Toddler Milestones : Amelie Kate is 22 months old

Amelie-13aug2016Oh my! 2 more months and our baby is going to be 2 years old! Too fast…and I am working from home most of the time so you can imagine how working moms/parents would feel.

AK’s appetite has increased recently. She’s been asking for nen-nen and for food more frequently now.

She loves to imitate what we do – which is why it’s important that we show good examples to her because one day, it’d come back and bite us in the arse.

AK still sleeps by 6pm for 12 hours straight. Sometimes she’d wake up at 10pm+ to ask for milk and she’d go back to sleep right after her bottle of milk.

She’s more independent now. She wants to feed herself, hold and drink water from a cup on her own, she wants to walk up and down the staircase on her own, she wants to walk more as opposed to sitting on the stroller.  

She likes to babble and sing although nothing makes sense. But to me, it means that she wants to communicate but still do not know how to. As a result, she’s been throwing quite a bit of tantrums lately because she is not able to express herself and hence the frustration.  So talk her through everything so that in time, she’d learn to speak. 

P.S I enjoy listening to her sign especially when she wakes up before everyone else in the morning  and chill in her cot.


She likes to grab a book and sit on our laps – gesturing us to read to her. I like that. It’s something she has been doing for quite sometime now – although her attention span is very short. Nevertheless, we still entertain her. 

Happy 22 months AK! We love you!


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