Putting Things into Perspective


Lately, the 2 older kids have been wanting to sleep in our room. They’ve a nice bedroom and all but no….every night, our poor kakak has to carry their mattresses over so that they can sleep in the same room as us. Our room is not very big. With a queen sized bed, a baby cot and 2 single mattresses on the floor, there is hardly any place left to walk without stepping on something.  It’s ok….at least we get to save on the electricity for air conditioning….Speaking of which. A few days ago, the air conditioner in the master bedroom broke down! The air con guy could only come over 2 days later to fix it. We wanted to sleep in the guest room but the baby cot couldn’t fit through the doorway! So I ended up sleeping in the master bedroom with Amelie while the 2 kids slept in their own room. Hubby was away. Our room felt like a furnace all night long but thankfully, Amelie slept throughout the night without any problems whatsoever. Bless her.  Then I thought about the unfortunate people who are happy with just a roof over the head  and quit my whining right away!


Sometimes all we need is a bit of perspective to put us on the right track.

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