Project Organize : Work Desk

An organizing post is not complete if there’s not before and after photos!

Ok, so after I cleared the junk in my guest cum handmade jewelry room (no before and after photos in that one) and the kids’ room, I tackled my work desk.

This is the before photo and believe you me, I cleared alot of junk already before I took this. There were 5 times as much junk on the table before I took this picture.


And after throwing and putting away alot of junk, here is my work desk now! Tadahhhh!


What do you think? I gotta admit that it’d damn hard to keep it this way! Check out the bouquet of flowers I got for my birthday from my fabulous girl friends Drama Queen and Mamapumkin! And best of all? It was a surprise! I love surprises! Ok project organize tomorrow will be to clear the rest of my room cause all the junk were just moved to somewhere else or are in the garbage bag!    

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