914 Innoscents organic products from Ethissa and some books from Josh and Cherie. I haven’t forgotten you guys! I’ve just been sooooooooo tied up. By the way, I have started using the Innoscents hair and body wash and the moisture rich body lotion (on AK). I will give my detailed review in the next post or so. Wait for it…… 20170119_124844

     Ok…right now, I better diffuse some essential oil and clear my head. The oil of the moment is …….Stress Away!! Yes! Stress begone!


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