Toddler Milestones : Amelie Kate is 21 months


Photo taken on 26 June 2016

As of 6 July 2016, our dear AK is 21 months young! Where did all that time go???  AK is the only child which I had the privilege of being with full time since birth and it’s so rewarding and fulfilling! As for the 2 older kids, we had to send them to my MIL’s house after my confinement during the day as I had to go into the office to work. Thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to be able to work from home. And even when I am with AK 24 x 7, I feel that time is slipping by so quickly!

Alrighty. Milestones….


She has tonnes. When you’re on your 3rd kid, you don’t bother counting past the 2nd teeth. LOL!


Sadly, she is only exposed to english! I got to start getting the 2 older kids to speak to her in Mandarin! Better start them young right?

She can however say a few words already….like

How u? (How are you)

Hi Mom! – Every morning, when she wakes up, she’d say ‘Hi Mom!’. Or if I’m working upstairs and she’s downstairs with kakak, she’d go to the bottom of the stairs and h0ller, “Hi Mom!”

Ah Pa ala Korean style (Grandpa)

A-Ma (Grandma)

Ah-pen (Open)

Take out (when she wants someone to help her remove her shoes)


Wow (each time she sees something nice, she’d exclaim, “Wow”


Ah-Ti (Brush teeth)


Ah Ki Ka Boo (Peekaboo) 

She also understand simple instructions too and we are so amazed at the little things like

– whenever we change her diaper, she’d throw it in the dustbin

– when I gave her 2 sets of instructions (throw the diaper into the dustbin and pass the bottle to kakak), she managed to deliver it with ease.


When kakak went back for holiday last month, we were a bit slack with her food aka porridge. We took the opportunity to introduce to her different types of food which she took without any problems. Phew!!!!!


She loves milk. She drinks 7oz of milk about 3-4 times in a day in between meals. Every morning, she’d wake up at about 6-7am and ask for nen-nen. She’d drink it while she is in her cot and goes back to sleep after she finishes her milk.

Smelly Bunny

Smelly Bunny is looking very worn out now but she still loves it to bits. She refuse to hold on to the backup bunny I got her sometime back. It’s the same bunny. Just newer.

We love you AK! Happy 21 months !

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