What a Lovely Birthday Surprise!

My bossom buddies never cease to surprise me. This morning,  I expected a despatch boy to come pick up IZUMIO and Super Lutein for my client but instead, the guy was holding onto a beautiful bouquet of flowers and they were from mamapumpkin and drama queen. They also got me a Laura Mercier lipstick and Laura Mercier shopping vouchers! Woo hoo!  Time to update my makeup collection! The bouquet of flowers look lovely in every angle and apparently it was designed based on my personality. I am flattered indeed 🙂




Thank you ladies! I love you both to the moon and back!

Also not too surprising are some goodies I got for myself. What the heck. It’s my birthday right?

I got myself a python skin sling bag and a lizard skin wallet. Did I tell you that I have an obsession for python skin handbags and wallets?


I have gotten myself 3 handbags and 3 wallets in a span of 2 months. Eeeeeekk. That’s what happens when Naturally Plus keeps crediting bonuses into my account on a weekly basis! I gotta stop buying and start saving!

Luckily the seller is on a  2-month holiday. My bank account can rest too so that the figures can increase at a faster rate 🙂

I’ll share my obsession in the next few posts.




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