Putting Things Into Perspective

This morning, I woke up to a very grumpy AK. She slept before 7pm last night. Woke up this morning before everyone else, and cried out to be ‘rescued’ from her baby cot.  Pass her her milk bottle. She drank and slept a little longer. And then she woke up before me and cried out again. She must have been upset that I let her cry for so long (while I was playing dead). When I scooted her out of her baby cot, everything that she wanted then and there but couldn’t resulted in a big tantrum. (Her horns are beginning to peek through her fluffy hair.)

She saw me using my mobile phone and she HAD to have it.

She saw Ashley having some bread for breakfast and she HAD to have it.

Oh AK…..calm down my little one.

I was getting a bit worried and thought of more grumpy days ahead.

I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and came across an article where a town threw and early Christmas party for a 7 yo suffering from brain cancer just before he passed away and I thought what a cruel cruel thing that the boy and parents have to go through. It makes me wonder what God has planned for this boy to have to suffer through this ordeal and finally leave his parents. And why is God putting his parents to the test like this?

Last night, I scolded Aidan for not finishing his dinner.

Yesterday, I scolded Aidan for not being able to do his maths.

Yesterday, I brushed Ashley away because I was busy with work.

But if God were to put me to the test, I think I would have regretted my actions.

So from now on, I will put things into perspective.

Enjoy my children. I’ll try not to be annoyed with them and will always think twice before brushing them off.

Life is short.

Live everyday as though it’s your last.

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