Dear Tooth Fairy

I swear I’m going to laminate this and frame this up. It’d be such a laugh when he looks at this 10 years down the road. I extracted Aidan’s milk tooth a few weeks ago and after that he happily wrote a LONG note to the the tooth fairy and left the note and tooth under his pillow. Unfortunately, the tooth fairy was pretty tired and couldn’t do her rounds but managed to do it after 3 days! Aidan was getting abit anxious! Each day, he added more and more questions to his note!



You’d think that IZUMIO gave me away right? But you know how he reacted?

Aidan : Hey Mom! The tooth fairy drinks IZUMIO!!!!

Me : Really????

Aidan : So cool right????

Me : Absolutely!

He still believes in tooth fairies. Such sweet innocence!


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