Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Black Screen of Friggin’ Death!


I am so effing pissed off right now cause my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has suffered the black screen of death and the photo above is nowhere how it is right this instant as I type this. It is not friggin’ black! How did this happen? I am so pissed right now I can literally feel hot air coming out of my nose and ears!

It has started with a little screen discoloration. There was a tinge of green on my phone. My son pointed it out to me in the afternoon and I thought ‘Oh? Perhaps it was an indication that the battery was low since it was at 8%…’ Then la di dah…I didn’t take much notice of it till after dinner. I was going through my phone and saw purple smudges on the screen…then black lines! (WTF) and then soon after it suffered the Black.Screen.of.Friggin’.Death!!!! And mind you, this phone is only 1 month old. What the hell is happening Samsung!??

I tried doing a soft reset – you know the ones where you got to press the power and volume up/down button etc but all that didn’t work. And then I called the 24 hrs Samsung Smart Service (because it’s a bloody emergency!) and the bloke on the phone said that I gotta bring it into the service center to get it looked at and all and if the LCD screen has to be replaced, it may take days or weeks cause they ran out of LCD parts in the whole of Malaysia? Like are you friggin’ kidding me right now??? Like so much for the Samsung Galaxy Butler Service right? There’s supposed to be onsite pickup of the device but the bloke asked me to go to the nearest service center. DUH!…. Everything looks damn good on paper but when it comes to delivery?….okok  I shall not jump the gun. I need to go to the service center and see what they have to say. I hope that in the spirit of lousy, inconsistent customer service Malaysia is known to score in, Samsung will prove me wrong!

They better sort this shit out before I go to Japan next week.



*I feel like throwing the friggin’ phone onto the wall*

Update as of 19 Oct

So I went to the service center and they told me that 

1. They need to check if the LCD on the inside is broken. If it is, then that would not be covered under warranty (although my phone is 1 month old) and that was gonna cost me RM1100! 

2. Blessing in disguise – they ran out of stock for the replacement part. 

Why blessing in disguise? Well I got in touch with a friend who’s hubby managed to get Samsung to get a 1-to-1 replacement for my phone! Whoopee! The only thing is that it is going to take 3 days for me to get a new phone.  So let’s see….I hope I get the replacement phone (brand new unit) before I go to Japan!


Update as of 20 Oct

All good now. Samsung customer service called me up to inform me that my new phone has arrived at the Samsung Service Center! Yay! Thanks to my dear friend who helped me out. You know who you are. xoxo.

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  1. Yikes! Sorry to hear about this. I hope you get it fixed asap. What’s going on with Samsung these days huh? I have switched to using Xiomi Red Note 😉

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