I am at my wits end. I can’t get my bloody CCTV to work. Actually it works, only when I access my CCTV at home. But I can’t access it externally e.g. outside my house or when I am out over 3G. I am so so so pissed off. Pissed off with Maxis! Why? Ok first of all, I am not that much of an IT noob  ok. I work for a multi national IT company and I am somewhat technical.  When I ordered the Aztech WIPC430 CCTV camera from Lazada, I thought YIPEE! On the box, it says that I can set it up in less than 5 minute. I followed the instructions on the manual – word for word.

1. I managed to configure my CCTV and connect it to my home network. But for some reason, the CCTV is not able to connect to my Maxis router through wireless mode. It can only be connected via the LAN cable. Ok fine. This, I am ok with  cause it so happen that I want the CCTV to be located next to my Maxis router.

2. Next, I want to connect my CCTV from outside my home network – like when I am out shopping and want to see what’s happening at home, I want to be able to connect to the CCTV when I am out. The Maxis router is Technicolor TG784n v3. I checked the Maxis forums and a dozen other forums and finally called Maxis to change my router IP to a public IP.

3. I tried to connect to my CCTV from outside – failed.

4. I scoured the forums for more information and it turned out that  I need to configure port forwarding on the Maxis router – and so  I did by referencing the router manual which I found online and some other blog sites. When I wanted to validate if the port was open using a port checker (there are many that you can find online for free), it turned out that the port I configured for port forwarding was closed. I tried many different port number and even a range and it still failed. I’m at my wits end!

5. I called Maxis support 4 different times. Spoke to 3 different people. Yes, I spoke to the same support guy twice. Longest call lasted close to 1 hour. And none of them could help me.

Someone please help me!!!!

If you’re using an Aztech WIPC403 CCTV or something similar and connected to your Maxis router which is a Technicolor TG784n v3 – PLEASE! HELP ME!

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