Happy 1st Birthday Amelie Kate!


1 year ago, in the afternoon, my water broke. It was the very first time experiencing it because previously both the births of Ashley and Aidan were induced (aka my obgyn broke my water bag). I was in the bathroom, drying myself up after my shower and suddenly, I felt a gush of water coming down between my legs. I was stunned at first. The water was clear and odorless. I called a good friend who’s also my neighbor and asked her for some advise on what to do. At that time, I didn’t feel any contractions at all. So I was contemplating between staying and wait till I felt contractions or pack and go to the hospital right away. We decided against the latter. We (my hubby and I) slowly packed our essentials, gave our helper instructions on what to do (Thank God my parents were in town) and we headed to Damansara Specialist Hospital. I remember that day so clearly. We were cool – cause the pain hadn’t started yet 🙂 When we reached the hospital, we checked into our room and then we made our way into the labor room. 6 hours later, Amelie was born.


Happy birthday to our dearest Amelie Kate. May the good Lord shower you with blessings.

We all love you to the moon and back!




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