Learning the Multiplication Tables the Fun Way

These days, with smart gadgets easily available, everything is more fun especially when it comes to learning. Aidan’s teacher encouraged him to revise his 6 to 12 timestable (I don’t remember having to learn until 12 timestable when I was in primary 2????). It’s a bit of a struggle for him but practice is all it takes. So instead of learning the timestable straight off the back of his school exercise book which he finds quite a chore, I downloaded an application onto my Android smartphone called Time Tables from the Google Play Store. It’s free. There also many other similar free apps that are available which I will check out once he gets bored with this one.





I am always searching for ways to make learning more fun for them. If you have any suggestions, do drop me a comment.

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  1. If you want multiplications, download Squeebles – alien timetables. It got Tessa onto hers because she had to free all those aliens!

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