Baptism of Amelie Kate

On the 30th April 2016, our dear AK was baptized in a Catholic church. Her God mother is a Sabahan friend of mine who also happens to be our neighbour 🙂 I’m very pleased that we finally got AK baptized. That’s one thing checked off on my list.


When we arrived at the church, there were 2 other families there. Amelie was a curious little one. She was quiet and very observant – which is a good thing because we didn’t have to run after her.  During the baptism mass, AK practically hung on to me like a baby koala. She didn’t even want her dad. Hence I had to rely on my hubby and my helper to take photos (so help me God)..and as a result, I am so pissed with the photos that were taken!!!!


I mean look at this LOOK AT THIS!

1. My head and the priest’s heads are cut off from the photo!

2. I can’t even see AK’s face – like hello? who is being baptized here??

3. The photo is a bit blur.

I am so upset. I should have hired a professional photographer. I SHOULD HAVE!

SIGH..Breathe in…breathe out….


This photo was taken after AK was baptized. Notice her wet hair there….Anyhow..lesson learnt!


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