Little AK Likes to Scribble


Photo taken on 20 Aug 2016 (AK at 22 months)

AK’s sharpening her fine motor skills by scribbling. It’s amazing how territorial she can be because yesterday afternoon, she totally disallowed Ashley and Aidan from scribbling on her piece of paper.

Cheeky little girl.

Whenever I have my lunch, she would sit next to me at the dining table and start scribbling with her crayons. I’m looking forward to the day she starts to moving on to drawing more recognizable shapes.


Sometimes, she get cozy under her baby cot – thanks to Aidan. Since AK was a baby, Aidan has been playing peekaboo with AK from under her baby cot. Bless him.


On certain days, she likes to take over my workstation, scribble scribble and switch between fake typing and moving the mouse (trying to immitate me at work…Monkey see monkey do right?)


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