The Sofina Craze


Back in Sept last year when I was heavily pregnant with Amelie, my girl friends talked about the Sofina bags. Call me ‘katak dibawah tempurung‘ but back then, I had not heard about the Sofina bags at all! When I googled it, I knew why it appealed to so many Malaysia women.

3 things came into my mind.

1. The colors! They all look so pretty. It reminded me of the time where I spent days trying decide which color bag I should choose from Long Champ. Seriously. First world problem.

2. The price. It’s reasonable. I was in the range of RM170+. Not bad. Every good as an everyday bag and even if I chucked it anywhere, my heart won’t ache as much as chucking my LV bag on the floor!

So since my girl friends raved about it (I trust my girl friends), I went ahead and bought some.

Not 1. Not 2 but 4!

Yes yes…fickle old me…..I couldn’t decide which color to buy. I bought the yellow, grey, purple and pink one.

I finally sold of 3 and kept the purple one.


What do you think? I think the photo doesn’t do much justice to the bag. The color looks much nicer in real life. This bag was sitting in my closet for many months and I decided to give it some love and brought it out this week.

I love the size of the bag.

I love how versatile the bag is. You can carry it in 5 different ways.

I love the compartments in the bag!!!!

So…were you one of the crazies who hogged up the website when they launched it last year?

Since then they came out with Sofina 3 and that too sold like hotcakes.

Did you get the Sofina 3?

Were you one of the crazies who hogged up the website when the bags were launched? LOL!

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  1. I just bought the Sofina 3 mini in purple. Like you, i wasn’t very clued in to the craze but when i looked into them, I really did like them! I hope the mini one would be just as roomy with lots of compartments 🙂 Btw, love the colour you kept!

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