Somebunny is 2!


On the 1st October, we celebrated Amelie’s 2nd birthday. Since we didn’t have a party for her on her 1st birthday, we decided to put in more effort this time round to celebrate her birthday this year.  We all decided on a bunny themed party since she is so attached to her smelly bunny which she had since she was born. I bought her the same bunny plush toy as a backup last year  but lo and behold! She is fiercely loyal to her smell old bunny. It’s ok. As long as AK is happy. We’re happy. Ok let’s get to the photos! I am so excited to share them because it’s been awhile since I actually planned for a theme party. Some bunny is 2! These are my little elves who helped me prepare for the party! Not bad right??? They were more excited about the party than Amelie.Some bunny is 2!LOL! We had a mini (and messy) factory line set up to paste the thank you notes onto the party packs and then packed them with goodies aka junk. Don’t judge. The party packs were quite a hit if I may say so myself because some kids took 2-3 packs home. Thankfully, we had more than enough for the kids. Some bunny is 2!

Now is this cool or is this cool? Bunny themed paper cups! I stole the idea from Pinterest. So simply and easy to do! So cute too!
 Some bunny is 2!

The color theme was yellow and pink. I am pretty pleased with what we came out with considering the short amount of time we had to prepare all this. As usual, I’m always procrastinating and  before I knew it, I had only 1 week to prepare everything!!

The bunny bunting was DIYed. I printed a template from the internet and got Kakak to help us to cut it out on colored paper. Ashley strung them together and  glued cotton balls onto each bunny.


Party packs! Back when I was a kid, I don’t even  remember giving or receiving party packs at all. The  brown paper bags are from Daiso. I designed the thank you note in Photoshop and got the photo of the bunny from the internet. The design was printed on sticker paper and my elves cut them out and pasted them onto the party packs.


The maison jars were like rm1-2 each (a steal!!!) which I got from a mall  at KK called Megalong at Donggongon. I stuffed  marshmallows into them  and VOILA! Bunny tails for dessert anyone????



Don’t you think these cupcakes look pretty? They taste so darn  good too. They are vanilla cupcakes with pretty swirls. They are from my favorite baker – Abrina. She stays somewhere behind Eastin Hotel. PM me if you want her contact.

AK is 2!


And of course! We got to get her a bunny birthday cake!!! It wasn’t what I expected but oh well. It’s over. Cake was devoured. It was made by Abrina as well.   DSC07193-1

As for food, we hired a food truck! Woo hoo! The truck was parked in front of our house and our guests had to walk up to the truck to order their food and collected them as well. Food was delicious! If any of you are interested, look out for Azian from Bad Beat Burger truck # 4!! We had beef burgers, chicken burgers, lasagne, coney dogs, nachos, cream puffs for dessert. The food was great! Thank you Azian! She and her crew took care of us very well too! Oh and the balloons were thrown into the package too!


Lasagne and Chicken burger


The food looks good on the paper plate too. And yes, they taste good too!

Happy birthday to our beloved Amelie Kate!

2 years ago, we evolved from a family of 4 to a family of 5.

We look you to the moon and back and to infinity and beyond!!!!

*Kisses xoxoxoxox*


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