Girl Talk : Handbag Wishlist

My girl friends  and I were just chatting the other day and one topic led to the other and we ended up discussing about handbags! So the question asked was as follows :

Question : If you can go on a handbag shopping spree right now, what handbags would you get?

I haven’t though much about it before but I did a bit of googling and decided that i would get these…


THIS YSL clutch! It’s so me! and I’d so wear that bracelet!


(Photo from

If I get a Chanel, I’d get this Chanel clutch. Looks a bit boring  but I like how it’s so understated.


(Photo from roundaboutsale.)

A yellow Balenciaga bag! I love this shade of yellow! It’s so bright and fun!


(Céline Belt Bag, photo by Vincent from

Or perhaps a yellow Celine Belt Bag instead!????

Can you tell that I’m into clutches and the color yellow!??

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  1. Handbags? No use handbags for a long long time already.. Whenever I go out, it’s the diaper bag, and I put my stuffs in that bag itself.. No individual handbags.. Going to work, I take a tote bag.. That’s all..

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