Have you heard of Bemalas? Pronounced as Be Malas as in Be lazy….

I like their concept. They basically provide  concierge services. If you want things done e.g. order cupcakes and deliver to you or pickup document and delivery to somewhere else..anything….just reach out to them, they’d give you a quote and if the price is right, make your payment and a runner will fulfill the task within the same day.

In the IZUMIO business that I do, I  basically do it from home. I try to minimize my trips to the Naturally Plus office in KL so that I can make better use of my time. That’s why when I heard about Bemalas a couple of months ago, I used them to do all the running around for me. I was pretty happy with them then. They’ve submitted my new member registration forms for me and  they’ve picked up IZUMIO and Super Lutein for me and delivered them to my customers/members. To me, if repetitive tasks can be outsourced at the right price, I’d outsource it so that I can make better use of my time. I used to be their advocate. I used to promote them to my business partners but now, tables have turned. I am going to stop relying on them.


They have not been very consistent with their quotations.

For the same task, I have been quoted rm20, rm25 and rm30 and not in that particular order either! Plus, my business partners and I obviously compare prices and we question the way they come out with their quotations. Of course you can always argue that if I am not happy with the price they quoted then I don’t have to engage their services. So yea..I have decided not to engage their services unless they are the last option that I have. The amount may not be too big of a deal but I don’t like to be  taken for a ride.

I also reached out to them on 2 separate occasions in the mornings and they responded that they didn’t have any runners for the day. How to do business like that lah…..

So I have decided to look for other alternatives. I recently engaged a mom who does pickups and deliveries on a part time basis and I am so pleased with her service last weekend! So from now on, I will support individuals especially moms who offer concierge services! if you offer concierge services, please drop me your contact and details. I will share it with the rest of my business partners!


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  1. Hi, I was just looking to use this service but thinking twice about the prices they charge.
    Would be great if you can share any of the moms that offer concierge services for delivering documents? Thanks.

  2. Hello Ann
    I recently used GoGet for the first time and i must say that so far, I am pretty happy with their service. You should try them.

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