Spring Cleaning – Part 139!

Spring cleaning is a never ending job! I spring cleaned my guest room cum handmade jewelry room today and came out with 2 big bags full of junk.  I follow these steps when I’m spring cleaning. Funny thing is that 3 months down the road, I’d probably be throwing out another 2 big bags full of junk! Spring cleaning is therapeutic. I was on the roll! I think I’ve only completed 60% of it but it’s more than enough to give an impact. When I walked into the room, I swear I could hear abit of an echo!

I then moved over to the kids’ room.  The kids’ room is like a black hole. No matter how often I clear out the junk, there’s still so much more junk in there a week later. How is that even possible? I also took the liberty to clear the junk in Ashley’s school bag while she was having her tuition. (She is so not gonna like it). I was however amazed at the amount of junk she has in her bags (she carried 2 bags to school). I always wondered why they weigh a tonne but realized that she’s been bringing stuff to school which she didn’t necessarily have to! I also found some of the homework from last week which were not completed. Why am I not surprised here?????

Anyway, moving forward. The first step to stop accumulation of junk is to really think before buying stuff. We need to nip it in the bud!


Ok I’m off to clear more junk!

I want that minimalist, zen look in my house. I need to start with my head first I think cause I have 101 things in head that I need to do but don’t have the friggin time to do it.

Breathe in breathe out….


Peace out!

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