My Pre-Teen

I remember vividly when Ashley was a little girl. She  used to be with me in the same room as I was when I worked. She’d  keep herself entertained, try to make handmade jewelry like I used to and play with her toys.

Fast forward to today, she has changed so much.

1. She voluntarily moved out from the room she used to share with Aidan and converted my beading room cum guest bedroom into her own bedroom.


See how she marked her own territory? She even stuck instructions on the door instructing her little brother to knock before entering the room.


What’s with the exclamation mark girrrrrll?


Her bedside table.


She cleared out my shelves to make way for her things.

2. She’s been making her own breakfast every morning. She told my helper that making her own breakfast each morning is one of her new year’s resolution.

3. She’s been experimenting with new hair dos and fashion. She doesn’t need to wear a school uniform anymore to school – more reason why she’d spend so long trying to figure out what to wear!

4. She has shot up so quickly. I looked at her the other day and asked her if her t-shirt had shrunk. Apparently I have been too busy to notice that she has shot up so quickly.

What happened to my little girl? She’s growing up way too quickly!

Ah…Thank God I still have AK to baby around. Sheesh. Oh yeah ..roll those eyes of yours.


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