Women’s Parking in Malaysia


(Photo credits : KLCC Parking Management)

Women’s parking spaces have been designated in the parking lots of major malls for one reason alone  and that is to ensure that safety of lone women drivers.  Last weekend, a Malaysian guy  and his wife wanted to do some Chinese New Year shopping at KLCC and  thought that he had the right to park at the Women’s parking space. When stopped by a lady guard, he was upset and instead got his wife to drop him off at the entrance and his wife proceeded to the women’s parking space only to be stopped by the same guard on duty. (Way to go! The guard was only doing her job and was doing a darn good job at it.) He shouted at the guard and even tried to take a photo of the guard and then ranted in Facebook and pleaded the public to raise the management’s awareness of this little incident of his and because he spent over RM700 at the mall, he felt he was entitled to park wherever he wanted – even if it meant bending the rules.  Little did he know that his rant back lashed at him. What he and his wife did  was in very poor taste. The guy and his wife later apologized after the public lashed out at their actions.

So ladies and gentlemen sekalian, rules are rules. The women’s parking spaces are there to ensure that they are able to park as close as possible to the mall entrances so as to  minimize the risk  of your   daughter, wife, mom, grandma, girlfriend, auntie, grand auntie  who drives alone to malls from  being carjacked, robbed and kidnapped!  Children learn from their parents too  so let us all ensure that we give a good example to our children.

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