Safe Mode Kids By Maxis and Waze

How many of us parents consciously drive safer when our kids are in the car but then relax the rules abit when we are driving sans kids? Me. Not proud of it. Don’t judge me. 97% of Malaysian parents claimed that they drive much faster safer when their children are in the car.  Did know that Malaysia ranks 17th in the world for most dangerous roads? Every festive season when people in the city go back to their hometowns to celebrate the festivities with their families, there is bound to be more accidents reported.

Maxis and Waze worked together with one aim and that is to put kids in as many Malaysian cars as possible. What a fantastic idea right?

They came out with a campaign called Safe Mode Kids.

Safe Mode Kids is basically the first of its kind collaboration between Google-owned Waze and Maxis. It is basically a voice pack which a Waze user can download on to their smart gadgets whereby kid-sourced voices of Malaysian children aged 3 to 12 are incorporated into Waze to remind their parents to drive safer.  Unlike the usual voice packs which features a single celebrity voice, Maxis’ Safe Mode kids invited different children to donate thier voice for Waze directional prompts with charming reminders to drive safe.  Instead of the standard Waze navigation prompts you will hear: ‘All set. Don’t forget your seatbelt’, ‘Re­routing. Eyes on the Road!’ and “Accident reported ahead. Please be careful, ok?”

When my 2 older kids first heard the navigation prompts from the Safe Mode Kids voice pack, they were rather intrigued.

For this campaign, 100 parents volunteered their kids and a total of 60 children were auditioned. 20 voices were finally selected for the voice pack.


See how they collaborated with the children in this video below.

If you’d like these adorable children’s voice to give you navigation prompts in your Waze, follow these simple steps.

It is free!


 What do I think about this ?

I love it. It’s genius. and I’m thinking why didn’t someone think of this any sooner? I find myself looking forward to the next navigation prompt and was curious as to what the next prompt would be. All of the children’s voices sounds so darn cute! I must say though that my kids used to give me navigation prompts when we are on the road but they mimicked the celebrity voice currently in Waze instead! How funny!

Drive safe everyone!

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  1. what are they saying about hazards on the side of the road ?

    i understand everything except the last word !

    “hazard on road ahead. I hate it when someones shoulders ??????????????”


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