Thank You Stabilo!


We received a package from Stabilo last month. It came with the prettiest looking message on the box. I liked that they personalized the package. My kids couldn’t wait to open up the package!

When they opened the package, there  were 2 sets of Stabilo exam kits – 1 for each kid.

Each kit comprised of :

1. A ruler – this ruler brings back lots of memories. I used to use this ruler when I was in school and I’ve not seen it in a while.

2. 5 pencils

3. A sharpener – I love this sharpener. The cover snaps close when you close it after use. I was pretty impressed by it actually.

4. An eraser


The kids promptly loaded their pencil cases with their new Stabilo exam kits.

When I was a kid, I used to have a huge collection of pencil cases! I used to change pencil cases every other day like how I change my handbags these days.

Thank you Stabilo for putting that extra sparkle in their eyes and for making them smile 🙂

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