Day 1 – Mt Fuji and Oshino Hakkai

So I just got back from Japan 2 weeks ago and we had a superb time – albeit it was quite tiring. But the perfect weather (below 10C) and great company more than made up for it. This time, we explored Nagano. It was my first time at Nagano and boy.was.I.blown.away.

I love it!

I wish I had more time there. I definitely want to go back there with my family and spend a week exploring Nagano.

Mt fuji 5th Station

1478662826030On the first day, we went to Mt Fuji – 5th Station. I’ve not been to Mt Fuji before and everyone should at least go there once. The 5th Station of Mt Fuji is located on the side of Mt Fuji. It’s a great spot for sightseeing. I could just sit there for hours and soak in the environment. Next on my bucket list is to stroll through Okuniwa – located 2.5km away. Apparently there is a nice walking path which takes approximately 40 minutes to complete. It would be  a treat for sure.    1478663057714

1478663133383Next, we headed to Oshino Hakkai (Springs of Mount Fuji). Hakkai means 8 seas but there are actually 8 ponds at Oshino – Deguchi, Okama, Sokonashi, Choushi, Waku, Nigori, Kagami and Shoubu. We went to the Waku Spring pond  and managed to bottle up some water to drink. The water is from Mt Fuji and it’s fresh and clean. Unfortunately though, we didn’t have much time in this village and with the day so short (sunset by 5.30pm), we reluctantly headed back to our 1st hotel.



If we had more time, I would have taken my time to explore the many shops and eateries at Oshino Hakkai and try the local delicacies.
On the first night, we stayed at Fujinobo Kaen Hotel. It was my first time sleeping on a tatami mat. My roomie couldn’t go for the trip at the very last minute so I had the room all to myself! Truth be told, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of sleeping alone in a hotel room but sleep I must right? It wasn’t that bad sleeping alone in a hotel after all. The room was quite small and somehow I felt at ease in the small space.



That night, we all had to change into our yukatas for dinner. The yukata wasn’t that nice though. It looked kinda worn out and the design looked abit dated. But it was fun to see everyone in their yukatas. During dinner, we could really feel the LOVE that the Naturally Plus management have for us. We had buffet dinner with free flow of Hokkaido crabs and wagyu beef.


 This was my first serving. I had several servings after this but as you can see, I was really trying to control my diet on the first night. After that, the rest was history. Diet fail during holiday. LOL!. 1478663640904

Since we arrived at the hotel after sunset the night before, we were pleasantly surprised when we went back to the restaurant the next morning for breakfast because we were greeted with the majestic view of Mt Fuji. I really can’t get enough of the view. Seriously. I could sit there all day!


See the huge bonsai tree which is basically horizontal and supported? This bonsai tree outside the hotel is 150 years old!  It’s definitely picture worthy don’t you think so?

It was a really fun albeit tiring first day in Japan. Check out what we did on Day 2.

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