Bangkok 2016

3 months ago, we  went to Bangkok for a long a weekend. Aidan participated in a football tournament and we took the opportunity to make it a mini family holiday. It was his first overseas tournament and his biggest cheerleader was nonetheless his dad. Whilst the boys spent 1 1/2 days under the hot sun, Ashley, AK and I went shopping and did a bit of the touristy stuff instead.

Day 1

The kids and I flew into Bangkok and met the hubby there. Hubby flew in from Adelaide that day. Travelling with 3 kids was not as bad as I thought. In fact, having the 2 older kids around helped me a great deal. They helped to take care of AK, helped make milk, helped pushed the stroller etc. Without Ashley and Aidan, I’m sure I would have had a hard time. Phew!

20160603_121934-1Upon arrival at the airport at BKK, immigration and baggage claim was a breeze. We headed to the taxi stand, waited for about 15 minutes and then got into a cab. Halfway during our journey, the cab driver informed me that he’d be using the highway and that the ride will cost 450baht. Without thinking much, I agreed. Later on, I realized that the taxi meter was covered with a cloth. Damn. Was I taken for a ride? I didn’t want to question him then because we were already on the way to the Dusit Princess Srinakarin Hotel which was not more than 20 mins away from the airport. When I met other parents at the hotel and learnt that they only paid 250 baht from the airport to the hotel, I knew I was conned. Bugger! I felt like a naive tourist then. Ok, nevermind. I swore to not fall into this again. The important thing is that we were all safe, in one piece. Amen. Bangkok2016-1

We checked in, settled down and then walked to Seacon Square mall which is just next to the hotel to grab something to eat. It’s apparently one of South East Asia’s biggest malls. Nothing great if you ask me but convenient enough to look for local Thai food and shop at the supermarket. The rest of the retail shops are nothing special. They are basically brands that you can find in Malaysia.

Day 2

Football tournament day. Both dad and son followed the rest of the football team to the venue for the football tournament. The girls and I on the other hand took a cab to Siam Paragon, filled out tummies with nice local food, shopped abit and then headed for Madame Tussauds at Siam Discovery and then Underwater World at Siam Paragon. I will let the photos speak for themselves.



We also watched a 4-D show at Madamme Tussauds which was somewhat entertaining. Ok lah…it was included in the entrance ticket.

After Madamme Tussauds, we had lunch at one of the food court at Siam Discovery. Food there is so yummy. One can never go wrong with the food at BKK food courts. After lunch , we headed to Underwater World at Siam Paragon.

This was our second time seeing penguins live. The first time was at the Osaka aquarium in our last visit to Japan.

By evening, we hopped onto a taxi and this time, I got smarter. When he took off, the cab driver said that he was going to take the motorway and he quoted me 1000 baht. This time I was really pissed. I told him that it was ridiculous.  I told him that I only paid 250 baht from the hotel to Siam Paragon and he wanted to charge me 4 x more! He refused and then asked me how much I was willing to pay. Pasar malam ke??? He asked for 800 baht. I told him I refused to pay him 800baht and the MOST I would pay is 300 baht. He didn’t want to budge. In the end, I told him to drop us at the side of the road because I.REFUSE.TO.BE.BULLIED! On the contrary, instead of dumping us by the side of a busy road, he dropped us off at the taxi stand at Central World instead. We waited for almost an hour before we got a Grabcar. Bear in mind that Ashley and AK were with me. Thankfully, AK was ok. No fuss from her at all.

For dinner, we walked from our hotel to Seacon Square Mall next door and had Thai (but of course!) for dinner.


Lesson learnt! 1. Always ask if the cab driver is going to use the meter or not. 2. I would recommend downloading the Grabcar app instead. 3. Toll charges are usually borne by the passenger. So if the driver asks you for toll money whilst approaching the toll gate, don’t be surprised and think they’d going to jump on you and rob you. Day 3 20160605_093327-1 The boys went for football again. After breakfast, the girls and I went for a dip in the hotel pool.    20160605_103232-1 I love this photo. Having a baby again when you have older kids is so much fun!! By noon, we checked out of the Princess Dusit Srinakarin hotel and checked into Holiday Inn Sukhumvit. We spent the afternoon shopping at Terminal 21 and then met up with some dear friends for Thai dinner at Supaninniga Eating Room. The food was so yummy and I didn’t get a chance to snap any photos of them. A must-try when you go to Bangkok. When we reached the hotel later that night, we realized that AK’s bunny was left behind at the restaurant. Hubby had no choice but to go back to restaurant to get the bunny back otherwise we’d never get to sleep that night.

Day 4  IMG_20160606_100036-1

We started the day by the pool after breakfast. The kids had lots of fun but too bad they couldn’t stay in there as long as they wanted because I wanted to make a stop at Platinum mall. Heh….You can’t go to Bangkok without shopping at Platinum Mall kan??? We couldn’t stay long at Platinum Mall though so Ashley and I did speed shopping while the boys hung around with AK. We only spent 1 hr at Platinum Mall (definitely not enough time) and then headed to the hotel, checked out and headed to the airport to go back to KL.





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